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Newsletter 12 Issue 15

“Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith”

-Steve Jobs

Letter from the Editor

Happy International Moment of Laughter Day!

The objective is to get people to laugh and do it more often because laughter is the best medicine!

And it’s appropriate that it’s the day before the tax bill is due in the U.S. because that can be stressful and laughter can ease the stress! So, how can you bring more laughter and happiness to yourself and others?

I really want to hear your answers and get to know you better, so I’ve decided to post my question of the week, every week, at www.facebook.com/BookMarketingAuthorPros.

Here’s my answer: My husband does a mean Donald Duck impression that always makes me laugh. He started doing it when my niece and nephew were babies.  We also love to watch comedies.

At night, always end the evening with Two and a half men or one of the late night talk shows so we go to sleep in a good mood.  And sometimes we just do the laugh exercise, where you start with a forced laugh and before you know it you are laughing for real! HAHAHA!

In business news, I finally threw in the towel on Optimize Press 1 and bought Optimize Press 2. It’s just cooler!  I had my first lesson yesterday with my webperson and friend, Tanya Schupp, who is awesome when it comes to technology, but isn’t big on coaching. She does it for me because of our relationship.

But, I also have a client who ROCKS with OP2, Alun Richards. We actually did a call on it a while back and my students who bought it have raved about it. So, if you want OP2 (You can’t get OP1 anymore-it’s awesome but there is a bit of a learning curve as with any new software) and you want support the work I do, the  link to it is http://ellenlikes.com/optimizepress

And here’s the link for Alun’s program:
Optimize Press Made Easy
(Just click on the name).

In other business news, we tested the two concepts we were considering for our new logo, since I was getting nowhere with the podcast art (I thought this would help and it definitely has) and it was fascinating; the results on Facebook were split 50/50.

A few in my tribe had some brilliant things to say like the fact that you can be too clever for your own good and people can love your logo (or whatever graphic you are discussing), but not remember your company name and that it depends on what you are trying to project.  So true.

Ultimately, I asked my ideal clients and picked the one they liked the best, but there are still some sizing issues I hope we can work out.

Going through this process, I can see why people get frustrated and give up. But you CAN’T! You have to push through! Because the rewards are worth it!

In personal news, I just found out my nephew, Remy, has mono, so prayers for Remy would be appreciated.

That’s it for now….

Ellen Violette
#1 Best-Selling Author & Award-winning Coach
Publishing & Platform Building for Savvy Entrepreneurs
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


Fewer Emails?

I’m looking into how I can give you the option to get fewer emails.
While some of you want up-to-the minute info, others want fewer emails
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Article of the Week

5 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Community & Your Business!

1. Find Influencers and follow them.

Go through your Facebook contacts and make a list of the influencers you are already friends with.

(Rick teaches you how to make your list in his FREE training webinar: “5 Brilliant Social Media Techniques To Build Your Author’s Platform” Creating a list will save you a lot of time once you are ready to reach out. BTW: I know experts who charge a lot of money to reveal what Rick shared about this insider tactic for FREE on the call!

2. Look at their connections to see if they are connected to other influencers or potential clients you want to follow.
Most people look for the influencers and stop there, but they can lead you to a treasure chest of golden contacts!  So dig deeper!

3. Engage with your audience. Ask questions and create a conversation. Social media is “social”!  Note: make them questions that they can answer, but that won’t embarrass them in a public post.

4. Talk to people privately with direct messages and chats.
It is not enough to connect on public posts; this is just the first step.  To get to know people better, you’ll want to talk privately.Keep your messages short-2 or 3 sentences and end with a question so that, once again, it creates a dialogue.

Examples from Rick:

Do you have any events coming up that I can promote?

Or, who would be a great referral for you?

5. Spotlight others.

Your social media shouldn’t be all about you.  Give a shout out to colleagues and  followers who do something awesome, reach a goal, or help out in some way. They will appreciate it and they will remember it. People want appreciation and recognition more than anything,  so taking the time to spotlight them will make you loyal friends for life!

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Tech Tips

Using Paypal

Did you know you can do some cool things with Paypal?

You can send invoices to individual clients.

You can set up recurring payment plans for your programs and services.

And your clients and customers can get credit from Paypal so they can buy from you now and take 6 months to pay it off!

In this week’s newsletter, I’ll share how to create an invoice.

Once you are inside Paypal you’ll see this:

Step 1.  Click the invoice tab.











Step 2. Hit the “Create Invoice” button.



Step 3. Add your logo






Step. 4  A box pops up that looks like this:
Browse. Upload. Agree and Save.








Step 5.  Fill in your Information. 







Step 6. Fill in the if it’s a single or multiple customer, their email address and save it. You can also change the language.






Step 7. Fill in the Invoice number, date, payment terms, and due date on the right-hand side.











Step. 8. You will get an invoice that looks like this to send?