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Newsletter 12, Issue 21

“Success is peace ofmind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing  you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming”

-John Wooden

Letter from the Editor

Happy Best Friends Day! Monday, June 8th
A best friend is someone who loves you unconditionally, who tells you the truth, and who supports you in your decisions. But, best friends are people too and sometimes they just can’t be there when you need them. That’s why it’s important to be your own best friend, to treat yourself well and be good to yourself.

So what can you do today to be good to yourself? And what could you change to be good to yourself on an ongoing basis? Maybe it’s getting more exercise, eating better, getting more rest, taking more time off. Sometimes, it’s asking for help. Whatever it is, make time for it and be your own best friend. (Note to self, this goes for me too!)

In business news…..we FINALLY decided, the name of the podcast will definitely be “Best-Seller to Business Pro, How to Publish & Prosper for the Savvy Entrepreneur!” YAY!  This has NOT been an easy decision. When I tested it against “Publishing & Platform Building” I got a 50/50 response. Partly because, at first, they weren’t laid out exactly the same. So I had to go back and have them laid out so they were identical.  Then, I had to listen to WHY people liked one over the other. Some liked the clarity of Publishing & Platform Building, others liked the benefit in Best-Seller to Business Pro. But, from  all the articles I’ve been writing and looking at the response, my gut says “Best-seller” needs to be in there so, that’s that!

I’ve already got several AMAZING interviews in the can, so now I just have to record the second half of the shows and we’ll be good to go. But, I have a confession to make.  It hasn’t been an easy time for many reasons the least of which is having to learn a new program (Optimize Press 2) so I have fallen behind. So, bare with me!

In other business news….I’m really excited for Kim Thornton and her husband, Sean. They just did a second KDP promotion and took their children’s book, Fighting with Monsters to #1 a second time!  I’m just so proud of how well my program works! Woo-hoo!  Anything that is pretty much fail safe when you follow it is awesome in my book!

I’m starting a new Author’s Profit Incubator Mastermind. I did on late last year and my students got amazing results, so I’m excited to be doing it again!  I’m focused on getting the word out as it starts this coming Wednesday! (See announcements for more info)

Also, I’m now in the 3rd phase of Leveraging LinkedIn (TM) with TR Garland and one of things he suggests doing is finding people you knew in college and reconnecting.  I went to a very big school, U.C. Berkeley, and I wasn’t able to connect with anyone that I wasn’t already in contact with, so I decided to go back to looking at high-school friends. I couldn’t find many, but the ones I did find were a big shock! I forgot how many years have gone by and how much some people change!

I’ve also been making some amazing connections due to the program. There are so many people online-especially Facebook-that I’ve been “friends” with for years, but we never got to know what each other does and how we can help each other, so I’ve started having phone conversations with people and it’s so exciting, taking it to the next level! When you connect, people start referring you business, and it makes life a lot easier!

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
From Best-Seller to Business Pro
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


Author’s Profit Incubator Mastermind forming!

I’m looking for 9 very motivated action-takers who are ready to make HUGE strides in their businesses over the next 3 months and want to short-cut the process by working with me personally and a great group of other go-getters! (Be sure to check out the testimonials to see what’s possible!)

If that’s you, watch this NOW!
http://theebookcoach.com/authors-profit-incubator-2 and if it makes sense for you, please register.

If you have questions, join me for a live Q & A, Monday June 8th
5:30 p.m. PDT/8:30 p.m. EDT

Congratulations to Kim Thornton & her husband Sean on their SECOND #1 promotion for their children’s book “Fighting With Monsters, How to Help Kids Overcome Fear Using The Armor of God” If you have kids or grandkids who could use help overcoming their fears and you missed it, right now she’s giving away an extra bonus video, kids will love

(Value $25) through Thursday so grab it and enjoy it with your loved ones!
http://ellenlikes.com/fightmonsters (this is NOT an affiliate link)


List-a-palooza 2015!

