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About The Author


Ellen Violette is the CEO of Create a Splash LLC, a premier publishing, coaching, and online marketing company. She’s also a #1 Best-Selling author and Award-winning Coach, as well as a Grammy-nominated songwriter and accomplished copywriter.

Ellen is the creator of 4 ground-breaking programs: 3 Days to eBook Cash, Best-Seller eBook Launch Secrets, Rich Author’s Roadmap to Success, and the soon-to-be-released Special Report List-Building Blueprint!

She is also the author of 5 ebooks including the #1 Best-seller, How to Make Money Writing Quick Non-Fiction eBooks…Guaranteed! and Real Easy eBooks, 8 Ways to Write or Repurpose Content into a Profitable eBook! as well as Sell More eBooks, written with Internet Guru, Jim Edwards and Help! This Move is Driving Me Crazy! How to Organize your Move to Save Time, Money, and your Sanity!(which is available to real estate professionals for licensing). She’s also a two-time eLit award-winner & recipient of the “Be The Change Award”.