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Newsletter 12, Issue 31

“Happy people plan actions, they don’t plan results”

-Dennis Waitley

Letter from the Editor

Happy Women’s Equality Day! (Wednesday, August 26th) This holiday commemorates the signing of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. But, the fight is not over, we are still fighting for equal pay for equal rights here in America.

Women make 70% of what men make, and even when you look at online entrepreneurs there are STILL NO WOMEN in the top 30! (On the gurudaq-that seems to be now defunct- there were two women.) And there are only 3 who run the top 50 money-making blogs. (Although I am happy to report that the #1 blog is the Huffington Post run by Arianna Huffington making over $29,000 a day! Woo-hoo!)

So it’s clear there is still a lot of work to be done-from teaching girls that they can be anything they want, to educating them in entrepreneurship, to giving them the opportunities that are afforded men.  But, having said that, it’s one of the reasons I LOVE having my own business.

While I do believe women, especially from my era (born in the 1950′s) are at a distinct disadvantage because of the way we were raised, I love that we now have the OPPORTUNITY to make a lot of money being our own bosses! (It’s much better now and there are role models that didn’t exist when I was growing up-all we had were models, singers, and actresses.)

In fact, one of the reasons I left the music business was because it was very male-dominated, and there were gatekeepers-people who made the buying decisions who held your fate in their hands. And after getting my Grammy-nomination and still not getting the cuts that would allow me to make a good living in the business, I decided it was time to leave-to go into a business where I was in control, and that’s why I fell in love with ebooks. I loved the idea of being able to get directly to my audience and nobody telling me “No, You can’t do that or you can’t have that”!

So, if you have daughters, or if you are a woman, rejoice! Because we have so much to offer and the world is changing. Relationship marketing is key now and women tend to be BETTER at it then men. (In fact, a big part of what I am teaching my male clients is how to be a better relationship marketer!)

Our time is NOW!  Seize the opportunities! Encourage others to do the same. We’re all in this together <3!

And speaking of relationship marketing, my business is growing and all the hard work I’ve been doing this past year to change my business model and reboot (again) is paying off! I’ve been building relationships. Reconnecting with old ones, and forging new ones. I’ve re-identified my ideal clients, partners, and influencers, and I am focusing on them.  I’m showing up in a bigger way!  I’m also taking more risks and saying what I think more often (especially on Facebook, which can be scary at times but well worth it!).

I’m also happy to report that I’m now back in the top 9% of profile views on LinkedIn. In 2012, I was in the top 1%, but I let it slide and other’s engaged more. But, I’m BACK! And I’m sharing what I’ve learned in eBook Empire Builders. Honestly, it’s the best deal in town! And the win for me is each month that I do a training on it, it becomes part of a new program that will sell for a lot more later! So, it’s a win-win!

And guess what? My business is having growing pains. I can’t possibly do it all myself. So, I have to get more help, which has not gone so well in the past. But, this time, I am going to do it better and smarter because I have learned from my mistakes.  The truth is every time you solve a problem in your business, you create a new one-so get used to it! LOL!

I have some big plans that I can’t wait to share! Stay tuned!

In personal news….we got some disappointing news on Christen’s health. His bones are very thin (Osteoporosis) and he has a 3 inch aneurysm. The last time he had one and had to have surgery-that’s when all his problems started with his stomach.  I got very emotional. Then, I went to my Facebook friends for help.  It turns out that there are steps you can take to reverse Osteoporosis. If you are someone you know has it, check out www.saveourbones.com

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Best-Seller to Business Pro

www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

17 Ways to Use iBooks Author Right Now!

iBooks Author is Apple’s digital content creation software.

What does that mean, you say?  It means you make ebooks with it.

These digital books, though, are different.  They’re interactive.  You touch pictures, and they tell you little stories within the story.  You touch words, and something pops up to tell you what you didn’t know.

These digital books are different in another way: they have lots of multimedia.  Audio and video abound.

And you want to know the fun part?  This software, iBooks Author, is not only free, but it also makes it easier than ever before to create an awesome digital book.

Hundreds of millions of iPhones are out there (in addition to iPads and Macs, a bonus) just waiting to download something from you, thanks to the iBooks Store.  Create with iBooks Author, publish into the iBooks Store, Apple keeps 30%, you keep 70%, and everybody wins.  Or don’t publish into the iBooks Store at all, and keep things private to whoever you want to share your books with.  Your choice.

It’s an exciting time to be a content creator.  Here’s 17 ways you can use iBooks Author to jump right in, right now.  As in today.  Pick an idea and get started!

1) Create a textbook. This is, after all, the original purpose of iBooks Author: to allow educators to create digital textbooks that would rival, and eventually surpass, printed textbooks.  Steve Jobs wanted to “digitally destroy” the educational textbook market and save schools a lot of money.  So why not use this tool for this purpose yourself?  Educators around the world have used and are using iBooks Author to write their own curriculum, while instructional designers are using it to author internal training manuals, workbooks, and guides.

