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Newsletter 13 Issue 33

A Personal Note from Ellen

Happy New Year! Did you accomplish everything you wanted to do in 2016?

If not, now is a great time to figure out why not and what you can do differently in 2017.  It’s also a good time to recalibrate.

Ask yourself what you really want to accomplish in 2017.

Maybe your priorities and goals have changed.

Now, is the time to figure that out. if you aren’t pursuing your true goals and dreams, you’ll never be successful.

And just know, that it’s okay to change where you want to go. I’ve done it several times in my business. It’s called course-correcting.  And each time I do it, I get closer to my ideal life, and you can too! I’m keeping it short this edition!

To help you, be sure to check out the FREEBIE Goal-Setting Intensive from Eric Lofholm. I attended live and it was well worth it! But, don’t wait, it’s only available for a few days.

Have fun, be safe, and let’s get the party started!

That’s it for now…..


Ellen Violette
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Featured Article

You’re an Author, But Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?
by Greg Hixon

You’re a writer. But, are you ready to become an entrepreneur? It’s time to discover how the entrepreneurial mindset will carry you through the tough times when risks are high and big rewards are elusive.

So, what is an entrepreneur? And, do you need to own a business if you become one?

Fortunately, there are key differences between entrepreneurs and business owners. So, you don’t need to own a business. But, all professionals should be entrepreneurial, regardless of their industry or employment status.

“Entrepreneur” is not a job title. An entrepreneur is someone who takes an idea, turns it into something tangible and then capitalizes on it. That’s exactly what an author does, right?

Entrepreneurs typically start new companies and grow them into viable businesses. It takes a specific mindset to do this successfully. So, to be an entrepreneur, you need a vision. Then, you must make your vision come to life.

So as an author, to be entrepreneurial, develop a vision for how your book will fit in the marketplace. And that vision must reveal how you’ll get it there.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than developing a vision for your idea. Entrepreneurial vision is defined the same way as prophetic vision. It’s the act of anticipating that which may come to be.

Prior to developing your vision, define your core values and core purpose. These are the things that should never change, regardless of how many times you must reinvent yourself in the future. Then, be sure to ingrain these values and core purpose into everyone involved with your venture – your successful book launch.

Entrepreneurs always start with a plan; business planning pertains to launching a book. So, spend time on this first. It’ll contain your strategies and goals. And, it’ll contain your thoughts and ideas. Evolution is the rule, not the exception, so be sure to document changes as you go. You don’t want to miss anything down the road.

Failure is okay. In the beginning, during your business plan execution, you should experiment and learn from each failure quickly. Know that your formal business plan is fiction. Some fiction mimics reality and may even come true, but nobody knows the future. Maintain a proper mindset. Don’t be disappointed if your plans fail. Look at this failure as an opportunity to learn and then try something else.

Greg Hixon is the author of GravyGrowth.com, an entrepreneurial blog with a unique perspective. GravyGrowth.com delivers comprehensive business related content from a realistic point of view;  entrepreneurship is Greg’s passion!

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