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Newsletter 12, Issue 28

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

Letter from the Editor

Happy International Forgiveness Day! August 2nd (1st Sunday in August)

Wouldn’t it be nice if all nations in the world forgave each other and we all lived happily ever after in peace.  Just a thought! And while that is probably never going to happen, but we can take personal responsibility and  forgive others and ourselves for any wrongdoing we’ve engaged in; this is the perfect day to do it!

Are you wondering whether to go with a publisher or self publish?  Last weekend we watched the James Brown story and I did a post and sent out an email called: “What does James Brown have to do with Self Publishing?   It illustrates the difference between publishing and self-publishing in a really clear way and this is information every author needs to understand.  So, if you missed it, good news… you can read it on my blog at: http://theebookcoach.com/blog/james-brown-self-published/

It’s been kind of a crazy week for us. A lot of “garbage” got cleaned up and in the process we started to wonder if it’s really worth it to have an LLC.  We did get sued once by a disgruntled Virtual Assistant (she lost) and the disturbing thing was she sued the LLC and us personally. So, it didn’t really protect us. And over the years, I have spent thousands of dollars on tax returns and for the privilege to have one in the State of California at $800 a year.  So, I’m looking into it to decide if it’s really worth all the money and aggravation that it has caused. I’d love to hear your experience with LLC’s. (You can post on the LLC thread at www.facebook.com/BookMarketingAuthorPros.)

I’ve also been “working it” on LinkedIn. I’m not at full speed yet, but I am making more connections there than ever before and using it in a more strategic way. But, I still get most of my best clients from referrals or from Facebook, but I’ve been much more active there up til now.  It will be interesting to see if that changes as I get more involved in LinkedIn.

On the Best-Seller to Business Pro podcast, I’ve got a couple month’s worth of interviews. I’ve figured out my segue between sections. Section two will be called “Tips, Tools, & Tech, where I’ll share usable information including some of my personal favorite resources and short cuts. Now, my next step is recording it and then we’ll start putting them together as whole shows. (Research shows that two people engaging works better than one alone, so if you don’t have a cohost, you’ll want to do interviews, but it’s okay to include a short solo section too.)

I’ve also noticed with the podcast, as with anything, you really have to make a plan to get them done.  The whole project can seem overwhelming so you have to cut it down into doable chunks. And resistance definitely comes up at times. Either fear of doing something you’ve never done, or fear of finishing it because then it will be an ongoing project will need attention on a regular basis. I’m just noticing it and doing it anyway.

How about you?

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Best-Seller to Business Pro
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Children’s books are up 20.9%


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Article of the Week

5 Wisdom Tips on Life, Biz, and the Pursuit of Happiness that You Can do on a Regular Basis!

When you look at the wealthiest, most successful business minds to date, they all seem do one thing that lend to their success and happiness, which is the practice of getting out of the head and into the heart. From Oprah to Richard Branson, their mission, message, and actions are all in harmony to an initial intent that stemmed from their personal identity and essence.

To think and grow rich, one must take note from author Napoleon Hill: “Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds.” The best choices are those made consciously, but there comes a time where you have to decide if you are growing personally and fumbling professionally or vice versa. It is easy to get lost in the sea of “to do’s” and lose your essence along the way. Perhaps it’s time to re-sync and get back down to the business of your happiness.

1. Busyness is a Choice – You can choose what you want your work life to be; it can be stressful or playful. By placing meaning behind all that you do, it keeps work interesting and inspiring. Meaningfulness in when what you do is fulfilling. When you are fulfilled, you are productive, and when you are productive, you are happier because your purpose in helping and serving others is wanted. People who are happy in what they do are 12 percent more productive than disengaged employees, according to a 2015 Gallup poll. How can you find meaningfulness in your business? Stop doing things that don’t matter and start using your time to work on your dreams.

2.  Ride One Horse – When one idea is structured and organized into a unique branding system, focused on the right customer in the right frequency, you are set up for success. By organizing now, you can set it and forget it, and then move on to the next brilliant idea. You will feel much more powerful, accomplished, and at peace knowing all systems are go. As a result this lends to your freedom in structure, not just in work, but also in your home, financial, and personal life, as well.

Tip: Preserve your “me time” and family life for the weekends to nurture your precious happiness seed. Being successful when it costs personal sacrifice is an old paradigm and only leads to stress.

3. Guiltless Autonomy – What we do and why we do it is far more important than hours worked. Discover ways to boost your mood and enhance your day when working those long hours or tough projects. Give yourself breathers that you look forward to, such as: a yummy lunch outdoors; yoga stretching to your favorite tunes for 15 minutes; or a coffee break or two. Taking breathers acts as a restoration, reducing stressors and greater feelings of calm and well- being.

Tip: Map out your day the night before and tackle the tough stuff earlier in the day, this allows for the moments of autonomy to be appreciated. You will shine ever so brightly when you allow for mental, emotional, and physical breaks throughout the workday.

4. Be Positive to Stay Powerful – Stress seems more common than not in the 21st century. Naturally, it is how we respond to it that sets the course for long-term health and happiness. The happiest and most successful people have a morning ritual that sets the intention and feeling for the rest of the day. In other words, do you get up in the morning, thinking what can I create, versus what is stopping me?

