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Newsletter 12, Issue 44

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.”

-Dale Carnegie

Letter from the Editor

Merry Christmas Eve!

Christmas means different things to different people: a holiday, gift giving and receiving, an excuse to get together with family and friends, but at it’s core it’s about celebrating a miracle birth. And that is how I feel about my business as we come into 2016!

I am creating a new website, which is in process, I’ve given my 4-Step Best-seller/6-Figure Business Success process a name (It’s Bestseller Business Blueprint), I bought the domain name, and I already had the logo-it’s just getting a slight tweak. It was actually designed in May of 2014 for my original podcast name!

I also scrapped the voice overs for the Podcast and started over because it didn’t feel authentic, and I’ve created my marketing plan for 2016, which I’ll be sharing how to do in this month’s eBook Empire Builders and then I am scrapping it for the second time!

(If you want to join us, you can go pay for this single training in Paypal for $19.97 and get access to the live training, live Q & A with some hotseat spots and transcript. Send an email to info@theebookcoach.com, subject line: Profit-Acceleration Marketing-Plan Training, and I’ll send you my Paypal info.)

I have come to the belief that it is better to go deep into one process and get really good at it than doing something different every month. So, instead I am planning a micro-continuity program -more about that in the coming months!

Whew, it’s a lot! And it feels like a miracle! It took 18 months to figure it all out.  And I have to say, at times, it felt like I would never come out the other side! But, it takes as long as it takes! You have to try to be patient and just keep moving! So what miracle could you birth this holiday season or coming year?….Think about it. And if you need help, let’s talk. http://ellenlikes.com/schedulefreeconsult

In business, some great things have happened this week. I have a new coach-not sure if it’s the right fit yet.

I also got offered a HUGE opportunity to go into a side business with one of the top Internet Marketers in the world because he thinks I’m brilliant! (That definitely made my week!) I am thinking about it, but I want to make sure it won’t be a distraction.

I had some huge breakthroughs in my business, (which foreshadowed my “miracle birth”) as I started thinking about my marketing plan for 2016.

I have tried just about every marketing tactic on the online planet over the years and been frustrated at times over how time consuming so many of them are as well as mind-numbing and not enjoyable-especially since I was told when I first got online how I could be making money 24/7 passively and how easy it would be to put it on automatic pilot, NOT.

It takes real skill to set up funnels and the game has changed so much since I first got started. I know how to do a lot of marketing strategies, I just wasn’t happy doing them! And I really believe the easiest way to create passive income is writing ebooks (if you are a non-technie like me). But, you need cash flow while you’re setting it up and you can get caught up in creating cash flow and never get to getting the books working for you-which is why I’ve created eBook Marketing Mastery-a 30-day plan you can use every single month!)

I also know that you MUST grow yourself and gain the confidence to get high-end clients so you don’t have to work so hard while you are building up to the cash flow that you want or need AND/or  you must have the right funnels. And you must focus on what you do best-which may not always be what you want to do. But, as Oprah says, “Do you what you have to do until you can do what you want to do.” And for a long time I resisted.

I’ve been using LinkedIn and relationship marketing to grow my business and taking more consistent action. And, I am current in the top 9% in my category on LinkedIn.

I am currently working with some awesome authors both fiction and non-fiction, which is fun!  And, we’ve got some great promotions coming up!

In personal news.…I am working on getting Christen the Veterans benefits he is entitled to and getting used to having him here again. He is still using a walker and can’t carry his food, but he has started cooking and walking a little bit without his walker. So he’s getting better. But, slowly.

I have also been having a lot of trouble sleeping, so I asked my Facebook friends for help and got a lot of good suggestions. In case you need them too, here they are (take your pick LOL!):

1. Meditation Video: Click Here

2. Exercise during the day (not right before going to bed!)

3. Chiropractic treatments (which I have been getting for my car accident)

4. Use a sleep pillow over your eyes

5. Warm bath

6. Get your thyroid checked, it can cause sleep problems
if so use  Nature-Throid and/or Transformation’s Thyroid Complex

7. Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea with Honey

8. Homeopathic Sleep medicine: Click Here

9. Full body massage & air purifier by the bed, also keep your feet warm and call on the angels to help you sleep

10. Theanine Serene with Relora for the worst nights (You can Google it or get it on Amazon)

11. Magnesium (True Calm or another brand) and Calcium tablets before bed, meditation and massage music. Liquid is best.

12 Chakra Clearing. (My client Jacki Ruka recommended Doreen Virtue)

13. Chamomile Tea or Chamomile with a glass of warm milk and a banana

14. Sleepytime Extra (with valerian)

15. Write everything down for 10 minutes to clear your mind before going to sleep.
Ask yourself to reveal your truth
Set aside some time soon to address the real problems

16. What you can’t heal yourself, ask your angels/guides/guardians to handle and trust that it will all be for your highest good.
Also, after dinner, do some power-down slowdown type movement to relax

17. Valerian-Root capsules

18. Eat ample potassium through roots and vegetables

19. “Emergen-ZZZZ’s”

20. Do a gratitude list of only new things. (If you mentioned it before, you can’t re-use it.)

21. “Calm” by Nature Vitality or “Relax” by the Bio anti-aging line from Purium
which you can order from Dr. Joy Pederson. Click Here

22. “Relaxing Sleep” from Herb Pharm

23. Rescue Sleep homeopathic spray

24. Honey & Himalayan salt. Mix 1/4 tsp of salt in the honey and put it under your tongue

25. Smile from your heart to keep your endorphins moving

26. Gaba and melatonin at night and balancing your hormones
(wild yam, prolomine iodine, Symplex F all from Standard Process)

27. Listen to the Bible on tape

28. Read a computer manual-that will put you to sleep!


Dr. Robert Rosenberg’s book “Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day”.

Chakra clearing: Doreen Virtue

Sleep tight!

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

How to Build a Bestseller 6-Figure Business in 4 Easy Steps!
(for Authors, Coaches, Independent Professionals, & Anyone With a Message)

When I started teaching people how to write ebooks in 2004, I developed a two-step process to 6-figures. Write a book and turn it into a coaching program. I laid it out in the 1 -eBook Solution, The 12 Steps to Turning a Single eBook into a 6-Figure Income Online, and it was the basis for my first marketing program: The eBook Profit Marketing System. Marketing the ebook itself was simple. Launch it from your website, send out emails, make money. I made 5 figures with a few emails when I wrote Sell More eBooks, Low And No-Cost Tactics to EXPLODE Your eBook Sales & Downloads with Jim Edwards.

Then, the economy tanked and people wanted more, affordable, products. They weren’t ready to jump from a book to a high-end coaching program as often. So, I created the Rich Author’s Roadmap to Success, where you could write an ebook and turn it into a series of other products, launch your book, and build your coaching program.

With the advent of Kindle, I started doing best-seller launches for my clients and myself, and I quickly realized there was a problem; you could only promote with a launch for up to 5 days out of 90….so you’d get a big spike and then nada the rest of the month! So, I had to figure out what to do the other 85 days of each cycle. That’s when I created eBook Marketing Mastery www.ebookmarketingmastery.com for a 30-day plan that could be used month in and month out. The whole system evolved over time.

Now it’s here!  The Best-Seller Business Blueprint! And it’s the best way for authors or anyone with a message to organize and grow a business systematically that works!

There are four steps to this strategy:

1. Write a book (or have it created for you)

2. Make it a best-seller with a KDP launch (so you’ll need an ebook version)

3. Create a 30-day book-marketing plan (Tweak it every month as you see what works best and what you enjoy doing the most and/or what you can outsource.)

4. Create a high-end coaching program, because its the fastest way to make a 6-figure income.
(BTW: Sometimes, authors don’t want to do this, but how do you stay up on what your market wants, or improve your trainings if you don’t coach? Plus, it can be very rewarding.)

The Bestseller Business Blueprint also works for fiction writers and those who don’t want to coach. Just use steps 1, 2 & 3, and repeat to build up your book library. (It just takes a lot longer to get to 6 figures.)

Once you’ve gotten your 4-step strategy in place, you can add other pieces like a podcast, membership, radio show, etc. The key to the system is FOCUS!  Put blinders on. Decide that this is what you want and go for it!

DATE CHANGED! To learn more, join me for a FREE Training, December 29th, 5:30 p.m. PST/ 8:30 p.m.EST.

Tech Tips

When setting up an author’s page, you’ll need testimonials or reviews.  Be sure to add a picture and information about the person giving the testimonial or review. If they don’t have one, go to www.dollarphotoclub.com and search “headshots” to find one that you can use. Get it okayed by the reviewer. It’s better than not having one at all although having one from the person would be better!