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Newsletter 13 Issue 8

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.”

-H.E. Luccock

Letter from the Editor

It’s the Oscars! That day of the year when the movie industry awards the best performances of the year. I love the Oscars. I love all the big award shows. I love to see everyone dressed up in their finest.  And, I root for my favorites. So, let me ask you, are you giving your best performance in your business?  And, are you rooting for yourself?  If not, start! It’s never too late!

A great way to start is by keeping a daily journal and writing down your wins.  This helps you celebrate good days and also gives you something to help you get through the bad days!

It’s been one of those crazy weeks for me, some high highs and some very  low lows.  First, the highs.  I worked with a past client this week and the first thing she said when we talked was how awesome my 3 Days to eBook Cash program is and how well it has worked for her.

She took it 3 years ago. She’s now writing her second book and it’s working just as well the second time, plus, it’s easy to remember the steps.  That’s what I LOVE to hear!

We did her second Crushing-Kindle call for her next book and, again, she had high praise and asked me, “How do you do it? (coming up with such amazing titles for your clients). I told her it’s a combination of the way I process information-which I can teach anyone to do, my creative process (which you can learn in my 23-page special report: Revealed: Secret Title Formula at: www.theebookcoach.com/title-report for just $7) and the way my brain works, which is just one of my gifts.

Bottom line, I LOVE working with clients who get what I do, love what I do, and value what I do. And that is what I want for you too! Don’t settle for clients who don’t appreciate you and aren’t willing to pay you what you are worth! End of story!

Next, APIM-3 started this week and we’ve got an amazing group of women who are so excited to be in the group, and the chemistry is awesome!  Our first call went really well, and I’m so happy that everyone feels comfortable and safe and is ready to get to work!  (If you missed it, you can sign up for advanced notice for the next one at:

Next, How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit, How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression and Find Success is finally getting underway! Woo-hoo! I’ve made my outline of what has to be done, and now I’m building the framework.  Hopefully, I’ll have a cover soon. The first one didn’t thrill me so this is my second attempt with another designer.

Also, eBook Marketing Mastery (30-day plan to making money 24/7 with your ebooks!) is coming along and it’s about to pick up steam. I can’t wait to see some awesome results from my first group of students!

And finally, I am so excited to be moving in new directions and perfecting my marketing for old ones, and I am grateful for the lessons learned. (Just wish they hadn’t taken so long!)
Some of what I’ve learned follows:

- Always be working on list-building. The more people you have on your list the better. Or course, I always knew that, I just didn’t focus on it enough. That means you have to schedule list-building events regularly. The best ways I’ve found that don’t cost a lot or anything at all and work for me are  bestseller launches, joint ventures, massive giveaways, and special reports to get people into your funnel.

-Find a way to do what you love and have fun (not always easy)
I have changed directions many times in my business. Sometimes, you try things and then you decide that it’s just not something you want to keep doing for the next 10, 20 or 30 years!

-Focus on the vision, not the money (also, not always easy to do)

-If one path isn’t working figure out what you did wrong and fix it and/or try another one (I can’t tell you how many I have tried over the years and how much money I have spent on this!)

-Find a business model that works for you

-When a model you’ve been using no longer works for you, that’s okay-you’ve grown. Don’t beat yourself up just find one that does!

-Fire clients who aren’t fun or who are overly fearful  (Sorry, but it just drains your energy, and then you have nothing left for those who are ready for their success!)

-Don’t fear rejection. Just say “NEXT” and keep moving.  (I’ve know this for a long time, but it’s a lesson I have to keep working on.)

-Do the best you can and those who get it will follow you, those who don’t won’t.  (I actually starting feeling more pressure to be “perfect” as I got better known and that sent me in to fear of trying new things, which is still hard to admit-but there you have it.)

-Be confident in your own ability to help others. When you know your stuff, OWN IT!

Get these lessons and it will be a cakewalk!

On the low side, our living situation has become intolerable.  The owner, which is a corporation, got new management, and we are just not comfortable with the new arrangement. They let everyone go that we knew and trusted. Looking for a new place is always unsettling and stressful, not knowing where you will end up, and we have several restraints due to Christen’s health and my allergies.

