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Newsletter 13 Issue 29

A personal note from Ellen

This was supposed to go out yesterday, but due to personal issues, I’ll discuss in a minute it didn’t get out yesterday. However, it is not too late to thank your team!

Happy Techie Day, October 3. This is the day we show our appreciation for the techies in our lives!  So, I want to give a shout out to my team of awesome people who make me look good! We’ve got web techies and designers, book designers and formatters, book-launch assistants, and social-media assistants. THANK YOU!

I haven’t done a whole lot the last couple of weeks in my business for a couple of reasons:  a tooth fracture and Christen’s ongoing medication problem plus an allergic reaction to something and we don’t know what.  I am due to go back to the dentist tomorrow, but it’s still hurting a lot. In addition, Christen has been wrangling with the medical community to the point where I have had to enlist the help of our Congresswoman,  one of our Senators so far, and even the President because the issues we have faced are bigger than us; they affect millions of older Americans who deal with chronic pain and Vets who deal with PTSD.

I am amazed when I post on Facebook how many people share their own stories of frustration trying to get meds for themselves and/or their elderly parents or spouses.  But, here are the lessons I have learned  so far:

1. always check Yelp

2. keep records of your journey

3. ask for help on Facebook as well as offline

4. Don’t feel guilty for the time you are spending on it and not working

5. It’s okay to postpone projects to give you time to deal with it, people will understand

6. Make the doctors feel good about themselves

7. Be flexible and open to their alternative suggestions

8. If the patient is not really open to it, work on helping them
understand their options and what is not an option so you can continue to move forward
(This can be especially challenging when the patient is elderly because they are set in their ways.)

There is some good news from the VA.  Christen will now be working
with a doctor there to taper off and eventually get off of his anxiety medication
and onto a newer one that doctors like better.  It took persistence and patience,
but I have discovered that many good things in life and business demand the same
virtues. So, if you aren’t yet getting the success you want, hang in there, reach out,
and never give up!

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette

www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

Three Easy Book-Review Strategies for Quick Amazon Kindle Sales!

Reviews sell books, so you need reviews on Amazon to make sales and you also need them for your KDP book launch. When you do a KDP launch, your success depends on getting in front of as many potential takers (as opposed to buyers as you are giving it away) as possible, and the majority of these people won’t know you from Adam, so you MUST have book reviews for social proof.  Here are 3 of the top strategies and my clients and I use to get them:

1. You can pre-sell your book with pre-orders. All pre-orders count toward sales on the day that you go live because when people pre-order your book, they don’t actually get it until you go live. But, if you set it up so you know who is purchasing in advance, then you can give them a copy of the book to read right away, so they are ready to review it as soon as it does go live. (You won’t know who all your buyers are, but you can let list know that that they can get an advanced copy by either opting in to a landing page, or emailing, whichever is easier for you.)

Note: I would tell them to wait a day or two or at least a few hours so it looks like they had time to read it from Amazon and they don’t all come in at the same time.)  You’ve got to be careful with pre-orders because you can have to get your final manuscript published at least ten days before you are going to go live and if you don’t do it right, Amazon will threatened to suspend you for a year.  The first time I did it, I did it wrong and so I had to contact them and tell them what happened and how I misunderstood and they fixed it for me. So it didn’t end up being a big deal, but try not to do that, because they can suspend your ability to use pre-orders for a year.

2. Go live and set your book price at 99 cents, but don’t advertise it, except to the people who you have lined up to write reviews for you. For this to work, don’t put it in KDP because then, you can’t make it 99 cents. So, put it in KDP at 99 cents, and then tell those people who you want to get a review from that it is live, and you’ll pay them back the 99 cents for getting the book and giving a reviews.  The reason you want to do this is so your reviews rare verified reviews. In other words, they got the book ON Amazon.

Be aware that these reviews can’t come from family members with the same name or from anyone who Amazon would know you were connected to in some way. But, Amazon can’t look at every single relationship that you have and know whether or not you know each reviewer. Having said that, I can’t go into Amazon and help someone publish, and then try to write a review for them. Amazon will delete it.

The reason you don’t want to market your book using this strategy is that you really don’t want people to know it’s available YET because you want as many people as possible to get the book when you do the launch to help propel you to number one: but, if you’ve got a really good book, sometimes the word gets out anyway and you can actually get to #1 paid before you even do the actual launch, then give it away and get to #1 free. (If you see on day one that your book is in the top 5 or 10, you may want to market to see if you can get it to #1, or have us do it for you.) You’ll still want to do the free launch in this case because of all the publicity you get with free launches.

3. Get four to six reviews from people you know to start. (If you’re in our free Facebook Group, www.facebook.com/groups/bestsellerbusinessblueprint or you’re a student in Bestseller eBook Launch Secrets Homestudy Program, or Individual Program, you can use the group (s) to ask for these reviews.  Individual clients also have access to an Amazon reviewer and my inner circle of possible reviewers.)

You can get your 4-6 reviews one of two ways. You can either price your book at 99 cents for just one day and then put it in KDP at your regular price until you are ready for your official KDP launch, or just put it in KDP at the regular price and skip the 99-cent deal. But, either way, you’ll want to get those 4-6 four and/or five-star reviews to start. And you don’t want to stop there, keep going and get as many as you can-at least twenty-five or thirty-five, because then, Amazon does even MORE marketing for you!

So, never stop asking for reviews. Once you’ve got your reviews, you are ready to market your launch, unless you are doing pre-orders, in which case you could be marketing the entire time it’s in pre-orders, which can be up to 90 days before you go live.

If you would like to discover more about how to get high-quality book reviews go to http://ellenlikes.com/wow-book-reviews

Tech Tips

You can save a lot of time if you use software that remembers your passwords for you.
I have been using Last Pass. When I had to change my configuration on my computer it stopped working
and when I tried to get back in with my saved password, it said it was wrong and then wouldn’t let me reset it.

So, I looked up the best ones and here they are: