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Newsletter 12, Issue 12

“The starting point of all achievement is desire”

-Napoleon Hill

Letter from the Editor

Happy Goof-Off Day!

Do you ever take a day and just goof off? If you do, great! If not, here’s a great excuse to do it this Sunday! Sunday is generally my “goof-off” day. I get the Sunday paper and read it cover to cover,  make a good meal, and watch my favorite shows on T.V. (Downton Abbey or The Good Wife and one of my guilty pleasures-Revenge).

I also like to go to the Farmer’s Market or get out and do something fun. And even if I’m on a deadline, I still try to, at least, get a newspaper, make a good meal, and watch 1 hour of T.V.) Do you have a weekly fun day planned? If you don’t, why not? I’d give this some serious thought because not taking time out can burn you out and even make you sick.

And speaking of being sick, doing things you hate to do can also make you sick. So, I’m working on making work more fun- doing more of what I love to do and less of what I don’t enjoy doing. And finally, getting more exercise. I read somewhere that sitting is “the new smoking”.  In other words, it’s bad for you. So, make a habit to get up and move around throughout the day:) If you have to set your alarm on  your smart phone, or with a timer. (I can’t say that I am great at this, but I am working on it!)

In business news, I am excited about the progress I am making on my Linkedin Profile.  I’ve been collecting badges that I’ve earned over the years to use on my profile. I honestly didn’t realize how many I had! It just shows that you need to keep track of your career. File your awards, your interviews, your book titles etc. away so you have everything in one place, so you can call upon it when you need it.  While you are living your life, you may not realize how much you are impacting others and how many accolades you have;  it all adds up over time! So, pay attention!

Also, I’ve realized there is so much you can do with Linked in that if you don’t have a website- a full-fledged one, or a fully-working one- don’t worry,  just work on your Linked in profile! It can serve as a destination where people can get to know you and hire you. (And the average income on Linked in is more than twice that of Facebook!)

It’s  pretty awesome! If you want to set up your profile and need help, please refer to last week’s newsletter where I gave instructions on how to do it. http://ellenlikes.com/allstarkindle

In other business news, I took a course a while back on Facebook and missed one of the modules. So I went back, finally, last night and watched it. And it had some suggestions that I found uncomfortable to implement, which got me thinking about all the programs over the years that I’ve taken and didn’t implement. Sound familiar?  In fact, there are just a few that have actually been the foundation of my business and the rest is what I have learned on my own-from my experience and from working with so many amazing authors. And I started thinking, “Why is that?”

I realized it was because, at some point, I didn’t know what to do and I didn’t have access to the instructor to get the help I needed to get it done, or it was ridiculously expensive to get access to the instructor and I wasn’t willing to pay it (which I now see was a BIG mistake).  So instead, I kept looking for options that worked well for me, that suited my personality, and that I enjoyed doing, but were inexpensive and in the long-run turned out to be expensive in time and energy wasted. (BTW: I’m NOT doing that any more!)

So, remember, you always have two choices: you can pay, get the instruction, and fast-track your success, or you can look for options that will work well for you and fit your personality and see if you can find low-cost ways to implement them, but it can be painfully slow and not always worth it-just saying-if I knew then what I know now I would do it very differently.

I wish I had bought fewer courses, but invested more money into the ones I really wanted to learn and had gotten the instruction I needed to make them work. It would have saved a lot of stress, anxiety, uncertainty, frustration, and pain. I hope this helps you make wiser decisions, so you can grow your business faster with less stress and more joy!

And finally is it business or is it personal? This week I posted a graphic that sparked a firestorm of controversy on Facebook. Of course, I had no idea at the time that it would do that, but it ended up getting 76 comments and some of them weren’t pretty!

What fascinated me was how much it stirred the pot without meaning to and that a client emailed me suggesting that I might have to choose between being true to my “political views” or keep and grow my business, and that got me thinking.  Suddenly, every time I looked at a post, I started to wonder, “Is this a political statement? Is it okay to respond?” And that is when I realized, that for me, there is not a gap between business and personal-at least not on Facebook. And I have to be okay with that because I am not going to stop championing genetically-engineered food labeling, or human rights, women’s rights, and a democracy over an oligarchy, for example.

I have to be strong when I am attacked and stand firm for what I believe because otherwise, I could not live with myself. So, I chose to block those people, not who’s views I disagreed with, but those who were disagreeable or offense in their delivery of their views. That is my decision and it was a conscious one.  And I share this so that you make a conscious decision about Facebook and how you want to show up there.

