Bad Title, Wrong Title: eBook Marketing Mistake #3

eBook authors sometimes don’t pick a great title or the right title for their ebook; one that reflects the topic they are writing about.

A great title has to “hook” the reader. It has to give them something they really want, sound like a good read, AND it has to tell them what the benefit is going to be to them if they read it.

A bad title, on the other hand, is one that is dull and uninspiring. And it will simply get passed over.  If the potential buyer doesn’t get excited by the title or doesn’t connect with it, he or she is going to move on to something else, period!

Example of a Great Title
It’s a book by Tim Ferris called The 4-Hour Work Week.  Tim originally wanted to call this book The Vagabond Millionaire. But the word “Vagabond” has the connotation of being aimless, destitute or down-and-out. Nobody wants that!

It didn’t fire up the imagination or excite potential buyers. Luckily he tested his titles and came up with The 4-Hour Work Week.

Which would you want….. The Vagabond Millionaire, or The 4-Hour Work Week?

Now the truth is that this book is about how to outsource and put your business on automatic so you don’t have to work too much.

But if he had called it Outsourcing: Where to find the best companies and how to use them, I doubt it would have done half as well as it has as The 4-Hour Work Week ( A New York Times Best-seller).

Second Example:  Great Title vs. Not so Great Title
I’ve heard my friend and colleague Roger Parker talk about two books, one that he wrote and one that was written by a colleague. He swears the other book was a better book.

But his outshined it by a mile. Roger’s book was called  Looking Good in Print: A Guide to Basic Design for Desktop Publishing. The other book was called Graphic Design for the Electronic Age.  He credits his title for making the difference.

Spend Time On Your Titles To Get A Great One!
So you can see the power of a good title; titles are extremely important.  In fact at the Virtual eBook Expo 2 ( coming soon!) my guest, Perry Marshall, suggested that if people spent 1/3 of their time coming up with a great title (instead of 10 minutes!) and two thirds of their time on their ebook, they’d have much more success with their ebooks-and I have to agree!

So the first problem is coming up with a title that isn’t exciting or sexy and doesn’t connect with
your potential buyers so they will want to purchase your ebook (book and ebook are interchangeable for this discussion).

Second Problem I See: Title and Text Don’t Match
The second problem I see with titles is ebook authors coming up with a sexy or exciting title, but it has little or nothing to do with the subject of their ebook or it represents the wrong perspective.


When your ebook is about how to find balance in life as a successful career woman who also wants a family, you don’t want a title like:

Minding Her Own Business: An Insider’s Guide to Some of Australia’s Most Successful Small Businesses and the Women Behind Them This is a great title for a business book, but it’s the wrong title for what we’re trying to achieve here because it’s NOT about finding balance!

A better title for our example would be “The Type E* Woman: How to Overcome the Stress of Being Everything to Everybody.” This appeals to the woman who can’t find balance in her life because she’s trying to be all things to all people. So if she can overcome this need, then she
can find balance in every area of her life, business, and family!

It’s catchy and clever and nails the problem many women have to overcome to find balance in
their lives.

Title From The Wrong Perspective
In the case of someone approaching a title from the wrong perspective, what I mean is if they have a title where they are trying to reach women, like in the case of a title like: “Women Who Love Too Much” (I would add a subtitle: And How They Can Stop), but then they write it from a male perspective of how men should deal with women who love them too much. You’ve got to figure out who you are trying to reach and then come up with a title that speaks to them or you won’t sell any ebooks!

So if you want to sell a lot of ebooks, find the right title for your ebook, one that catches your readers’ attentions and makes them want to read it and reflects what your ebook is actually about.  You could have a best-seller on your hands and a lot more cash in your pockets!

If you are enjoying the series or have something you’d like to share, please leave your comments!

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