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Best-seller to Business Pro
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

5 Reasons to Participate in a Collaborative Book Project

One of the questions I get asked periodically is whether or not I think people should participate in a collaborative-book project.  The answer depends.  Collaborative books in the early 2000′s were very expensive to get into, and you had to buy a lot of books (They didn’t have publishing on demand, but that’s all changed now.)

My first foyer into book writing was with a collaborative book in 2004, and I still have books in storage from that experience! But, I did become a best-selling author, and I did enjoy other benefits, which I’ll elaborate on in this article.

What you have to do is decide if the topic is of interest to you, whether you can inspire and help others with what you write, how important the subject is to you, the investment involved, and the benefits of doing it vs. any drawbacks in your particular situation and in that specific book.

Here are 5 reasons to consider participating in a collaborative book:

1. It’s an easy way to become a bestselling author. Becoming a bestselling author gives you instant credibility and expert status, which can lead to more opportunities, more sales, and bigger profits. And, writing for a collaborative book requires a very small commitment of time and energy to write, all of the marketing materials are given to you (but I suggest you tweak them to fit your personality) and most of the strategy is laid out in the materials by the person or people putting the book together. Then, you get to take credit among your colleagues and community! (Pretty sweet!) The only caveat is that you want to work with someone who knows what they are doing and can deliver a bestseller!

2. It teaches you how to market. Any good collaborative-book project will include some training on how to market the book and/or marketing materials that work, so if you are new to marketing, this is a great way to get your feet wet.

3. It leverages your marketing efforts. When you are in a collaborative book, you don’t have to work as hard to market the book because 1. You are given the marketing materials as I mentioned already. 2. If you do it with a reputable outfit, they will do a lot of marketing and make sure it is a bestseller. 3. You have a lot of partners who are marketing it as well, which leads to #4.

4. It get your a lot of exposure. All of the co-authors market the book so your story will reach a much wider audience than if you do it yourself (especially if you are a newbie, you aren’t good at marketing, and/or you don’t have a lot of money to spend). In addition, it can lead to more clients and opportunities from people who read the book. Plus, when a lot of people market a book at the same time, potential buyers start seeing it pop up over and over online so they are more apt to check it out and make a purchase; and if they see your affiliate link when they are ready to buy, you will make the sale, which you might not have made if they hadn’t seen it several times.

5. It inspires and helps others. When you share your experience and your knowledge, you inspire and help others depending on what type of book it is (I’m focusing on non-fiction here.)  Isn’t that why we write in the first place?

Watch your email for details for an upcoming webinar for more information.

Ellen Violette teaches people how to write and market bestsellers and build a high-income, fun, business!  She has a 100% success rate taking authors to #1 on Kindle, and she is a 6-time #1 Best-selling author, including several International Bestsellers. Ellen is also an award-winning coach, a 2-time eLit Award Winner, a regular contributor to Published! Magazine, and  a Grammy-nominated songwriter. You can get a FREE PDF on how to create a Kindle Bestseller with or without a Website, as well as 9 FREE Secret eBook Tips to Making Money online, at: www.theebookcoach.com

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Tech Tips

Pros & Cons of Offering your Kindle Book as a Print Book

If you want to make more money from your Kindle book, consider offering it as a print book as well. The only time I might suggest not doing that is if you are in the Internet Marketing space where the information changes very quickly or something related.  (And, even then, with POD [Publishing on Demand] you can change it quickly. However, there will be additional re-formatting and printing upgrade costs if you can’t do it yourself.)


1. Many readers want a print book and many want both; and when you sell both you can make more money.

2. If you speak, you can have a sell sheet to sell ebooks, but books are a great calling card and you can’t do that with ebooks.

3. Physical books do tend to have more prestige (still) than ebooks although it is changing.

4. You can increase your profits significantly by offering both versions.


1. The initial cost of producing a book is higher than for a Kindle book.

2. Inside design is an additional cost in books that aren’t necessary in Kindle books.

3. There are shipping costs if you order books in bulk and you have to wait to get them.

4. Books take longer to produce than ebooks.

5. It takes more effort and money to make changes to a book than an ebook.