That’s it for now…..

Ellen Violette
eBooks, Business, & Buzz
www.sellmoreebooks.com (co-written with Jim Edwards) and many more!


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Article of the Week

12 Ways to Make Money with Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon can be a money-making machine for ebook authors who know how to work the system; unfortunately, most authors don’t, plus, they assume they will make more money selling their ebooks than giving them away for free, which is not always the case.  It depends on several factors, which we don’t have time to go into in this article. (For more information on Kindle read through our blog posts at www.theebookcoach.com/blog

1. Do a Kindle promotion. You can give you ebook away for free for up to 5 days out of each 90 days that it is exclusive to Kindle. But, I suggest only doing it for a couple of days, so you make sales when your free promotion is over from those people who missed it for free. Or, you can do a Countdown Deal and discount the price of your ebook for 1 hour to 7 days. (I think you make more sales with free promotions, at least over straight 99-cent sales)

2. Include a valuable bonus package and leave it up for 5-7 days, you will make even more sales by offering a free training as one of your bonuses; this allows you to make another offer at the end of the training where you can make a lot more money than you make from the ebook itself. In fact, I have made 10 times more money from the upsell than the ebook!

3. Make money from the lending library. Amazon collects membership fees from it’s members and sets aside a certain percentage of that money to pay to the authors who participate in the lending program.

4. Include each ebook in your bibliography so that you are eligible for “All-Star” bonus money if you, as an author, or any particular book of yours is a top-seller for the month.

5. Make money through Amazon’s marketing.  Once you get your ebook to best-seller status (which I suggest all my authors do as soon as they are ready to get on Kindle, and we can help you do that quite easily) Amazon will market for you.  They send out emails to customers based on what they have bought in the past, and your book will show up as one of their recommended buys, creating a rush of sales -if you’ve set your ebook up properly.  (If you’re not sure if you are set up properly, go to www.kickitwithkindle.com and grab a free copy my Kindle Planner:  5 Things You MUST do Before Launching In Kindle!

6. Optimize your Author’s-Central Page. This page can be a marketing juggernaut for your business! It allows you to add multi-media, blog feeds, and your Twitter feed, and even announce upcoming events, which can drive traffic to your trainings, services, and offers!

7. Teach your audience about #AmazonCart. Your customers can now buy your ebooks and other products right from their Twitter accounts. Twitter users who have connected their accounts to Amazon can add ebooks and other products right into their Amazon Shopping cart by replying to ay tweet with an Amazon buy link in it and tweet, adding “#AmazonCart”. They will then receive a reply tweet and an email confirming the Cart add, and they can complete checkout on Amazon at their convenience. For more information about the feature, visit www.amazon.com/AmazonCart.

8.  Do another KDP promotion. Too many authors do one promotion and never do another one again. This is a big mistake.  Every time you run a promotion, you remind potential buyers about your book, you get more buzz, and you make more sales-both from those who missed the free offer or Countdown Deal and those who buy something later because they got your ebook during the promotion.

9. Write more ebooks. One of the best features in Amazon is the one that says, “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought….”; and if you’ve got more than one ebook, your other ebooks will come up first! And when they do, there is a good chance that some of the people who see them will go and purchase your other ebook or ebooks. So don’t stop at one. Keep writing! Not only will you get cross-over sales, but your monthly royalty checks will continue to grow- creating passive, recurring income and helping you create the  lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!

10. Use Matchbook. If you publish a physical book and an ebook, Amazon allows your buyers to purchase the physical book and get the ebook for slightly more as an add on, or upsell.  This increases the average sale amount and puts more money in your pockets!

11. Turn your eBook into an Audio Book. You can also increase more profits by creating an audio version of you ebook. Some buyers prefer audio, so they can listen on the run, and others want both the ebook and the audio version.

12. Turn your eBook into a Video Book. Some buyers prefer video.  The more delivery systems you use, the wider audience you can reach, the more sales you can make.

Extra tip: Check out Goodreads. Did you know that Goodreads is now owned by Amazon? It’s true! And that has some very cool advantages! For starters, you can upload excerpts to give Goodreads’s millions of readers access without them having to go over to Amazon, but we’ll explore this more in another article!

Tech Tip

When creating your Linkedin profile,  use stars for punctuation; they get the most attention. And when you get more attention, you’ll get more people reading your profile and buying your books, products,  & services!

(You can just copy and paste from my LinkedIn page at: www.linkedin.com/in/ellenviolette)