To prevent negativity from leaking into the psyche entails a proactive ritual. This will instantly snap you into positivity where you continue to move into creativity to stay powerful as soon as you rise in the morning. Rituals condition you toward pleasure or pain. If you are experiencing pain, it’s time to change your ritual. Perhaps visualization, gratitude prayer, a jump in the pool, or hot shower is a form of a ritual that works for you.

Tip: A powerful ritual has a physiological effect on the nervous system. Exercise not only stimulates the brain and nervous system, it increases endorphins, the feel-good hormone, which is why you feel good after a workout. Lastly, write out positive declarations, even if they have not happened yet. Read them out loud everyday. The more you hear your positive declarations the more you believe them and the closer you are to becoming and achieving those declarations.

5. Marry Your Passion not Your Title – It is about the journey, not the destination. No matter if you are a doctor, lawyer or life coach, being too connected to our titles eludes the passion which we strived to accomplish, which is to ease the pain of those we serve through the practice of compassion. It is common to lose steam in your work, which can leak into other areas of your life.

Since 80 percent of our time is doing work, make sure to remain creative and innovative; this keeps your inspiration and excitement high and releases the “musts,” “have tos,” and “urgencies.” Can you keep the faith to attract what you expect? If you expect that you will not meet your sales goal, then you won’t. If you expect not to get that promotion, you probably won’t get it. That is why you must increase your expectations to reach your dreams.

Tip: Elevate your faith and believe with unwavering expectation in what is meant for you and feel passionate about it! Most great work evolves in the most unexpected manner. That is because you are a far greater person than you ever dreamed yourself to be. This has nothing to do with relying on a title to define or confine you and has more to do with your essence, passion and power, where your dormant forces come alive. Thus, discouragement and ego does not exist when aligned with your passion.

Bottom-line: The pursuit of your happiness is giving yourself permission to follow your inner GPS, be unique, trust yourself, follow your passions and feel worthy.

America’s Happyologist , Jackie Ruka, is a transformational leader and lifestyle strategist who mentors CEO’s, Leaders and Women in Business, on how to consciously create a happiness blueprint in life and business. To learn more about Jackie visit her online; Facebook, Twitter or grab a copy of her best selling book Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life! A Creative toolbox to Rapidly Activate the Life You Desire.  Jackie is an award winning Sales and Marketing pro who has built  $100M to $2B brands and teaches you how to have a billion dollar mindset. With over 5000 hours mentoring professionals. She is also a Speaker and Trained Psychotherapist.

Tech Tips

How to Make your Own Book, eBook, & Special Report Covers in Canva

If you need to make a book cover in a hurry, or you don’t want to pay to have one done professionally, this is a great alternative and it’s FREE!

Go to www.canva.com
You can sign up or connect through Facebook or Google

Under “Create Design”

Pick “Kindle Cover”

Look for a cover template.

They have free ones and $1 premium ones.

If you can’t find one that is appropriate for your project, you can also use a plain background and build your page from scratch.

To do this click on “Background”on the naviation bar on the left-hand side of the  page  and choose a color













You can also find Grids, Frames, Shapes, Lines, Illustrations, Icons, Photos, Charts, and Canva graphics within the design center (on the left-hand side of the page).

These are the colors you can choose from. For this example, I picked a plain white one:






Drag the color you want to the palette. (Can you see it? It’s white on white.)







You can also find text boxes and uploads on the navigation bar above. Uploads are for if you want to use one of your images.

(If I can’t find something I like on Canva, I will purchase my image at www.dollarclubphoto.com.)

Once, you have your “canvas”, whether it is a background or a template, add your text and your photo to your cover.

Go the navigation bar (above) and choose “Text”

It will bring up this menu:






Drag the “Add text” over to your canvas for your title.

Use “add subtitle text” for your subtitle

Use “add a little bit of body text” for your name at the bottom.

Position the text boxes on the canvas and write your text. (It will most likely come out too big. Pull the edges out on the left- and right-hand sides so the text is on fewer lines. Then, look on the bar where it says “42″-that is the font size. Adjust it to a smaller size. Play with the font size until you are happy with the size. You can also change fonts and colors. And, if you don’t like it, you can always trash it (on the far right).












My cover text now looks like this:





Next, upload your graphic from “Upload” in the navigation bar and center it using the font-trash bar above.









I added my name last.

It looked like this: (You can still see the font-trash panel to get your name exactly the size and font you want.)









You can also put a border around your cover, which I highly recommend if you use a white background. Otherwise it will fade into the page.

In the search bar, enter “borders”



Find a frame that you like. Pick one that is the same shape as your canvas and drag it over to the canvas.







Then, pull the edges out until they line up with the cover template edges.

Congratulations! You just made a cover!

Here’s what mine looks like:








Voila! You have a cover.

Next, make it “Public” (Give it a description.)



Download it to you site as an image from the above bar.

And you’re done! You now own it.

Here a two different covers for the same special report to show the variety of what you can do with Canva.







So try it out and have fun!