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Newsletter 12, Issue 32

“Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally… Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.”

~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Letter from the Editor

Happy More Herbs Less Salt Day! This holiday comes when the harvest of garden herbs is at it’s peak.  Too much salt isn’t good for you and herbs make your food taste better anyway. I use a lot of thyme, rosemary, and cilantro. But, all herbs are really good for you.  If you aren’t using them, give it a try, variety is the spice of life!

In business news…I recently took part in Alex Jeffrey’s Super Product Launch and I want to thank everyone who took advantage of the offer. I ended up in the top 10 of his affiliates and I couldn’t have done it without your belief and trust in me. So thank you!

I really believe in this product because it’s the exact process I used starting out, as I mentioned,  and have continued to use on occasion to create high-value products fast. When I did my first marketing program, eBook Profit Marketing Secrets, I didn’t know everything that needed to go into the program so I interviewed experts who did to fill in the gaps.  I had Mari Smith talk about email marketing, Paul Colligan talked about affiliate marketing, and Craig Perrine talked about list-building. And, as I mentioned I made thousands of dollars with that product. Connie Ragen Green started with that product and today is on her way to becoming a millionaire!

I also used it when I did my Virtual eBook Expos. For those of you who remember those events, I interviewed 10-14 experts at each expo and those events made me $32,000! I then turned them into digital products.  I have since taken them off the market, but I often give some of the still relevant interviews as bonuses with other offers. So, interviewing experts is a fast and powerful way to make products for sure!

I would love to hear your results! So, if you got it, I hope you use it and then drop me a line and let me know how it went!

Note: If you didn’t get it and you want in, it’s still a bargain at $17. The link is http://ellenlikes.com/superproduct

In other business news….Author’s Profit Incubator Mastermind (APIM-2) just ended. I’m always a little sad when it ends because you get to know people on a deeper level and I love that! I have such great people to serve!

In personal news….I sat down to write this week’s newsletter and I broke out in a rash all over my body with burning and itching (Not because of having to write it…just so we’re clear LOL!). I won’t go into all the details, but, I had an allergic reaction to something, so I’m a little out of sorts.  I’m planning to take it easy this weekend!  Also, thanks to Marilyn Delucca for her help with essential oils. We’ll see if they help!

Anyway, I’m keeping it short this week.

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Bestseller to Business Pro
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

How to Make Real Money In Your Business As Quickly As Possible
(Funnel or  Reverse Funnel?)

I have recently heard some of the top experts suggest that when you are starting out, you should invert your sales funnel and get higher-end sales rather than lower ones. The reasoning is that you can make a lot more money a lot faster if you get higher-end clients.

Example:  You get 10 clients at $5,000 each. That is $50,000.  To make that same $50,000 with low-end sales-say $297, you’d have to sell 161 units. With a $97 product, you’d have to sell 516 units, and with a $27 product, you’d have to sell $1,852 units! So, in theory, you can see that it would be a lot easier to sell 10 people than $1,852!

But, to do it, you have to have a program, you have to understand how to get the leads, you have to know how to enroll people, and you have to have the confidence to do it, plus you have to build it or outsource it. And there is the rub!

It’s not as easy as they make it out to be.

Most people starting out, don’t have the skills to do it. Others have the skill, but not the confidence, which is just as important. And, others have all the skills but don’t know how to put the program together.

When I was starting out, I lacked all three!

And without them, it was impossible for me to wrap my head around. I tried. But, it just didn’t work that well.

But, I was lucky because it was easier to get clients in those days so I did get them and I used a hybrid approach that I still use today- but with a lot more skill than in the early days- plus there are a lot more easy- to-use tools and strategies available.

Taking this approach allowed me to get higher- end clients, but it also guaranteed cash flow while I was learning how to get them and manage a business- which I had never done before. I was charging $2,500 in those days for private coaching,

Today my programs go from $5,000 all the way to $100,000 to build a whole online business and make my clients best-selling authors in the process, which I’ve just started offering.

But the truth is I had to seek out a lot of different mentors and spend tens of thousands of dollars to get to where I am today. It also involved a lot of struggle, stress, and sleepless nights. And there were times when I didn’t have a coach, either because I couldn’t afford to spend any more money, or because I didn’t think anyone could help me figure it out. So, it took years!

My approach is to “attack” it from both ends.  Create a low-end funnel and create as high-end of a program as you feel you are capable of delivering!

So there you have it! It’s not one or the other, it’s BOTH!

If you would like help creating your profit-producing business so you can bypass the stress and overwhelm, the years of trial and error, and the disappointment of spending tons of money on programs that don’t work, send me an email at: info@theebookcoach.com. Include your name, phone number, and time zone and email where you would like me to send the application. I can only work with 3 more people right now. So if you are truly ready to have the success you want and you are willing to do what it takes. Email me now!


Tech Tips

#1. It came up in APIM-2 that people were having trouble getting on Periscope. So here’s the deal: Periscope is ONLY available from an Android or an iPhone. It is a mobile app. You cannot access it on  your computer. You have to go to the app store and download it from there.

#2. I was trying to get an opt-in box onto the webinar sign-up page for next week’s free training on eBook Marketing Mastery.

I did the basic layout in Optimize Press 2.

Then, I hired Tanya to make it pretty and get the box to work. But, it wasn’t working. So, I had to bring in another OP expert and he got it working right away.

My point is, when something isn’t working, even if you are working with an expert, bring on another expert if you have to; do what you have to do to get it handled. Tech issues can take up a lot of your time and cost you more money by fiddling with it then just getting it handled by a professional!