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Newsletter 12, Issue 41

“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and and keep trying.”

-W. Clement Stone

Letter from the Editor

Happy World Peace Day! World Peace Day encourages us to be kind to others and teach others to be peaceful. I think that’s appropo given the week the world has had!

We’ve seen violence all around the globe, the downing of the Russian airliner, a bombing in Paris & Beirut, and one in Kenya. Now France has bombed an ISIS stronghold in Syria.  If I missed anything….sorry, I can’t keep up.

It is heartbreaking. Our hearts and prayers go out to them and we ask for peace on earth!

In personal news…this is a bit of a rant, but here’s what happened: My husband, Christen, had a setback, ended up back in the hospital where he had to have another surgery. Then, the insurance company and the hospital forced him out too soon back into a nursing home on a Friday, and they didn’t arrange for his medications properly, so I was running around town trying to get him squared away.

And what really made me angry was that not all brands of the medication agree with him. But, instead of hearing what Christen was saying they tried to tell him that he was wrong and that he was an addict. I wanted to strangle someone! He knows  how his body reacts!

I was ultimately able to get one of his medications, after driving to his doctor’s office because they wouldn’t pick up the phone, fighting with the hospital, and driving all over town trying to coordinate everything, but not the other one. At least not in time.  He ended up without his medication during the night, so he took the one the nursing home carries, which is a different brand, and he woke up horribly sick. He thought he might have to go back to the emergency room, but I sat with him and was able to get him to sleep it off.

I learned something during this fiasco, it’s insane the way drugs are handled.  The insurance companies and the government have too much control.  The medication he needed is under such tight control that it is impossible to get without a prescription because they are afraid of drug addicts getting it and doctors overprescribing it.  (Why don’t they just do a better job of prosecuting them and not  punish sick people?) But, the problem is that you are NEVER supposed to go cold turkey.  So what do you do in this situation where you can’t get it in time? You suffer!

What should happen in an emergency like this is the pharmacy should be able to sell you enough pills to get you through the weekend (when the doctors turn into pumpkins) without a prescription.  But that’s not what happened. They just left him high and dry. However, when I shared this on Facebook, people reached out to me, which was awesome!

I made a huge stink Saturday morning and got him his other pills.

In the meantime, my computer froze and I was without one most of the week. I ended up having to go to Apple 3 times in the middle of Christen’s crisis to get it handled, which was a big hassle since I have a super heavy Mac Pro, plus the time involved. Luckily, my colleague and pal Donna Kozik, turned me on to her assistant, and she helped me transport it.

It turned out to be something simple; the click function on the mouse was busted.  Finally, Apple sent me home with a new mouse and guess what? It was the wrong one and it didn’t work. I couldn’t believe it… after all that! But, what I love about Apple is they WANT you to be happy. They GAVE me the mouse, and when it didn’t work, they overnighted me a second one that did, again, at NO CHARGE!

And, they gave me a manager to work my case, so I didn’t get passed around having to tell my sad story over and over like I had to do when Verizon overcharged my credit card.  It’s amazing the difference in the two companies.

My advice; run your business like Apple! You’ll have life long customers who love you!

Thought for the week....I’m not very good at reaching out for help emotionally. But, my friends on Facebook were awesome this week…so helpful, and they gave me so much support. Some even told me to call if I needed to talk. And much to my surprise, I took two of them up on the offer-one to talk about the drug situation, and the other for emotional support. And it was so comforting, first of all, and I got some great advice to help me in my business as well. So, if you’re needing help, I want to encourage you to reach out. Let people know how you’re feeling, and if they offer to help, let them. It will do you a world of good.

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Best-seller to Business Pro
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Facebook announces a new app called”Notify” that delivers
timely notifications about topics you are interested.
(Looks like they are trying to compete with Google Alerts!)

And new business tools:
Now businesses with multiple locations can
create local ads for each. You’ll also get more
insights into the people close to each store.

Periscope announces new features:
A revamped Global Map and Skip Ahead on replays which should
come in very handy!

You can randomly go somewhere in the world with Telesport
and see one of their live broadcasts.

Pinterest announces new tool:
It let’s you find things that you can’t find the words to describe.

This comes in really handy for interior design, website design,
and any application where it’s easier to pick something you like and find
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Instagram introduces a new Partner Program:
It makes it easier for advertisers to find the best technology partners.


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Article of the Week

The 5 Secrets To Writing A Best-Seller in 3 Days or Less!

People are often skeptical when I say that they can write an ebook that fast, but you absolutely can! I’ve been teaching people how to do it since 2004! And I have graduates all over the world.  But, why would you want to?

Because the more ebooks you have, the more exposure you will get (especially on Kindle), and the more money you will make. Kindle (and Amazon) has great promotional tools to help you market your ebooks and one of them is the cross-promotion function. When someone goes to your book’s page,  if you have other published ebooks , it will bring them up under the section: “Customers who bought this Item also bought….” and sometimes, people will buy more than one.  It also let’s potential buyers know what else you have available in case the one they originally looked at doesn’t turn out to be exactly what they are looking for.

But, there are some secrets to getting massive exposure and I’m going to share them here with you now.

1. Write what you know. When you write what you know, you can write a lot faster than if you are trying to figure out what to say. And if you need to fill in statistics or other information that you don’t have on the tip of your tongue, you can fill it in after you write your first draft. Doing it this way will go a lot faster than trying to get it all in your rough draft.

2. Don’t do any research before you write your ebook. People tend to use research as a reason not to get started. The truth is that you can do research for years and never run out of things to research. But, chances are you will actually use little if any of the research that you do in advance of writing your book. So don’t do it! Again, refer back to #1. Write first, then research.

3. Don’t judge and edit while you write. It will slow your writing down immensely.  We  use different sides of the brain for editing and writing so you can’t really do both at the same time. That means your brain has to keep switching back and forth between the two and that takes a lot of time.  Write then edit. (Try not to judge if possible! Let others read it and give you constructive criticism only.)

4. Create an outline before writing. I am amazed at how many authors try to write a book without doing an outline.  An outline gives you a road map to follow as you write so you don’t get off course, go off on tangents, or try to include too much information in a single book. Always create an outline before you start your book!

5. Do the marketing research first. This is NOT the research for what you want to say in your book.  It’s the research before you write to make sure there is a market for what you are writing, that you choose the best angle to connect with your audience, the best title, categories, and keywords. By doing this first, you’ll KNOW that your book has the potential to be successful; it takes the guesswork out of the process.

Keep these 5 secrets in mind when planning your book and you’ll be able to write it very quickly and start making money FAST.

If you need help doing the marketing research, be sure to check out my Crushing Kindle Coaching Session, 25% off 11/17-11-20! This coaching session has propelled many of my authors to great success and it will for you too!

Tech Tips

If your computer freezes do the following:

Try restarting it.

If that doesn’t work, call support.

They can run diagnostic tests that will help them figure out what is wrong. (Or, what isn’t wrong-process of elimination)

Make sure you have batteries in your keyboard and mouse if they take them.

Make sure all the wires are connects and not loose.

And if everything checks out but you still have a frozen screen, it’s the mouse!

Get a new one!