99-Cent Countdown Deals vs. 99-Cent eBook Kindle Promotions

If you have a new ebook and you don’t want to give it away for free, or you have an ebook that you’d like to give a boost to, so it gets increased ranking, you can kickstart sales and Hand with a stopwatch.increase interest with a 99-cent promotion.

Before I go into the details of each, I want to preface it by saying that some people think 99-cent books are a bad idea, I disagree. And here’s why. Buyers buy.

Offering a book for 99 cents gets you buyers instead of lookie loos who only snap up free books and never pay for anything.

On the other hand, buyers who are willing to pay even such a nominal fee for your ebook may buy other ebooks as well as more expensive products that you offer (either now or in the future) . And these promotions are just that, promotions; it’s not forever.  So let’s move on.

There are two ways to do .99 cent promotions in Kindle.

One is to do a Countdown Deal and the other is to do a straight 99-cent deal. Both are done in KDP, so that you can get the 70% royalty.  However, when you do it as a Countdown Deal, you can drop the price of your book all the way down to 99 cents and still get the 70% royalty throughout the promotion.

In addition, your ebook will be listed on the current Countdown-Deals page, so you’ll get more exposure from Amazon than you would get simply by dropping the price. But, you can only do it from 1 hour to 7 days, with up to 5 intermediate price points during the promotion.

With a 99-cent promotion, you won’t get the 70% royalty during the promotion, but by putting it in KDP, you can still get the 70% royalty AFTER the promotion, and you can run the promotion for as long as you like. I suggest, based on my conversation with Jeanette Cates-who has been using this strategy quite successfully-that you run it for 30 days.

Jeanette has found that if you promote each ebook for the first 30 days, following her program, it will continue to make money for you every single month. But, you’ve got to follow the program to get the results.

If you’d like to discover Jeanette’s secrets to 99-cent promotion success in Kindle, grab a copy of her ebook (I did and I will definitely be trying it out!)http://tinyurl.com/passivekindleprofits

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