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Newsletter 12, Issue 14

“Success makes so many people hate you. I wish it wasn’t that way. It would be wonderful to enoy success without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you”
Marilyn Monroe

Get over it!-Ellen Violette

Letter from the Editor

Happy Easter & Happy Passover!

On this Easter Sunday, I hope you are having a wonderful day.

We celebrate Passover and it has always been my favorite Jewish Holiday because it’s still relevant today.  It commemorates the passage of the Jews out of slavery in Egypt under the leadership of Moses. So, as long as anyone is enslaved, it’s a great reminder. My hope is that human slavery ends once and for all!

When I was a kid, my whole family on my dad’s side would get together for the sedar. My grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins would all be there.  It was a riot.  For anyone who’s never been to a sedar,  it can go on for what seems an eternity.

My dad would officiate in Hebrew, which we didn’t understand, and he mumbled. We’d read the 4 questions in English  (They were about what Passover symbolized), and we’d sing the songs in Hebrew phonetically. My uncle, who was not at all religious, would crack jokes all through dinner along with my dad. My dad would hide the matzoh and we would  go and search for it-sort of like an Easter Egg Hunt and get money for finding it.

But, looking back, the best part is that we were all together.

It also brings up some sadness because in 1996, as my mom and I were preparing the Passover meal for the other side of family (this was after my dad had passed away) my mother sat down on the piano bench in the living room and starting screaming that her hip hurt so bad she couldn’t move. It had been hurting for a while, but now it was out of control. We insisted that she go to the doctor. So, that Monday, they took an X-ray and found cancer and that it had spread from her lungs into her bones; after a horrific 4-month ordeal, she died. I could go on about the healthcare,  but I’ll save it for another post!

But, to get  back to Passover and slavery. My question to you this week is, do you feel like a slave to your business? I know at times, I sure have!  And for a long time, I wracked my brain trying to figure out how to get that “24/7 income while lying the beach” guru’s talk about. And then, I heard one say that that ship had sailed and that it’s very hard to get that now.  I disagree.

The more I do Kindle promotions and work with authors, the more I love ebooks for exactly that reason! Sure, it takes some work, but you do it once and hopefully it’s done! (I say “hopefully”, because sometimes, you have to update them, and if they aren’t selling and you’ve already tinkered with the categories, then you may have to make some changes like the title and/or cover.) But, if you love to write, (and I suspect most of my subscribers do) it’s worth it!

I’ve been getting Amazon affiliate checks for $75-$275 a month with almost no work! (Just a few mentions in social media-that’s it!) And that’s just for two books.

In other business news, I had two logos created and I should have the final ones for both in just a day or two, so I can test them and then go back to the podcasting art. Each one is going to be awesome, but they are very different. It will be interesting to see which one is more liked! But, the great thing is once it is done it will be a lot easier to get the podcast art done (and it will match in how it feels)!

I also had a pow-wow with my head web/tech person Tanya Schupp and we finally got the new website layout done. We had actually done it a few months ago, but I wasn’t real clear at the time as to what I was going to be focusing on the most.

After taking the  ”Leveraging Linked in” program with T.R. Garland, which was an amazing program (if you’re interested in upping your game and finding high-end clients and JV partners, email me at info@theebookcoach.com for details), and getting clear on my branding and what I want to accomplish, it was much easier to get it done.

I am sharing this because the lesson is that it takes as long as it takes (once again!) I can get impatience, at times, as we all can, but when it isn’t right you either waste money or you just don’t get it done. I did both! But, now it’s finally right! YAY!

In personal news, my husband recently became a great-grandfather.  Little Harper Marie was born very prematurely, but she made it and is now wearing baby clothes and beginning to look like a person and we’re very grateful!

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
eBooks, Business, & Buzz
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

Business-to-Business Marketing Trends Demand Changing Your Marketing Strategies For More eBook & Book Sales!

According to the Think Newsletter from Google, by the time a potential customer is ready to take action on your site, they are “57% of the way down the path” to making a decision and they usually start with a search. But, the way people search has changed since 2012; they are spending more time searching now than in the past-on average 12 searches prior to engaging with you.

How do they land on your site? They start with a generic search for the product they are looking for and the sale comes a lot later.  So to get on their radar, you have to be prepared to show the value of what you do much earlier and in an easy-to-understand manner so you “show up” a lot earlier in their search process.

91% increase in growth in mobile device usage occurred during the process with 42% of potential buyers using them. And while there has only been a 6% increase of mobile devices overall, those who use smartphones account for 3 times the growth in mobile queries and they are using them wherever they are, not just when they are on the go. They are doing price comparisons, reading up on the products, comparing features, and contacting sellers through their mobile devices. And most importantly, they are purchasing with them: these sales are up 22% in the past two years. So it’s increasingly important to provide an more enjoyable mobile experience.

The most growth has occurred with online video; 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watch it at some time during their purchasing process, which is a 52% jump in just two years. And nearly half viewed 30 minutes or more while almost one in five viewed over an hour of content.

What do they want to see? Sharing the product’s features took the number-one spot, how-to’s and professional reviews followed. People watch video because they find them helpful in making a buying decision and they help to move the conversation along as well.

What did they do after watching? They talked to their peers or colleagues, continued to look for more information, visited the website of the product they were interested in and shared the video.  Bottom line: it means you need to create content that helps potential buyers learn about your products, compare them with the competition, and provide valuable information to help them make a buying decision.

How this affects you. First, think “younger audience” when writing and marketing your books and ebooks. Second, figure out where they hang out on line and be there. And third, supply the content that they are hungry for. That means better SEO (search engine optimization), better mobile experiences, and more and better videos (Not just traditional book trailers, but  videos that share the features of what they will experience). Follow these steps and you’ll be ahead of the competition and on your way to gaining more customers and sales.

Tech Tip

Creating Graphics for Social Media

Tweets with pictures get 150%  more retweets!

And picture posts get more attention on every social-media site.

I’ve tried it out. I did one in Powerpoint. Just create the text, insert a picture, and save as a JPEG!

I also tried Canva and that was easy peasy! I posed this today on Facebook.

It’s not fancy, but it’s a start!






Pretty cool huh?

Here are some places to make your pictures and the sizes to use.

One of the easiest ways to create the horizontal banner is in Pablo

You can create one in under 30 seconds and upload it to Facebook, Twitter, and Buffer.

Size your pictures should be in your posts:

Facebook – 1,200 x 628

Twitter – 1,024 x 512

LinkedIn – 800 x 800

Google+ – 800 x 1,200

Pinterest – 735 x 1,102

Instagram – 1,200 x 1,200

Best Social Media Feed sizes:

Horizontal (landscape) – 1,024 x 512

Canva horizontal templates are easy to make: Click Here

Vertical (portrait) – 800 x 1,200

Canva vertical templates are easy to make: Click Here