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Newsletter 12, Issue 33

“You know you are doing what you are supposed to be doing when you’re so happy doing it you can’t imagine doing anything else”

-Ellen Violette

Letter from the Editor

Happy Labor Day! Labor Day celebrates the American Labor Movement and the last weekend of the summer!

What a great time to re-evaluate for the last 3rd of the year. I find that it gets pretty crazy and hard to market once we hit Black Friday-unless you sell Christmas gift items- so you really have just 3 months left to ramp up your business this year. But, The Author’s Profit Incubator Mastermind can help.

(I don’t usually promote in this section of the newsletter, but I’m doing it twice today!) To learn more and to join (but, only do it if you’re ready to take massive action) go to: theebookcoach.com/authors-profit-incubator-3

In other business news….I just became a 6-time #1 Best-Selling Author! My publisher for Published Magazine, asked me to participate in a new book that was just released: Cancer: From Tears to Triumph, Inspiration from Survivors & Thrivers, Health Care and Support Professionals. (Second shameless plug, LOL) You can find it at: http://ellenlikes.com/tears2triumph

Also, we kicked off the eBook Marketing Mastery Launch with a rocking webinar where I showed listeners how to create their own marketing plan! Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties so I’ll be re-recording it. But, I’m really excited about this new program. We’ve been offering a done-for-you version to private clients, but now everyone will be able to get it! Woo-hoo!

And speaking of book marketing, I have been having great results using social media this year, but the truth is that it has taken a long time to build it up doing it organically. So, if it’s slow going for you, and you’re feeling discouraged, I just want you to know that it takes time. Don’t give up. Keep tweaking your message, and seeing what your tribe responds to the most. Or hire a coach who knows how to do it. Be a book warrior!

I also did a short ebook with a client this week. He had written a long-version ebook to promote a new app that he’s developed for weight-lifting, but when I edited it, I told him that it was just too detailed for general consumption and that he should create a prequel. But, when we spoke, I could tell that he was having trouble simplifying his message.

So, I created an outline of questions for him, and then we recorded it. I’m now turning it into an ebook for him.  I mention this because I have seen this happen so many time. The smartest people have the most trouble writing consumer ebooks because they overthink it and they know so much. You have to make it conversational and at a 9th-grade level in most niches to reach the widest audience-just wanted to remind you of that!

Thoughts this week….Struggle. Something I struggle with in my business is setting boundaries and not letting people take advantage of me. I don’t think they mean to. It’s just that the lines get blurred when you start out having a general conversation and it turns into a coaching session. At that point, you need to stop and say, “This is now turning into a coaching session and if you’d like to continue you’ll need to make a payment of X (whatever your fee is).”

Sometimes, I get it in emails where people ask me to “look” at something they’ve written. What that really means is “Will you review it without me having to pay for it?” And again, that puts me in the position of having to say that I don’t have time, or asking for a payment, which I don’t like to have to do. It would be nice not to have to get paid for the work I do, but, it’s just not realistic. So, it’s something I will continue to work on. How about you? Do you ever fail to get paid for the work you do?

Another issue that came up this week was a thread in Facebook about lacking confidence and feeling anxious. I was surprised to see some of the top experts admitting that they struggle with this as do I. But, it just goes to show that it’s a huge problem for entrepreneurs at every level. So, know that you are not alone! It’s normal for most of us. And just keep going!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Bestseller to Business Pro
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

Why Authors Don’t Sell Books & How You Can!
(4 Traps You Need To Avoid To Sell Your eBook 24/7!)

There are four main reasons authors don’t sell books. In this article, I’ll reveal all 4 and how you can avoid them so your book sells 24/7!

1. They don’t have a great book. No amount of marketing or selling will bring in profits if you don’t write a great book. A great book is one that gives the reader great value and teaches him or her something he or she wants to know. It must also have a great title because nobody will read your book if they aren’t swayed by your title.

A good title is one that is catchy, easy to remember, and gives the clear benefit of what the reader will receive from reading your book.  It is also one that offers something different (or offers it in a different way) than what the competition offers. And, it must have an eye-catching cover because that is what attracts potential readers.

Readers will always choose a book with an enticing cover over a dull cover, which is where the phase “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover” comes from. We DO judge books by their covers. So make yours great-looking!

2. They don’t optimize their book and their sales page on Kindle. If you don’t optimize your sales page on Kindle, you will lose sales, PERIOD. As mentioned above, you need a great title, cover, and book, but you also have to able to get found! Choosing the right keywords for your title as well as your sales page and choosing the right categories in Kindle will help  you to get found.

Again, having a stand-out cover will also get you more lookers, which will create more buyers. You also need to write a powerful description, and make sure to use bullet points and leave white space between sections. A wall of text will quickly chase potential buyers away! Reviews are also important.

I am amazed at the number of authors who go to all the trouble to write and publish an ebook and then don’t get reviews. Reviews provide social proof that your book is worth purchasing and reading! You MUST have them! And finally make sure that you price your book properly. Amazon actually has a tool now that will give you the optimum price point for your book. I suggest following their suggestion.

3. They don’t market their ebook, instead they try to “sell it”. Selling books can be counterintuitive, especially when you really need cash! the more desperate your are, the more you will be tempted to “sell” your book. But, the truth is that the more you “sell the less you sell! But, when you market properly,  your books will sell themselves!

4. They only market when they feel like it or when they “have time”, instead of strategically. Consistency is one of the keys to making book sales 24/7. You can’t  market your book only when you feel like it. Consistency helps people learn to know you and trust you. And marketing strategically, gives you the best chance of showing up where your market will actually see what you’re doing. Plus, with a strategic plan, you’ll use a variety of modalities so potential buyers can access your information at their convenience and consume it the way they want to. I suggest using text, audio, and video in your marketing.

When you understand why authors don’t sell books, you can make sure that you don’t fall into these traps so your books sell!

To learn more register for my free training webinar “How to Market Your eBook in 15-30 Minutes a Day (For little or no cost)!” www.ebookmarketingmastery.com/free-training and you’ll get access to the replay as soon as it’s available.

Tech Tips

Want to be secure on Facebook when using a public computer?

How to Use a One-Time Passcode

If you are planning to use a public computer, Facebook gives you a way to stay safe and avoid the havoc a shared machine might unleash with it’s malicious software!  You can request a temporary password by texting “otp” to 32665. You’ll get an eight-character passcode that works for the next 20 minutes and cannot be reused.