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Newsletter 13 Issue 25

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”
-Malala Yousafzai

A personal note from Ellen:

I normally start out with a holiday, but it is a very sad day in the United States where 3 more officers were killed. My heart is with the people of Baton Rouge and the killing has to stop!

Having said that it is  National Ice Cream Day! Sunday, July 17th. Set the diet aside and splurge! Especially if it’s a hot day where you live!  And if you are on a healthy no-sugar diet, like we are, here’s my favorite recipe for healthy “ice cream”:

Step 1.  Freeze a banana and some berries. I use raspberries. Or you can just use a banana.
Step 2. Cut it into small circles and put it in a blender.
Step 3. If you use berries, add them.
Step 4. Add some vanilla extract. 1/2 tsp.
Step 5. Then, add just enough water to be able to blend it and voila! Ice cream!
If you prefer a milk shake, add more water. It’s really yummy!

I did a great call with Peter Wink on Thursday about moving through fear. I had an epiphany which is that there are some core fears that are usually at the root any time you have fear. What Peter said is, “Ask yourself, why am I afraid of that?” Listen to your answer, and then ask again, “Why am I afraid of that?”…and keep doing it until you get to the core fear. Good stuff.

I was listening to one of my colleagues talk about how she uses Facebook Live in her business and it got me thinking that I might like to make some changes in my marketing. (See Tech Tips for more info on FB Live.)

It turns out that people watch live video 3 times longer and comment 10 times more with live video, and I do get clients from Facebook, so I am thinking about doing the newsletter twice a month instead of once a week as I start to do more Facebook Live calls. We’ll see how it goes. The next newsletter will be August 1st.

Also, it will give me more time to focus on my collaborative book, How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit, How Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Depression and Find Success! and eBook Marketing Mastery (My 30-day book marketing plan for authors.)

I’ve also been experimenting with meditation and chanting. One of my clients gave me a book quite a while ago called: Soul, Mind, Body Medicine, A Complete Soul Healing System for Optimum Health and Vitality by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. I do believe that it helps to keep you grounds. So if you have a chance pick up the book. I also found a free meditation course that you can try out. Check the freebies this week. Enjoy!

In personal news, it’s been kind of a rough week. I slipped and fell on the walkway outside my front door and I am experiencing some stiffness and headaches. Ugh! Oh well, this too shall pass.

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

Publishing Deals vs. Self Publishing
(Which is better in 2016?)

Publishers have been losing ebook share because they just don’t understand the market and they price their ebooks too high. They try to price them similarly to physical books and pricing them this way leads to fewer sales.

In addition, they don’t know how to market ebooks on Kindle. They don’t seem to understand  the importance of finding the right keywords and categories as well as which pages you want your book to show up on. I know because some of my writing clients have signed hybrid publishing deals and I have had to work with them doing book launches for my clients.

On the other hand, ebook sales have been increasing for self-published authors, especially books that don’t even have ISBN numbers. (You don’t need an ISBN number to publish your book on Kindle.) One of the reasons is that Kindle has a pricing tool that tells you what the sweet spot is price-wise for selling your ebooks. Plus, because of the business model that Amazon employs, authors no longer need a publisher: they can sell directly to their audience,  so more authors are able to participate, hence more books are sold. And, it’s a lot cheaper to start with an ebook than a book.

The market itself is only growing at about 1% a year. But, the dramatic shift in how they are sold, has made a huge difference for self-published authors. However, authors themselves may not be aware of this shift and so many are still opting to go for a traditional publishing deal first and only resorting to self publishing when they don’t get one (which is the case for 95% of authors).

What most authors don’t seem to realize is that you make a lot less money, in most cases, from a publishing deal.  You’re  lucky if you make a dollar per book with a publisher, and it can be much worse. I once had a writing student tell me that she had a friend who had written a cookbook that sold for $40, but her friend was only getting 40 cents a book! Teaching people how to self-publish has become my mission because I know how it feels to be the creator and have other people make most of the money from my work! I started out in the music business where we got 10 cents a record. I thought that was criminal. And I think it’s criminal in book publishing too!

Selling my ebooks on Amazon for just $2.99 at 70% royalty pays me about $2.00 a book! And, I have priced other books higher than that; that is double what a publisher would pay and that’s for low end ebooks. Imagine how much more you can make on higher-priced ebooks or a series of ebooks! Plus, if you have a physical book as well,  you’ll make more money by adding those into the mix.

Plus, unless you are a top-tier author (selling a lot of books already), even if you sign with a traditional publisher, you will still end up having to market your books yourself so you might as well get paid well for doing it! Don’t you agree?

So, whether you want to sell books for passive income, or to grow your business, you are better off self-publishing. And, if you are blessed enough to sell a lot of books and decide at a later date that you are wiling to take a pay cut in order to get the advantages of working with a publisher, you’ll be in a much better  position to get a deal!

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Ellen Violette is a book-creation, book-marketing, & business coach. She is a 6-time #1 Bestselling author and creator of the Bestseller Business Blueprint. Ellen is also a 2-time eLit Award winner, recipient of the “Be the Change” Award, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She creates book and business strategies using publishing and content marketing for thought leaders, coaches, independent professionals, speakers, and authors. To learn more go to: www.BestsellerBusinessBlueprint.com and register for a FREE PDF “11 Steps to Getting Bestseller Ranking in Kindle With Your eBook”.

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Tech Tips

Facebook Live is  must these days!

Live videos are watched 3 times longer than other ones and get 10 times more comments. I wasn’t too impressed at first because I had a wider reach on Periscope, but then this Facebook Live Syndication Program came out which I jumped on. http://ellenlikes.com/FBliveleap

When I went onto the site, I realized there are 15 training videos in it and I’ve learned some very cool things.

Here are a few of them:

Tip #1. Facebook has a site that shows you what’s going on in the world of Facebook Live; you can see what is streaming all around the world! You can watch and see which ones you find interesting, like, comment, and share. It will increase your viewership as well.


Tip #2. Share videos on animals & pets doing pretty normal things. People start to like, comment, and share it,  and then they will see your page and can join it. (I know, your business isn’t about animals and pets; it doesn’t matter, do it anyway!)

Tip#3. Businesses that are thriving are creating a trusting relationship with their audience. Facebook Live is the next best thing to being there. Create valuable information on a regular basis for best results.

I highly recommend getting the software for syndication if you haven’t already. It will help you reach more people with less effort and you can learn more cool stuff about FB live there.  Also, the creator gets beta testing on new Facebook features, so you’ll learn them before other’s get them! It’s so worth it!