The 7 Biggest Mistakes Authors Make With a KDP Launch! (And How to Avoid Them)!

ebookcomputer1.  Not doing the research to optimize your title and Kindle sales page. If you want to get found in Kindle, both during your promotion and after, you need to optimize your title as well as Kindle parameters. You also need optimize  to differentiate your ebook from the other ones in your category.

For instance, there are several books about how to make money writing, but my ebook is the only one (as of this printing) on making money writing quick non-fiction ebooks (

3. Going into Kindle at the last minute and making changes when your launch is set to run. Launches don’t always go live right at midnight, so be patient. If you panic and go back into Kindle, it will set your lanch back even longer because when you make changes, Amazon sends it back into draft mode, and then, it has to be approved all over again.

4. Not telling people the right time that your ebook is going to be free. Promotions generally run from midnight Pacific time, to 11:59 Pacific time, where Amazon is located, so be sure to put the Pacific time zone in your communications with joint-venture partners and potential buyers. When people in another time zone don’t know that it’s Pacific time, they will go looking for it before it’s live and they won’t be able to find it.  This will cause frustration and the loss of valuable downloads, which can affect your ability to rank as a best-seller. 

5. Ignoring the research. Not putting your ebook in the right categories or pricing it correctly. I’ve walked authors through the research and showed them which categories are best, the most powerful keywords, and best pricing, and then watched them ignore my advice and not get the results they wanted. My system works but you have to follow it!

6. Wanting to keep your ebook free once the promotion is over instead of moving on to the paid phase, or switching it to .99 There are different price-reduction strategies and which one you should use depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you simply reduce the price to .99 you will get a 35% royalty. But, if you do it as a Countdown Deal, you will continue to receive the 70% royalty. However, there are certain rules that must be followed with a Countdown promotion in order to get it.  (If you missed it, you can learn more in my last two newsletters where I did a two-parter on the subject of Countdown Deals at: for part 1 and for part 2).

7. Not taking advantage of all the promotional tools available to you during a launch. There are many free announcement sites where you can list your launch and this is pretty much mandatory for a successful launch unless you have a huge number of influential joint-venture partners on your team-and even then, why would you pass up all this free promotion? Having said that, there are also many things you can do to further enhance your launch. These include: enlisting joint-venture partners, doing a press release, creating videos, doing a Google Hangout, and lining up guest blog posts, to name a few.  The possibilities are endless!

KDP launches are a great way to create buzz about your ebook, grow you subscriber list, and make sales but you have to know what you are doing.  Avoid these 7 mistakes  and you’ll have a much smoother launch! If you want help getting your title and your Kindle page optimized and for a FREE KDP planner,  go to If you want me to personally walk you through the process go


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