The Big Guns Are Getting On The eBook Bandwagon, How About You?

Internet marketers love to trash ebooks as unimportant or insignificant but the tide has turned.

If you don’t think ebooks have arrived consider these facts from a recent article on MSNBC online By Georgina Prodhan.
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-Google is launching an online store that will deliver electronic books to ANY device with a Web browser, in an attempt to usurp the growing dominace of Amazon’s Kindle.

-Technology research firm Forrester expects e-reader sales to jump from about 1 million to 3 million this year in the United States.

-Top U.S. bookseller Barnes & Noble which launched it’s online bookstore earlier this year, has been reported that it plans to increase it’s presence in the ebook market by introducing an e-reader of it’s own.

-And there were rumors that Microsoft was planning to launch it’s own e-reader but Chief Executive Steve Ballmer dispelled them saying that Microsoft already supplies software for the pc which many people use to read ebooks online, so it feels no need to go into the e-reader business.

Bottom line: eBooks and e-Readers are BIG business and the future of publishing. If they weren’t so lucrative and if there weren’t huge growth potential, the big guns wouldn’t be getting on the bandwagon.

So the question is are you going to join the ebook revolution or sit on the sidelines?

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