Direct Sales Vs. eBook Sales:Which Is The Best Answer To Rising Unemployment?

According to the Los Angeles Times, “More Americans are selling cosmetics, vitamins, kitchen knives and other goods to their friends and nieghbors” because of the economic downturn. And that direct sales companies have grown by 47% in the last decade while sales grew just 21% and actually dropped 4% in the last year. And it appears that the reason these companies grew so much was becaue many were enticed by the opportunity to earn a good income at a time when it was difficult to find a job.

However, with such a large sales force, it’s harder for each individual to sell their merchandise. And since with direct marketing, people generally have to buy their inventory before they can sell it, a lot of them not only don’t make money but they get stuck with thousands of dollars of unsold merchandise and they fall farther behind.

However, with ebooks, there is no cost to actually write them and the start up costs are minimal. All you need is a website (and you can get a free wordpress website/blog) a domain name which will run you around $10 at, hosting which starts at $4.95 a month at: and an ebook cover which you can get at
or if you want to go a little more upscale and my link to that is:

So you can start a business for about $135 tops! And you can take advanced orders within 30 days of release so you can give yourself an advance!

And you can write one in just 72 hours with 12 hours of writing time!

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