Book Review: Kafka in China

Warren Henry Rothman
Memoir, 2016 Release
Warren Rothman Publishing
$9.99, 127 pages, Amazon ASIN 0692616713

In the very first chapter of this #1 bestseller, Author Warren Rothman, a Jewish Lawyer from San Francisco, sets the stage for the terrifying ordeal he endured while working in China. It is a fascinating story-almost unbelievable how

kafkainchinajust being in the wrong place at the wrong time, could lead someone down such a dark and dangerous path!

This is Rothman’s memoir, but it is also an indictment of the Chinese Government, the corruption and  the human rights violations that he says are taking place there still.

He starts with his background and how he almost didn’t become a lawyer,  how he ended up in China, and how his love for the country and the people blinded him to what was really happening until it was too late.

Along the way, he shares his love of China, it’s history and politics, and the events that led up to the mental hospital incarceration that he described in the first chapter of the book.

This book is the first in a series of three, so it is not the whole story. But, there is enough intrigue, history, and information on present day China, to keep the readers attention until the end and leaves you wanting more.

It is an easy read, and would be of interest to anyone who is interested in China, Chinese human rights, political intrigue, has an interest in how the United States protects their citizens abroad (or doesn’t), or anyone who just loves a good read!

My only criticism is with the second chapter where Rothman shares his background and how he became a lawyer. I thought it could have been tied in a little bit better with the rest of the story and not been quite as long. The first chapter was so compelling that I wanted to get to what led to it a bit sooner. But, this is a small detail in the scheme of things. The story itself is compelling and well worth reading!

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