Take the challenge, build your subscriber list!
Now through August 27th and the best  part is it’s FREE to get started!

http://ellenlikes.com/list-a-palooza2015 *

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Article of the Week

7 Reasons to Join an Author’s Mastermind NOW!

1. Clarifies your goals. Not sure what you can accomplish in a specific time period? Whether it’s writing your book, marketing it, or using it to build an entire business, joining a mastermind helps you get very clear on what your goals are and what is reasonable to accomplish during the length of the Mastermind group (or in any leg of the group).

Many author/entrepreneurs are perfectionists and this can work in your favor as far as writing great books, but it doesn’t support you if you tend to overextend yourself or expect too much of yourself. Being part of a group can help you set reasonable expectation and goals and will help remove stress and overwhelm. And it’s difficult to get anything done when you are stressed and overwhelmed. In fact, it causes your brain to freeze, and then nothing gets done!

2. Helps you overcome challenges. Having challenges with your book or in your business? Joining a mastermind gives you a place to ask for help. Everybody has challenges, but it’s easy to get stuck and stop moving forward when they seem insurmountable. And, the truth is that every time you solve a problem, it creates a new problem that can cause you to hit another wall.

Think about it.  You finished writing your ebook. Now what? You need to find someone to do a book cover and format it. Once you solve that, you need to upload it and so on. And if you don’t know how, you’ll get stuck again.  Do this enough times, and it’s easy to get tired of it and just give up!

But, when you’re in a mastermind, you’ve got a place to get resources and answers quickly so you can move through whatever challenges you’re having a lot faster than you ever could on your own.

3. Helps you focus. Do you ever get sidetracked by shiny objects?  Most people do. But, joining a mastermind will help you stay focused in two ways. First, by sharing with the group what you plan to accomplish, it sets you up to actually get it done.  And then, by having to share with the group how much you got done, after the fact, it motivates you to actually get it done.

4. Gives you inspiration. Sometimes, by seeing what others are doing can inspire you to accomplish more than you would on your own. For instance, in the last Authors Profit Incubator Mastermind group, one of the participants was using the group in conjunction with my Best-Seller eBook Launch program to keep her on track in her effort to take her book to #1 on Kindle (which she accomplished in the group). This gave another participant the motivation to move forward sooner rather than later to get ready for her own launch!

5. Gives you leverage. In a mastermind members collaborate to achieve more faster. So, rather than trying to figure out a solution to a problem on your own, you have several people putting their heads together, which leads to more creative solutions faster and more possibilities!

It also means that you can get help with your marketing. As members get to know each other, they become invested in the success of each member of the group and they become advocates for each other.  So, to go back to the participant who wanted to take her book to #1, other members helped her promote it in social media! (I helped too, and I have a community of around 20,000 with a reach, including my evangelists and influencers of  over half a million prospects!)

6. Gives you knowledge. Looking for the best information and direction. You’ll be part of an exclusive group where you can meet like-minded people who are action takers and life-long learners just like you so the quality of the experience and knowledge will be a lot higher and deeper than in other situations.

A good mastermind will be moderated by an expert who can give it to you! It’s easy to go online and Google information, but it is not always correct. And having someone there who has vast knowledge of the subject at hand with years of experience will be invaluable!

7. Gives you a bigger playing field. Being in a mastermind helps you stretch because you are surrounded by other people who are playing large; you start to think differently and believe more is possible!

Masterminds are incredibly powerful and can enrich and enhance your business as well as you personally. They are an incredibly effective use of your time and resources and let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun to work together than to try and go it alone!

To learn more and to join the upcoming Author’s Profit Incubator Mastermind go to http://theebookcoach.com/authors-profit-incubator-2

If you still have questions, join me for a live Q & A, Monday, June 8, 2015
5:30 p.m. PDT/8:30 p.m. EDT


Can’t make it live? Put in your questions, then listen to the replay.

Tech Tips

Amazon is making changes!

Amazon now tells you what percentage of reviews are 5,4,3,2 & 1 star.

Amazon also tells you what price point is best for each book.

Amazon used to tell you what books are new and popular for each relevant term, they no longer do that, instead they now have featured books.

I’ll keep you posted if there are more changes ahead!