E.O. Wilson’s Life on Earth (Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6Unit 7)
Mathventure for 3rd Grade: Focus on Operations
Digital.Color.Photography: A Closer Look
Study It: English as a Second Language Series (Book 1: Units 1-4)
Space: A Brightpips Guide
Presentations: The MacSparky Field Guides – Learn to Plan, Create, and Deliver a Riveting Keynote Presentation

2) Create a children’s book. Create a few rhymes, tell a funny story or perhaps a poem, write it out and then record audio of yourself reading it (and maybe even have video of you reading it as well), maybe throw in some badly-drawn illustrations (in my case) that you scan in and add (very easy) and boom!  Children’s book.  One YOU wrote.

ABC (Multi-Touch)
Farm Animals: Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Goats, Sheep and a Horse
Multi-Touch Orchestra
Curious George Saves His Pennies (Multi-Touch Edition)
Intergalactic Recorder Mission
The Slightly Annoying Elephant (Special Edition)

3) Create a digital CV. Are you an attorney?  A doctor?  An educator?  A freshly-minted grad?  Take your resume, add hyperlinks to schools you’ve graduated from (with pictures too), maybe throw in an interactive image gallery of jobs you’ve held and what you liked most about them, and then if you’re applying for a specific new job, or maybe a type of job, throw in a video of you talking about why that job or company interests you.  Authentic, and tech-savvy, all at once.

Scott Silva, Colorado educator, used iBooks Author to create this digital book that helped him land his current teaching job.

4) Create an “enhanced edition” of an existing book you’ve written. Think of what the movie industry does here, with DVD/Blu-Ray discs, and how bonus features are added to a basic movie to compel you, the customer, to buy.  Take your fiction (or non-fiction) book, add some video interviews with you (the author) and anyone else involved, so your readers can gain insight to the process of putting the book together…add some image galleries of storyboards or production drawings…record you (or someone you know with a good reading voice) reading your book out loud, and add audio narrations.  Or, if you don’t have any need for extra interactivity or multimedia, just write your story and don’t force the extras.

Being Malala Yousafzai (Early Edition)
The Identity Upgrade (Multi-Touch Enhanced Version)
2020: Candidates, Cartel, and Chaos
The Sword of Air

5) Create a cookbook. Simply round up a few of your favorite recipes, and place them alongside some video from your iPhone (which looks amazing in iBooks Author, which automatically optimizes all video files for these digital books) and voila!  An awesome multimedia cookbook is served!

Chinese Comfort Food Recipes

Secrets of the World’s Best Grilling
Party of Eight (At Home)
The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook (Multi-Touch Edition)

6) Create a dictionary. The Glossary function of iBooks Author allows users to list vocabulary terms, include pictures or other media if desired, and then hyperlink those terms as they appear in the main body of a digital book.  A great use for this functionality is to create a dictionary – maybe of tennis terminology, or maybe of political jargon, or maybe of all the people in your family tree and their various backgrounds and accomplishments.  The sky’s the limit.

My First Dictionary (multi-touch)

Crushing ACT and SAT Vocab
Visual Dictionary, Japanese (Enhanced Version, 2nd Edition)

7) Create a topical work of non-fiction. Round up 10 experts on a topic, give them each a page to give their opinion or perspective, get them each on video going further in-depth on their position, and publish it.  Or, perhaps use this opportunity to teach history in new and exciting ways.  Find new ways to explore topics that matter.

The Mozart Project (Co-creators James Fairclough and Harry Farnham (who are the closing keynote of the iBooks Author Conference, Oct 8-9 in Nashville) rounded up the 9 foremost scholars on Mozart and engaged them to produce a seminal work on the musician’s life and historical impact.)
Beware Madame La Guillotine (Time Traveler Tours)
Why We Fight: WWII and the Art of Public Persuasion
World History (Patterns of Interaction)
The Americans
The World Is My Audience 2: Dreams Around The World (read more about this innovative worldwide collaboration, and the person behind it, here)
Lean On And Lead: Mothering and Work in the 21st Century Economy

8) Create a museum or event companion. Museums are great, but sometimes some people who visit them want more information, more context, and more media related to different exhibits than others.  Why not create a companion multi-touch format book, using iBooks Author, to accompany the museum experience?  Even better: museum-goers can then enjoy some of the museum experience from anywhere, while the museum has a new way of generating revenue.  Same for events: multi-touch format books can both replace printed program guides for conferences and conventions, while allowing best practices and other shared resources to be available to attendees and others long after its over.

