Kindle Publishing: 9 Steps to Getting Best-Seller Ranking on Kindle with your eBook! Part 1

bestseller grunge retro red isolated ribbon stamp1. Do the research. The best time to do the research is BEFORE you write your ebook so you can get the best keywords and phrases to use in your title and on your Kindle page so it will be easily found by prospective readers and buyers.

You’ll also want to use your best keywords for the 7 keywords or phrases that Kindle allow you to use for KO (Kindle Optimization). You’ll also want to figure out the two best categories for your book.

Extra Tip: While you’re doing your research, check out the  price-to-page ratio of each ebook you compare to yours. You’ll want to know this when it’s time to price your ebook. (This way, you won’t have to come back and go through the process a second time.)

2. Write your eBook. Choose a hook or angle and keywords or phrases that make the most sense based on the research that you did on step one. Create your outline and go from there. (Or, use one of the Resources below to create your ebook.)

3. Edit your eBook. Make sure that you have your ebook profesionally edited unless you are an editor yourself, in which case, come back with fresh eyes to edit later.

Also be sure to run your manuscript through a spellchecker.  There is more and more competition every day on Kindle and having a poorly edited manscript can result in negative reviews and kill sales.

4. Upload your eBook on Kindle.

When you upload your ebook, you will have to supply your 7 top keywords or phrases and your two categories as well as your title, cover, manuscript, and authors information.

You can upload your manuscript to Kindle up to 90 days before your launch date. (You launch date and promotion date do not have to be the same day, but it works nicely if they are-at least the first time you do a promotion.) This allows additional time for your copyediting and more time for your customers to purchase in advance.

Note: Nobody will get the ebook until the final version is uploaded and is live, but it gives you up to 90 days to get extra sales that will count toward your ranking when  you do go live. If you don’t want to take pre-orders, then upload as soon as you are ready to launch.

5. Test your eBook Cover & Manuscript in Kindle
Test your cover as soon as possible in case you have to have additional work done on it to make it work in Kindle. (You don’t want any last-minute surprises; they are no fun!)

Also, upload your manuscript as soon as it is ready because Kindle will check the spelling and you may find additional typos that you want to fix before launching
(I like having my ebooks formatted in “Word” so if there are any typos I can fix them myself; I need a formatter to do it if I have it formatted in mobi or any other format than “Word”.)

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