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Newsletter 13 Issue 15

“The sea is always the same and yet the sea always changes”"
-Carl Sandburg

Letter from the Editor

Happy Tell-a-Story Day! Wednesday, April 27th. This day celebrates story-telling of all kinds. And so it is appropriate to share a story!  I recently had the opportunity to speak at a live networking group.

I’ve only gone to the group a few times (I used to go before Christen got sick, but had stopped until a few weeks ago.) But, I observed other people speaking and I noticed that some of them were really boring and so I tuned out, which got me thinking, “What makes a good talk?”

So, I asked Gina who runs the group when I was preparing my talk and she said, “Telling good stories”.  So, that’s what I did, I told stories.

I told the story of how I helped Carey Peters go from making $2,000 a month to $90,000 in 10 months. I told the story of how I helped Jane Chin, who was already making a 6-figure income, but was burned out, hating her business and wanting to quit to be with her new baby, turn it around, love her business again, and make even more money.

I told the story of how one of my clients was approaching her book topic from the wrong angle-one that wouldn’t sell- and how she could do it from an angle that would sell.  I also told the story of how I helped my husband create his book outline in 5 minutes flat when he thought he couldn’t do it.  And the feedback I got was that my talk was that is was “riveting”! A home-run!

And guess what? It was so much easier to tell stories than to try to explain what I do to people!  So, I really want to encourage you to think about how you can tell stories in your business.  So try it!
I’d love to hear from you and the results you get from telling them!

In other business news…How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit, How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression and Find Success, my collaboration book, is happening! (See specials) I’ve wanted to do a collaboration book for a couple of years, but I didn’t want to do one just to do one, and I didn’t want to do one that would be like other ones on the market.  So, I waited until I got an idea that really excited me, that would change lives, and was not like all the others, and this is it!

If you’re on Facebook, then you know that people love to share their successes, or when they, or people they love, are sick or dying, but you almost never hear about them feeling down or depressed-frustrated-yes but that’s it. I think it is still taboo to talk about it. People feel ashamed and scared of being that honest. But, when I talk to entrepreneurs privately, it’s a totally different story.

So, I want to bring it out in the open. I want people to know they are not alone, that we all go through really down times, but that there is a way out. And the stories people are sharing are so inspiring and helpful to getting through it and coming out the other side; it’s so inspiring and yet practical!

But, here’s the thing, any time you do something new, there is a learning curve, and I’m learning a lot putting this project together. I talked to some experts who had done them in the past and got some good advice, but it’s just not the same as when you actually do it yourself. And one of the things that I learned was that I priced it too low and I could actually lose money if I didn’t raise the price.

So, right now on the super early-bird the price is $497 and the regular price was going to be $997, but I have to raise it to $1497 because with affiliate commissions, editing, proofing, formatting, and the costs involved in designing the book and promoting it, it wasn’t going to fly, and this project is really important to me.  So, that’s the deal.

Thought for the week: I was offered the opportunity to write a political column. I haven’t signed the contract yet so I don’t know if it’s going to be a go or not, but it brought up something interesting for me. I do have strong opinions, and I welcome the opportunity to share them and get paid for them.

But, I no longer trust the media. Watching the political coverage, I have seen how they tell half a story, or twist a story to make it sound juicier, or so that it supports the candidate they want over the one they don’t want. So, here is this opportunity where they have said they can do basically whatever they want with my work, or pieces of it, including using outtakes without my permission, and they have will have no liability.

That is not okay with me because my reputation is what’s most important to me. Once that is trashed, it is difficult to get it back. So, I asked if I could write under a pen name and they said I could. I tell this story, just to tell you to be careful of what rights you sign away and always consider what the blowback could be.

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


Katch.me is closing (Boo Hoo!)

Katch.me is awesome! It captures your Periscopes and saves them for you
so people can go and watch them anytime and they are closing
May 4th. This just shows that you can have a great
idea, be successful (in terms of the number of users)
and still fail.

Dollar Photo Club has also closed (another bummer!)
This site sold photos for $1. It is funneling its
customers to www.stock.adobe.com

I recommend checking out www.pixabay.com
and https://Openclipart.org

Facebook introduces Group Calling in Messenger &

Announces new features for purchasing and planning
mobile video ads-similar to how TV ads are bought.
(These features are also available for Instagram video ads.)


Collaborative Book SUPER EARLY BIRD!

Through Friday, April 29th, midnight PDT !

$500 Personalized Book Marketing Plan &
Angel Status bonuses still available!
How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit
How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression and Find Success!
5 Slots available for the Book Marketing Private Consultation ($500 Value)
10 Slots to be named as an Angel Contributor and get premium acknowledgement

Article of the Week

7 Steps to Becoming a #1 Bestselling Author in 1/2 hour! (While Helping Change Lives!)

If you want to become a number one bestselling author and/or if you have a story to tell and you have very little time to give to a book right now, or you are new to the process, being in a collaboration book could be the right next step for you.  I am putting together a collaboration book called: How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit, How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression and Find Success!

What makes this book different from the other collaboration books out there is that it is focusing specifically on helping entrepreneurs deal with depression, disappointment, overwhelm, and all the emotions that can surface from time to time when you run your own business that no one wants to talk about.

It will give entrepreneurs, who often work alone, and who feel isolated, reassurance that they are NOT alone, and it will give practical and proven solutions to the issues we face; it will break new ground, because as I said, this is a subject that nobody is addressing. And since 49% of entrepreneurs are depressed (vs. just 7 % of the general population) it will help a LOT of people! And some of the solutions I’ve already heard from contributors have been amazing!

What this book is not: another inspirational book/clone of Chicken Soup for the Soul of books like it.

Here’s how it works:

1. Join in the book: You can get all the details at: www.overcomingdepressionforentrepreneurs.com/book1-contributor If you want to listen to the replay of the call I did on it you can at:

2. Pick a story to tell and decide on a bonus you’d like to include in the book (if you have one-it’s optional). It should be about how something in your business that depressed you, how you overcame it, and tips you have for other entrepreneurs going through something similar. Or, if you work with entrepreneurs, share someone else’s story and how you helped them (Be sure to get their permission to use their story first or change the names and details.) It can be about business issues, business relationships (with JV partners, affiliates, vendors, etc.), time management, or technical issues).

3. Sign up for your interview and send in your bio and photo in advance of the call. It just takes a minute to find a 60-minute slot on my schedule. (You’ll get directions once you register.)

4. Tell your story. I will guide you through the questions to keep you from veering off track and help you tell you story in a compelling way. And don’t worry, if it isn’t just right, it will be tightened up.

5. Proof your story. Once your story has been transcribed and edited, it will be sent back to you for your final approval.  (Just be sure to mark down deadline dates so you don’t miss any of them.)

6. Share the book with your email list and community during the launch. (Any additional marketing is appreciated, but not mandatory.)

7. Use your book to grow your business and make money! (You’ll be getting access to some awesome bonuses that will help you use the book, as well as your other books-if you have any- to grow your business and make more book sales!)

To join the project go to www.overcomingdepressionforentrepreneurs.com/book1-contributor It’s going to ROCK!

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Tech Tips

Converting Files

To convert .mov to mp4 files I use one of two converters-both free.
freevideoconverter (app from iTunes) for MAC

But, I recently needed to convert an .swf file and neither one of these sites worked.

So I went to: MacX Video Converter (free version) Click Here

From there you can save the converted file in Google Drive or Dropbox

To save it in Google Drive go to: https://drive.google.com/drive/

To save it in Dropbox go to www.dropbox.com

If you don’t have a Google account or a Dropbox account, you will have to open one first.

But, the process is very easy and they are both free.