Want the best chance of making your ebook or book a profitable best-seller?

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In this 90-minute, one-on-one coaching call with #1 Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Writing and Business Coach, Ellen Violette, you will discover:

  • the best keywords and phrases to include in your title so that it’s easily found on Kindle
    (You can’t sell it if no one can find it!)
  • the best two categories to list in so you have the best chance for becoming a best-seller
  • the best price for you ebook to maximize your sales
  • the best words and phrases to use in your title and subtitle with title suggestions
  • advice on launching options and which one will work best for you (if you plan to do one)

Look What Customers Are Saying

Stephanie Scheller“Ellen’s comment about doing the research BEFORE doing the writing made sense –(so) I sat down with her (and) it was worth every, single, penny!

When she grasped the concept of my book, she got really excited and in seconds gave me exactly what the title should be.

Doing the research at that point in the book was phenomenal….if I’d waited till I was done, it would have taken me an extra month or two to get the book out! And the title….

I’ve had people repeatedly walk up to me and tell me that they bought the book SOLELY because of the title. It’s expressive, and easy to remember and share. It makes sense, and goes over extremely well.

I never would have been far enough away from the book emotionally to find the right title and I’m so, so, so grateful that I worked with Ellen early in the process to make a difference in my book!!”

Stephanie Scheller
#1 Best-Selling Author,
Friend Power

Mary DeYon“In a short amount of time Ellen was able to use her magic to come up with the perfect title for my book.

It’s not all magic. She has a system that deciphers what key words are best to give the benefits and the emotional connection you need to hook your buyer.

I will be using more of Ellen’s services to get my new book out there.”

Mary DeYon,
Author, speaker, teacher

Elaine Christine“What is the secret to launching a number one best-selling eBook on Amazon Kindle? From my experience, it was the step-by-step strategy in Ellen Violette’s Best-Seller eBook Launch Training.

For me, the journey to best-selling author began with a clear and focused goal. Ellen coached me on Kindle categories and keywords……

Thank you, Ellen, your strategic roadmap enabled me to achieve my goal of number one!”

Elaine Christine, Ph.D.
#1 Best-Selling Author of The Peace Prophecy Star Child:
What The Soul Said About God, Truth, And The Heavenly Origin Of Humanity

Paul-Sterling“Ellen -I have had this ebook for years and always felt like the title just didn’t work.

In one (Crushing Kindle Coaching) call you helped me get a new title, a matching domain and discover a category for the Kindle version.

Thanks so much for your insights!”

Paul Sterling


I took my own ebook, “How to Make Money Writing Quick Non-Fiction eBooks….Guaranteed!” to #1 on Kindle in TWO categories and that was my very first Kindle Launch! And then I did it again with The eBook-Writing Fast-Action Workbook, A Step-by-Step Guide to Take Your eBook from Idea to Best-Seller (Just fill in the blanks) in both FREE & PAID and as a Countdown (also #1).

See for yourself!

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I’d also done two very successful ebook launches from my website selling 144 ebooks in one and 350 in the other!

100% Success Rate Taking Authors to #1 Best-Seller!

I have personally coached many authors to #1 Best-Seller status and in every instance, we started with the Crushing Kindle Coaching Session including:

Paul Sterling who just reached #1 in FIVE categories and hit the bestseller list in NINE categories with his book Argue Less, Love More! 5 Communication Secrets for Couples Who Want Less  Pain and More Passion!

Deb Scott, author of Social Media for the Rest of Us! Simple Steps to Understanding & Optimizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google & Award-winning Podcaster with over 1 million listeners world wide!

Gerri Chambers, author of the #1 Best-seller: Bossy! 8 Steps To Take You From Paycheck to Prosperity TM with a Home-based Business! and creator of “TEAM BOSSY GALS” a world wide movement  (which was conceived from Bossy! a concept developed by Ellen from this one call!)
Gerri’s launch was late 2014 and she already has a Twitter following of several hundred thousand followers!

Elaine Christine author of the #1 Best-seller: The Peace Prophesy Star Child: What the Soul Said About God, Truth,  and The Heavenly Origin of Humanity

Debra Morrison, author of the #1 Best-seller: My Husband Died, Now What? A Widow’s Guide to Grief Recover & Smart Financial Decisions

Mary Andrews, author of the #1 Best-seller: Even Santa Takes Bathroom Breaks, How to get organized, get it all done, and keep your sanity through the holidays

Amy Simantos, author of the #1 Best-seller: From Zero to Sales Hero, How to Double Your Sales and Income in Less than 90 Days!

and many,many more!

How I Cracked the Code

I’ve worked with many authors on their titles and while doing the research with them, I saw patterns that bestselling ebooks and books shared. That’s when I decided to take the plunge and try it myself! And as you can see from my above results, it was a huge success. I had cracked the Kindle code! And, I’m going to share everything it takes in our one-on-one Crushing Kindle Coaching Call! I promise!

So, What’s My Investment Going To Be?

The truth is that I could charge $500 for this session-which is my hourly rate-and it would be worth every penny! This is a process that you’ll be able to use EVERY TIME you write an ebook from now on! And, it gets the results you want!

And if somehow,  you were able to figure this all out on your own, it would take countless hours of trial and error, a lot of disappointment and stress, and there would still be no guarantee that you’d ever actually get it done.

Let me ask you, how much would it be worth to you to KNOW that you could take your ebook to best-seller status in the next 30 days? And that you could actually start making money right away from your ebook?

There’s no question, that you’ll be able to make the money back you invest with me and a lot more!

As I said, I could easily charge $1,000. But, I’m not going to ask you to invest $1,000.

Why? Because I Know how important it is to your success. I also know how valuable it is;  it will change your life!

And I do value my time; this coaching session is a full 90-minutes long which normally would run $750.00

But when you invest now,it’s just $497!

And Here’s The Best Part

If you decide to go on and do Bestseller eBook Launch Coaching to make your book a #1 bestseller, you can roll it over, so you won’t lose your investment! And even if you don’t, it is the best investment you can make if you want to make your book a profitable bestseller! So there’s no risk!

This is not some scarcity trick, but rather a reward for those who decide quickly because those are the people I want to work with!

So, if you want to make sure that you get in at the lowest investment available,register NOW!

Are You Serious About Becoming A Kindle Best-Seller?

If you don’t know the secrets to crushing Kindle, becoming  a best-seller is a long-shot at best.  And who wants to spend all that time writing an ebook that nobody wants to read, or worse, can’t even find?

I took my own ebooks #1 on Kindle and I’ve helped many authors make their ebooks #1 best-sellers too!

Don’t waste time guessing at what will sell. Let me walk you through how to CRUSH IT with Kindle and in 90 minutes you’ll have a complete blueprint for YOUR Kindle Best-Seller!

JUST $497