4 Steps to Creating an Impressive LinkedIn Profile

Search Social ProfileYou want to give people the best first impression possible of you and your business, and when you have a great profile, you attract the most meaningful opportunities, the right influencers, and the best clients.

Without it, you may miss out on some of the best opportunities available to you, including: speaking engagements, business-networking opportunities, and new client sign-ups. In addition, a poorly designed profile can prevent you from showing up in the search engines properly, which can cause you to miss even more opportunities and profits for your business.

So, you’ll want to put some time and thought into making your profile work for you. The good news is you don’t have to do it all at once; you can do it in layers.

LinkedIn actually encourages you to set up your profile in sections, including: a summary, your experience, what you do, publications you appear in or have written, any volunteer work, causes you care about, your education, programs you’ve created, organizations you belong to, honors and awards, groups you belong to, and who has influenced you, plus additional information, including: interests, personal details, and advice on contacting you. It also allows others to recommend you (under skills and endorsements), which show up on your profile as well.

The 3 Most Important Steps To Getting Started

When you’re first getting started, the 3 most important steps are getting a photo that shows you are approachable, but professional; writing an attention-grabbing headline that describes what you do; and creating your unique banner that attracts ideal clients, ideal influencers, and ideal opportunities to you.

First, you’ll need to find a professional photography if you don’t already have the right headshot.  Don’t use a picture with other people or animals in the shot and don’t use a casual shot. It MUST look professional.

Next, write your headline.  You headline must tell your potential audience exactly what you do, but in a way that makes you the expert and puts you in the best light. This can be challenging for some people. If you need help, hire a coach who understands branding and copywriting.

Then, create your banner or have a graphic designer do it for you.  (If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can find a designer on Fiverr.com to work with. It will cost more than $5, but it won’t break the bank!)

Be sure to highlight your unique brand as well as your most important achievements. My banner shows me speaking on stage at a major conference, Mega Book University and it highlights my awards, including: my Grammy nomination, “Be The Change Award, one of my #1 Bestseller Badges, and one of my eLit awards.

If you haven’t won any awards yet, don’t worry, you can include organizations that you belong to, books you’ve contributed to, and/or you can have us create a bestseller for you very quickly, which will give you instant credibility and expert status.

Next, write down what comes to mind off the top of your head for as many of the categories on your profile as possible and fill them in. Once you’ve completed this much of your profile you’ll be ready to reach out,  start gathering recommendations, and using them to attract the people and opportunities that you want, going forward.

For more information on my step-by-step LinkedIn Profit Power System, go to: http://ellenlikes.com/linkedin-p-p

If you are considering coaching,  you can schedule a free “Extraordinary Results” consultation with me at:  http://ellenlikes.com/schedulefreeconsult

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