How to Use Kindle Countdown Deals To Market Your eBooks! (Part 2)

Hand with a stopwatch.(Part 2)

Why do a Countdown Promotion in Kindle?

A Countdown promotion gives potential buyers a reason to take action NOW! It allows you to discount the price of your ebook and still get a 70% royalty all the way down to 99 cents! And the regular price will show next to the discounted price on your Kindle sales page.

In addition, Amazon has a dedicated webpage for Kindle Countdown Deals where readers go to find great deals.

What are the rules for a Countdown Promotion in Kindle?

1. Your ebook must be in KDP Select. (That means it’s exclusive to Kindle for a 90-day period and cannot be sold anywhere else.)
Note: It only works at this time in the U.S. and the U.K.

2. The regular price of your ebook must be between $2.99-$24.99 in the U.S. and 1.93-14.99 pounds U.K. including VAT and you can schedule one in each of the two marketplaces.

3. Your ebook must have been enrolled in KDP Select for at least 30 days (at the regular price). And it cannot be changes for 14 days after the promotion as well.

4. You must be willing to discount your ebook at least $1.00 off the regular price. But just know that the more you discount it, the more incentive there will be for potential customers to buy it during the promotion. Also note that you can choose the number of price increments you want to include in the promotion (up to 5)

5. You must pick a time frame for your promotion and it can be anywhere from one hour to  7 days.

6. The latest end time for your deal must be 14 days before your KDP Select period ends and you cannot do a Countdown deal in the same 90-day period as a KDP free promotion. However, if you choose another consecutive 90-day period after the present one, then  you may end your Countdown promotion on the last day of your current KDP Select period.

When Can I Schedule a Countdown Promotion?

You can schedule it to start 24 hours from the time that you create it rounded out to the next full day in the Bookshelf area of your dashboard at

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