MoMA Collection Highlights: 350 Works from the Museum of Modern Art
Witness: Art and Civil Rights in the Sixties (accompanied Brooklyn Museum exhibit of the same name)
2015 InvestKY Equity Investors Conference Digital Program Guide

9) Create a book based on an album of music or a music artist’s catalog. Are you a musician?  You play in a band?  Or maybe you just work with one (or want to work with one)?  Well, why not take an existing album of music, and create a book with iBooks Author where each page has one particular song’s audio alongside full lyrics, a video from the artist describing how and why the song was written, and maybe some album art pertaining to that piece of music?  Or why not play the entire album live, and do the exact same thing except include the video of each live performance as well?  Then sell it on the iBooks Store for a premium over the actual album and give your fans another way to enjoy your art.

Demi: The Book
(Multi-Touch Format book based on pop star Demi Lovato)
George Harrison: Living In The Material World
Spaceman’s Dilemma (spiritual / new age book which features its own soundtrack)

10) Create a school yearbook.
Wouldn’t it be interesting to be able to see video, hear audio recordings, and view interactive images of your old high school classmates?  Now you can, thanks to iBooks Author, and many schools are already taking advantage of the technology either to complement the pre-existing print yearbook, or replacing it altogether.

Charles O. Dickerson High School Yearbook
2012 RDHS Grade 8 Yearbook
Glee: The Official William McKinley High School Yearbook (based on the TV show)

11) Create a travel guide. What is that one place in the entire world that you love to travel to the most?  Why not use iBooks Author and create your own interactive, multimedia travel guide that perhaps mixes in stories from the locale with a custom Google Maps widget of the destination, alongside video that highlights the features that make the place so special?

Seville & Cadiz: Multi-Touch Guide

iNY – A multi-touch guide to Manhattan (New York City)
The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country In The World
White Snow / Black Sea

12) Create a book to help launch or support a product or service. If you’re in marketing, you’ve got to be aware of iBooks Author as a tool that can complement products and services in the marketplace.

City of Chicago Cultural Plan (Multi-Touch Edition)
Rethink The Book
Resonate: Present Visual Stories That Transform Audiences
Hillsdale College: Admissions Viewbook

13) Create a personal video journal. Record yourself every day for a week, or if you’re more ambitious, maybe a month, then take the video over to iBooks Author and publish a video journal.  Your Life, Volume 1.  Or create your memoirs, told with video, audio narrations, image galleries, and much more.

14) Create a photo book. If you’re a shutterbug, iBooks Author is software you should learn, because Multi-Touch Format books make pictures look amazing.  Whether you drag and drop pictures directly into your book, or utilize the interactive image or image gallery widgets, iBooks Author was made to showcase high-resolution visuals.

Getty Images’ Year in Focus 2011Year in Focus 2012Year in Focus 2013Year in Focus 2014
Sports Illustrated Football’s Greatest
Photograph (by Ringo Starr)
Christine and Ben (wedding photo book)

15) Create a companion to a TV show, movie, or other entertainment. Multi-Touch Format books created by iBooks Author are a “next-gen” form of media.  They have the ability to provide deep insight into existing media properties like TV shows and films, layering audio and video on top of a traditional ebook.

Breaking Bad: Alchemy

Maleficent: The Official Multi-Touch Book
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2014: The Official Multi-Touch Book
Grimm: The Essential Guide
The Making of Star Wars (Enhanced Edition)
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Official Movie Guide (Multi-Touch)

16) Attend the iBooks Author Conference. There’s no other place on earth where you can learn what’s possible with iBooks Author, and these next-generation ebooks, than this conference taking place in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 8 and 9.  You’ll be informed, you’ll be inspired, and you’ll be ready to take advantage of the opportunity iBooks Author has created for you.

17) Become an iBooks Author Certified Professional. This is the only NCCA-compliant credential which exists for iBooks Author users to demonstrate their proficiency, and features both a knowledge-based component (100 multiple-choice question exam, with questions of varying difficulty) and a performance-based component (you have to create an iBooks Author book, based on a randomized set of specifications).  Become an iBooks Author Certified Professional, or if you score well enough on the exam, an iBooks Author Certified Professional with Distinction.

iBooks Author Starter Kit
iBooks Author Certification Program Study Guide
Need more iBooks Author resources? Head over towww.iBooksAuthor.Services and find everything you need: information on iBooks Author contract book development, training, workshops, iBooks Author Jr./Sr. Badges (coming this fall for middle school and high school students), and much more.

Want to keep the conversation going? Join the iBooks Author Conference group on LinkedIn, which is among the largest and most active social media communities for iBooks Author users from across all industries and sectors.  Open to everyone.

Tech Tips

If you are going to put your ebook into an ereader format you will have to remove the page numbers because every ereader is different and they pages will show up differently on each device.

Step 1: On the View menu, click Print Layout.

Step 2. On the Document Elements, click Header and Foote.

Step 3. Select a page number, and then click the frame around the  page number so that the resize handles appear.

Step 4. Press DELETE. It should remove all the page numbers.

How to hide the page number on the first page only:

On the Document Elements tab, under Header and Footer, click Page#

2. Clear the Show number on first page check box.