Want to Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint to
Creating Special Reports That Build Your List With Targeted Leads FAST!

Do you have a great ebook or product, but nobody knows about it?

Would you like a targeted list that can’t wait to buy what you offer?

One that puts lots of cash in your pockets?


Having a targeted list can put you into business
or ramp up your business almost instantly!


And not having one can send your business into a tail spin or stop you from ever getting off the ground!

But, what if I told you that it’s a lot easier to build a list than you think and you don’t have to spend

a penny to do it?

It’s true!

You don’t need pay-per-click, or solo ads, or any other kind of paid ads to build an AWESOME list!

Don’t get me wrong, you CAN spend money to build a list-but you don’t HAVE to!

And here’s the coolest part, if you do it right, the list you build-without paying for it- can make you thousands if not hundreds of thousands or ultimately millions of dollars!


It’s so simple, ANYONE can do it!


If you can write a grocery list, that’s all the expertise you need! That’s why it’s such a great strategy for newbies as well as established authors, independent professionals, speakers, coaches, and entrepreneurs!

And You Can Do This….

  • Without a lot of money out of pocket to get started

  • Without spending a penny on paid traffic

  • Without spending weeks, months, or years getting it ready to publish

  • Without being an expert in the niche you want to crack

  • And without being a “writer”

    PLUS, you can do it all from the comfort of home!

“I Got 827 Leads in 60 Days with Very Little Effort and Without Spending a Penny!”

I actually got real serious about using special reports a couple of months ago. I was frustrated that my list wasn’t growing-it had stalled out. I was tired of trying this tactic and that tactic and social media alone wasn’t doing the trick. Plus, I refuse to BUY traffic! Then, I heard a top guru say that PDF’s convert better than video! That was music to my ears! And I knew what I had to do. And, in the last two months I brought in 827 new leads! And I even got paid to build my list on some of my offers!

And I’m going to share EXACTLY how I did it in the exciting new program, The Special Report List-Building Blueprint Program!

I’m also going to share what NOT to do and the mistakes I’ve made in the past, so you can learn from them without having to reinvent the wheel!


Are You Stressed and Overwhelmed By All the Marketing Tactics &
Strategies Out There?

The truth is, you can literally drive yourself nuts rushing around trying this tactic and that tactic. Many of them work, but right now one of them is working like gang busters!

Want to know what it is?

It’s creating special reports and using them to suck your ideal customers onto your email list!

So, why knock your head against the wall when you can do what’s working best?

Personally, I’m a big proponent of doing what is easiest and what comes naturally. And I like to use tactics that aren’t going to become obsolete in 5 minutes if I’m going to take the time to learn them and implement them. And that’s one of the things I LOVE about using special reports in my business! They are so easy and fast to write and yet so POWERFUL!

Not only that, but if you want to sell them you can actually make MORE money with special reports, when you know what to do with them, than most people are making from their Kindle Books!

And in Module 4, I’ll not only show you how to market them to build your list, but how you can cash in on these little known secrets.

Here’s a Sneak-Peak at Some of What will be Revealed in this Exciting Program:

  • You’ll eliminate the shiny-object syndrome-buying product after product, trying to figure out how to build a ROCKING list!

  • You’ll eliminate information overload. Once you see how well this works, you won’t feel the need for MORE and MORE information, tactics, and strategies!

    You’ll be too busy knocking out special report list-building gems!

  • You’ll also discover why choosing the wrong topic and approach can kill your chances for success before you ever get started!

  • You’ll get access to my “inner circle” writing strategy that my 3 Days to eBook Cash students pay hundreds of dollars to learn that will change your life!

  • How to INSTANTLY turn on the “Traffic Hose” that can send tons of traffic to any website in any niche!

  • And, where Multi-millionaires go to get FREE traffic!

I Could Continue on With This, But….

I know there is a lot more great stuff coming your way and this is just the tip of the iceberg on all the amazing content you’re going to receive in the Special Report List-Building Blueprint!

Here’s What the Program Includes:

  • Coaching Module 1. How to figure out what to write about that people are hungry for!

  • Coaching Module 2. How to write your killer title to pull in your HOT leads and buyers!

  • Coaching Module 3. How to write your jaw-dropping report the FAST and EASY way!

  • Coaching Module 4: 10 Ways to promote your report to create a massive email list and even make money doing it!

Plus Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus #1 

Editing Package (Audio, PDF & Updates) (Value $47)

Bonus #2 

How to Write Killer eBook & Book Titles (Also works for Special Reports) (Value $17)

Bonus #3

8 Psychological Triggers that Can EXPLODE Your Conversion Rate & Your Sales (with Special Reports)! PDF (Value $17)

Bonus #4 

Canva Covers, How to Design Compelling eBook Covers with step-by-step instructions (Value $17)

Bonus #5 

The 6-Step Special Report List-Building Strategy The Big Guys Use to Make Millions! (PRICELESS)

Bonus #6 

Facebook Exclusive Private Group where you can ask questions, get support, and feedback from me personally! ($297 a year)



“I’ve learned so much from your Special Report course, Ellen. Thank you so much! I recommend your content rich classes! My strength is writing, and my Special Report is a great introduction to who I am and what I have to offer–like a calling card!”
Elaine Christine

“This has been amazing! I’ve gone from flailing around not knowing what I was doing to I’ve got a special report…I’m about to hook it up to autoresponder and ecommerce and start actually at least giving away special reports and building my list and this was the perfect thing at the perfect time and I’m so excited about it! “
Joy Livingwell

                                                       What’s the Catch?

There is no catch. I want to get this program into a lot of people’s hands because special reports are even MORE important now in marketing than ever before! So, it’s the perfect time to offer this to you so you can start, or jump start, your business with special reports and this amazing program will show you how! I KNOW this program will be life-changing!

                                          What Would A PROVEN System Like This Be Worth To You?

You’re probably expecting a big price tag right?

But, you’d be wrong. Here’s the deal….I could easily sell this program for $497 and it would sell like hotcakes.

But, I’m not going to sell it for that. You total investment for the entire program

PLUS the valuable bonuses is going to be just a one-time investment of $297!

But, There’s More….You Also Get My Happy Camper Guarantee!

Order NOW and Love it or get a 100% refund, as long as you let me know within 60 days of your purchase!

This program CRUSHES IT! So, I KNOW you will get more than your money’s worth, but I want you to feel secure and safe making this investment.

I’m taking all the risk! So, go ahead and register and enjoy the training with zero risk for you!

As you’ll see, I’m very proud of the Special Report List-Building Blueprint because I know it will change your life like it’s changed mine!

All I ask is that you show up and follow my instructions. Deal?

 Register NOW….

…..and get into this amazing training that will change the way you do business FOREVER!

Plus, you’ll get these amazing bonuses


Ellen Violette