How to Write Kick-Butt Kindle Copy in 5 Easy Steps!

There are several “templates” that you can use to write your sales description in Kindle. The important thing is to capture your audience’s attention in a short amount of space, connect toOptimized-writecopy (2) their pain, share why your book is the answer, and get them to download it (if it’s free) or purchase it (if it’s for sale).

This is a very simple template that you can follow to sell more ebooks on Kindle!

1. Headline. Start with something that gets your audience’s attention, hooks them emotionally, and creates a burning desire for them to want to know more.

2. Opening question. Ask your readers a question that will get them thinking about the pain they are experiencing and how nice it would be if they could get rid of it!

3. Why your book is the answer. If you want your prospect to buy your book you have to give them a compelling reason to do so. Show they you will help them get rid of the pain they are currently experiencing.

4. What they will learn. You prospects want to know what they will discover that can help them when they read your book.

5. Conclusion. This ties it all together. Remind them of the pain they are in, why your book is the solution, and how great they will feel after they read it.

Note: If you’ve already made it a best-seller

give categories & dates after your headline. This gives your ebook instant credibility and with over 3.5 million books in Kindle it can go a long way to keeping your reader engaged.

Optional Sections

Tips. You can have tips on how to consume the book, or tips from inside the book-whatever you think will help the prospect purchase your book.

Keywords. Keywords that you weren’t able to get into your title but are relevant can be added at the bottom of your sales description to let your prospects know what else they can expect to find in your book.

Endorsements and Reviews. When people and/or publications of note give your book a positive review, it gives it more credibility and helps prospects feel better about making the purchase, especially if they know them.  It’s even better social proof than regular reviews from readers.

Bonuses. Bonuses can be used in two ways. You can let prospects know that there is a free bonus inside your book to get them onto your email list. You can also have a bonus inside the book for buyers as an added incentive for them to purchase your book. Either way, you’ll want to mention it in your sales description.

Writing sales copy for Kindle doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow this simple 5-step guide to capture your audience’s attention, get them excited about your book, and feel good about making the purchase and you’ll have plenty of buyers!

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