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Newsletter 12, Issue 25

“There is little success where there is little laughter”

-Andrew Carnegie

Letter from the Editor

Happy 4th of July!

In the United States, we are celebrating our independence from Great Britain tomorrow!

And what I love most about it, is the idea of independence. Being an entrepreneur can give you the independence and freedom you deserve. But, it can also enslave you if you don’t figure out how to do it the right way, so I always make a special offer on the 4th of July to help you gain your independence in some way.  So, ask yourself, what would you need to be truly independent. Answer it. And then go for it!

And  be sure to check out this week’s special!

So what is the 4th of July? It’s a day when people have picnics and bar-b-ques, watch fireworks, kick back and enjoy. I’ve always loved this holiday, but now it’s bittersweet for me as my mom passed away on July 6, 1996. But, it does have great memories too.

When I was a kid, the whole family used to come over; we’d have dinner and watch the fireworks from nearby Rancho Park, which we could see from over our backyard fence, and it was a lot of fun.  Then, for some inexplicable reason, Rancho Park stopped doing it.

So, one year, we went to Pasadena because my brother was living there with his family and we watched the fireworks from the Rose Bowl. They are some of the best in the country, and they were amazing. I recommend everyone see a great display at least once in their lifetime!

We’ve also seen them in Orange Country from up in the hills overlooking the beach with my brother and his kids-when they were very small. we’ve also seen them at the Del Mar Fairgrounds when we lived down here from 1997-2001,  and I never get tired of seeing them. I love fireworks!

In fact, on New Years 2000, we watched them on TV for the ENTIRE WORLD as time zone after time zone arrived in the year 2000! Now that was an experience! But, I’ve digressed!

Enjoy the weekend and Happy 4th everyone!

In business news.…Woo-hoo! I watched a presentation on a revolutionary new software that creates funnels with no tech skills! I got it and I recommend it. (More about this under “Tech Tips”)

In other great business news…I’m going to be a guest on Willie Crawford’s podcast, which I am very excited about. Willie is one of the top marketers in the world and I feel blessed. He’s going to be a guest on my podcast as well. And speaking of my podcast….we’re getting closer!!! It has not been easy, but I know it will be worth it! We’ve got some amazing interviews lined up!

I’ve also been reaching out more to my colleagues.  Yesterday, I spoke with two people who I have known for years, but had lost touch with and it was extremely productive (more on this at a later date). All I want to say right now, is that it has inspired me to offer an amazing high-end program that is going to blow people away!

In the meantime, I highly recommend that you reach out to contacts in your business and start creating new ones as well. It’s so powerful.  In fact, the difference between zero & up to $30,000 on a best-seller launch is the quality of your partners and their lists. So, start building those relationships NOW!

In personal news, I made a decision the other day that I would get my butt out of my chair a lot more often and MOVE!  Alan Bechtold passed away last week ,and one of the things he son said was that he didn’t exercise.  I have always exercised, but not in a consistent way. I do yoga and I love to dance, but I have become quite sedentary because I get so focused on my work.  But, it has to change.  I have also committed to drinking more water. My husband is a camel. He just can’t drink a lot of water so it’s easy for me to slack off. Those are my thoughts.

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
Publishing & Platform Building
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www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

7 Ways to Create Urgency for More Sales & Bigger Profits!

It’s human nature to make a decision only when forced to. It’s the “Urgency Principle”  According to behavioral psychologists, we only suspend the thinking process and act quickly in urgent situations.  And, in fact, without urgency, most people don’t take action at all; they put it off. They say they’ll think about it tomorrow. But, truth be told, they don’t want to think about it at all.

And then, life gets in the way and the opportunity is lost forever. Maybe they are on the fence about the cost, or whether it’s the right purchase for them, or if they’ll have the time to actually take advantage of the opportunity, but whatever it is, urgency helps people find clarity and make a decision quickly.

So, how do you create urgency?

1. Put a time limit on your offer and use a countdown timer. Limit the time people have to make a decision and it will increase your bottom line. Also use a countdown timer. Having a timer reminds people that time is passing and that soon the offer will be gone; it’s more powerful than not having one and gets  better results. Seeing the REPRESENTATION of time passing and not just telling people makes a larger impact.

2. Create scarcity. Scarcity perpetuations the idea that if there are only a limited number available and you don’t get in quickly, you will lose out, and people people hate to lose out. Believing they could be left in the lurch makes them want whatever you are offering a lot more. In addition, scarcity gives whatever is being offered more value. A good example of this is a rare painting, or fine wine. These can go for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions because there are so few of them available.   But, it works selling products and services as well. And the good news is that you, as the creator, can make what you offer more valuable by limiting the amount available.

3. Make it hard to get into. If people have to jump through hoops to get into your coaching, or to get access to your products and services, it will appear more exclusive, which creates increased desire to be accepted. This is one of the reasons coaches and entrepreneurs have contact forms on their websites and don’t always provide a phone number. I even know one coach who does not look at her email-it goes directly to her VA. And even if you are working with her, you have to text her to let her know you sent an important email so she will look out for your email address and open it personally.

4. Use the right words and phrases. When you tell people to “act now” or “hurry”,  they will if they like your offer. They will also respond to words like: “quickly”, “it’s almost over”, “limited-time offer”, “limited space available”, and “instantly” as in “get access instantly”, And, for bonus offers, the words, “free” and extra” are crowd pleasers. Be sure to use them in your pitch to convert more prospects into buyers.

5. Loss Aversion. People fear losing out.  The desire not to lose is often times more important to people than it is to gain something they want. When your pitch convinces people that they will be losing out by not responding, they will take immediate action.

6. Pain Principle/Unpleasant Situation People want to get out of pain and/or out of unpleasant situations, so remind them of the negative situation or pain they find themselves in and how you can solve it and they will be more apt to take you up on your offers.

7. Pulling the offer away. My husband taught me this very effective way to get clients. When people are on the fence and you threaten to pull the offer away, it makes them decide whether they want it or not, and it gets more people to say “Yes!” than you would get without it. And the truth is, you don’t want to work with people who can’t make decisions quickly because they won’t be as successful as people who can.

Creating urgency is an important part of the selling process. Be sure to include it in your presentations and sales letters to create more excitement, more sales, and bigger profits!

Tech Tip

Creating Funnels

One of the biggest drawbacks in Internet Marketing is the inability to easily create funnels of products. But, creating funnels are one of the key to passive income and working smart, not hard. When you can move people from product to product seamlessly, you make a lot more sales with a lot less work. But, the technology has been a headache up til now. But, before I give you the solution, I want to share a typical funnel.

A typical sales funnel might be a free special report or video (or series) to a $47 product  to a $197 product to a $297 product. Or, a free product to a $27 product to a $47 product to a $97 product.  You can also use $7 reports and programs to start funnels, but free is better if you are doing them alone and not with jv partners.

Funnels are great, but in the old days, it would take thousands of dollars to create a funnel.

For example (from Russell Brunson)

Write copy ($20,000)

Designer ($3,000)

Web Designer ($2,000)

Programmer ($2,000)

Upfront cost

$29,000 per funnel.

Time to build: 6-8 weeks.

Now there is a revolutionary piece of software that I am currently trying out that I recommend you try as well.

It’s so new that it’s affordable right now, but it may not be in the future.

It’s drop and drag (so super easy) and they don’t charge you as much as some of the other softwares out there, or for getting “too big”.

Click Here to watch the video.