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Newsletter 13 Issue 20

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.”

-Leon J. Suenes

Letter from the Editor

Happy Pick Your Poison Day! Wednesday, June 8th

In business, there are times when you are faced with unpleasant choices and you must “pick your poison”. Do you want to work long hours or outsource?  And sometimes, it is a job that you are better at than your vendor, but you just don’t have time. Do you take on a client who you know is going to be a lot of work and not fun because you need the money? Or, do you take a part-time job until you can run your business the way you want?

Oprah says, “Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.” In other words, “pick your poison”!

In other business news….I have a confession to make. I am a workaholic, but I’m working on it. I’ve discovered one of the keys for me is to stay in the now and making a list of what needs to be done each day that is DOABLE. I used to make these long lists, and then have an anxiety attack because the list was so long. Now I have two lists. One is what are MY priorities; what do I want to accomplish because I found that, for one thing, getting my books on Amazon kept simply not getting done. (Right now I’m updating one of them.)

The other list is what is important, even urgent, that needs to get done each day; these are things like work for clients, products I’m creating and committed to, and social media (which can be partically outsourced) etc. You can do the same thing. I’d love to hear your results. You can post them at www.facebook.com/bookmarketingauthorpros

In other business news.…Healthy, Wealthy & Wise is doing a giveaway. They do one periodically and participating in it can be a great way to build your list, if you have the right offer. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I didn’t send out a notice and didn’t decide until right before the deadline to participate myself. But, if you sign up for the giveaway, even if you don’t want any of the offers, you’ll get the notice next time they do one. So, at least check it out and see if you think it will be a good fit for list-building for you. http://ellenlikes.com/hww-free-gifts

In personal news....we are political junkies so there’s been a lot of discussion about the presidential campaign and the candidates in my house! And regardless of who you are for, yesterday was an historic day when Hiliary Clinton became the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party; celebration to follow tonight!   I never thought I would see that in my lifetime. I’m always jazzed when a woman breaks through the glass ceiling in any field! Woo-hoo!

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Best-seller to Business Pro
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

9 Tips for Updating Your Books on Amazon

If you write in an industry that is rapidly changing, it’s important to update and add new information to your book(s) periodically. But, even when the material in your book is time-tested, links to other sites and resources may no longer be live. In addition, you may have found additional information that will enhance your book, or it may just need some tweaking to make it easier to find and more attractive to potential buyers.  So here are 9 tips to updating your books to help you get the most leverage from your books.

#1. Title: Did you research the market to find the best keywords and/or phrases to include in your title? And, did you test it to see if it resonated with your audience? If not, do it now.  Also, have you considered turning it into a series? Series create a brand and are easier to market, so you might want to change the title to something that would work for an entire series.

#2. Book Cover: Do you love the cover? More importantly, does your target market love the cover? If not, maybe it’s time for a facelift. Of course, if you’ve reworked the title, you will need to change the cover anyway, so now is a good time to think about any changes you want to make.

Here are some good choices for great covers

#3. SEO Optimization: Are your keywords and categories optimized so you get as much traffic as possible to your Amazon sales page?

#4. Copyright Date: Be sure to update your copyright. Having an out-of-date copyright can dissuade some people from purchasing your book.

#5. Content Updates: If you have information that is no longer right, remove it.  Also, add any new information that has become available on your topic. This is what readers want: cutting-edge information!

#6. Links: Check all your links, make sure they work, and that all the sites are still valid. Consider getting your own cloaking program if you don’t have one already. It makes your cloaks look more professional than using bit.ly or tinyurl.com I use http://ellenlikes.com/easycloaks

#7. Grow your list. Are you using your book(s) to grow your subscriber list? Consider adding bonuses to your book for added value and to grow your list. Not everyone who looks at your book will purchase it, but if you have a bonus in the front of the book, you will capture some of their emails. You also want to know who your buyers are so you can continue to market other products and services to them.  These are warm leads because buyers buy, so be sure to come up with a bonus that will COMPEL them to opt in!

#8. Call to Action: Do you have a call to action at the end of each book? If not, it’s time to add one. Don’t make your readers guess at what their next step should be-most won’t do anything if you don’t tell them exactly what to do. If you already have a call-to-action, how is it working for you? Is it still supporting your business goals, or have you changed directions, in which case, you made need a new one.

#9. Expand Modalities: If you only have a book or ebook, this is the perfect time to consider publishing your manuscript both ways. Also, consider adding an audio book to the mix because 1. You want  your audience to be able to consume the information in their preferred modality and 2. Audio books are currently the fastest growing segment of the book-publishing industry! If you wait, the material might be old before you an get it done. Then, you’ll have missed out on all that extra revenue.

Extra Tip #1: To keep track of your updates, give each one a different edition number.

Extra Tip #2: Be sure to upload the new version where you published the original version
or you will lose all of your reviews and you’ll have to start over.

Extra Tip #3. Be sure to send out announcements that your book has been updated.

Follow these tips and you will keep your books up-t0-date, get more and better reviews, and make more sales!

Ellen Violette is a book-creation, book-marketing, & business coach. She is a 6-time #1 Bestselling author and creator of the Bestseller Business Blueprint. Ellen is also a 2-time eLit Award winner, recipient of the “Be the Change” Award, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She creates book and business strategies using publishing and content marketing for thought leaders, coaches, independent professionals, speakers, and authors. You can learn more at www.BestsellerBusinessBlueprint.com

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