Scarcity Mentality Hurts Leno And Networks: Don’t Let It Hurty Your Internet Marketing

CBS and ABC are discouraging their talent from going on the Jay Leno Show because they feel that their expensive dramas are competing against him in primte time and they want him to go away.

If they deprive him of the talent they think his ratings will tank and he’ll be taken off the air.

Unfortunately, this is very short-sighted on the part of the networks because the truth is that Leno is a known brand name. And so a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise watch the network shows get exposed to them from their talent appearing on Jay’s show and then
they go and check them out.

Plus with tivo and other recording devices, it’s not really a matter of Leno’s show or the dramas. Viewers can watch them all if they want to.

So by having a scarcity mentality the networks are losing potential new viewers and they are hurting Leno so it’s a lose-lose wheras if they cooperated they would all benefit.

So what does this have to do with Internet Marketing? When you work with other online entrepreneurs to create win-win scenarios you both benefit as well. But when you get into a scarcity mentality everybody loses.

So figure out ways to create win-win propositions with other entrepreneurs in your niche who have complimentary products and service to yours and you’ll be on your way to more profits and more visibility than you could ever get alone.

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  1. Parthenia Slaton Says:

    I love The Tonight Show with Jay Leno…his guests are always current and relevant and lots of interesting interviews.

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    This article is a great help to me! Thank you!

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    Fantastic blog! Great!

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