(Part 1) How to Get Sponsors to Finance your Book in 6 Simple Steps!

sponsors welcomeToo many authors don’t publish because they don’t think they can afford to. But, when you commit to getting it done, you will find a way to finance it. One great way to do it is to get sponsors.  I’ll explain how in this 6-step, two-part series.

Here’s Part 1:

#1. Decide who your target market is for your book.

1. Write down all the groups that your book could appeal to. Sometimes, it will be obvious who that group is, and other times, you’ll have to dig deeper. For instance, books on dog training is obviously for dog owners who want to train their dogs. Simple.

But, what about a topic like lead generation that could apply to several different groups like entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, independent professionals, small-business owners etc.? Who are you going to target? And is your main audience men or women?  In what age group? These questions could affect how you write your book as well as  your title, your description, your keywords, your categories, and who will want to sponsor you. If you aren’t sure, give away some copies for free and ask readers to tell you who they think your book would appeal to.

2. Find books that are similar to yours and see who is buying them. Sometimes, it is only one group and other times it is several different groups. Read the sales description and visit the author’s website for clues. Also, check out the author’s social-media threads to see who their audience is. Then, market to the same audience.

3. What makes your book special? For example, take the book Ask, by Ryan Levesque on the art and science of finding out what exactly what your customers want; it reveals a new system for helping people find out what their customers want. But, I’ve read that book and it’s very technical, so I would venture to say that the target market would be people who are more technically inclined, not creative people and newbies, and probably more men than women (although there are many women now who enjoy technology).

On the other hand, Dotcom Secrets, by Russell Brunson reveals some of the latest Internet-Marketing techniques, but in an easy-to-read and follow format, which could appeal to newbies to advanced in any niche.

#2. Decide which sponsors want to reach your target market(s) and would be willing to pay you to get access. To continue with our book example with Ask,you’d want to find sponsors who want to reach those who are technically inclined. That might include: software companies, smart-phone companies, computer companies, hosting companies, tech-gadget suppliers, etc.

#3. Figure out your marketing strategy. You won’t know what you can offer your potential sponsors until you decide on your marketing strategy. Sponsors want visibility; this can come from media coverage and mentions in interviews, in social media, and on your blog, as well as premium placement inside the book and any other place where they will get exposure that they wouldn’t otherwise get. It will also help determine what webpages you will need, where you will be advertising, and who you will be advertising to, which will help you to decide where your sponsors will get the most bang for their buck and what you can charge for each placement.

Next time, I’ll reveal the second 3 steps to getting sponsors.
Stay tuned!

To learn more, I highly recommend Corporate Sponsorship in 3 Easy Steps: Get Funding from Sponsors Even if you are just Getting Started from Sponsorship Expert, Linda Hollander. 

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