Eight Mistakes That Can Torpedo Your Relationships & Business on LinkedIn


The key to using LinkedIn to grow your business and increase your profits is to build relationships first, market second, and sell last. And too many people on LinkedIn don’t do this.

Here are the most common mistakes people make that can ruin your chances for success on LinkedIn:

1. Not Using LinkedIn Strategically. You want to identify your ideal clients and ideal joint-venture partners on LinkedIn first, and then focus on building those relationships (before marketing or selling). That’s how to use LinkedIn strategically. What too many people do instead is reach out randomly to those people who just happen to show up in their feed, and they have no strategy in place for where to spend their time so they waste time and resources. It will take you a lot longer to build your business if you connect randomly than if you do it strategically.

2. Not Commenting on Other People’s Posts. When you comment on other people’s posts, they start to know you and pay attention to you. So, if you want to connect with them, this is a good way to start if you don’t have a direct connection to them, or a mutual friend who can introduce you.

3. Not Posting Your Own Articles. Posting articles shows that you are an expert in your field. It also increases your visibility and gives people another way to connect with you (by responding to your posts). And those who do respond are raising a hand and showing you that they are interested, so you’ll want to connect with them over blind prospects. (It’s one way to be strategic.)

4. Not Keeping Track of Conversations & Following Up with Prospects & Potential Strategic Partners. It does no good to reach out to people if you drop the ball and fail to follow up. I recently set up a free consultation with a prospective client after 30 emails. Get organized, so you know when to follow up. Save the emails, so you know exactly what was said in each conversation and be persistent!

5. Not Participating in Groups. A great way to showcase your expertise is to comment on posts in people’s groups. This will not only attract prospects, but it also shows potential joint-venture partners that you are someone they need to connect to and work with.

6. Not Writing your Own Invitations to Connect. Don’t use the standard LinkedIn text when trying to connect with prospects and colleagues. Make it personal. Read their profiles and find something that you have in common that you can reference.

7. Stalking People. Don’t go to someone’s LinkedIn profile every day. And don’t try to connect with them daily on other social-media sites as well. It’s can be unnerving after a while. Plus, on LinkedIn, they can see who is looking at their profile, so they will know if you are giving them too much attention. Also, give people ample time to respond to your inquiries and don’t pester them. Nobody wants to have their space invaded. Not only that, but it will backfire, and you will never make a connection with that person.

8. Don’t Try to Sell Anything When You Connect to Someone! This is THE MOST IMPORTANT tip! There is nothing worse than either getting an email from a stranger trying to sell you something, or worse, getting one from someone you have just made a connection with. BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP first. And sell ONLY when you have made a sufficient connection OR it comes up in conversation that they have a problem that you can solve. And even then, see if you have resources or something very low cost to start unless they ask for something more!

Avoid these 8 LinkedIn marketing mistakes and you’ll be on your way to building solid relationships that can positively impact your business and your bottom line!

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