eBook Marketing: 7 Reasons Every Author Needs to Be On Goodreads!

Relationship Building Product Box Advice Networking Grow Your BuIn this blog post, I am going to share 7 reasons every author needs to be on Goodreads with the most important reason, #1,  last.

#7. Goodreads has over 30-million subscribers so it’s a huge pool of potential customers!   And, they are not just any subscribers, but readers of books, which leads us into reason #6.

#6. Readers buy books.  Have you ever met someone who loves to read who doesn’t have a library full of books?  And now with Kindle, they have books and ebooks! And that’s good news for authors! You want to connect with and Goodreads is a great place to do it!

#5. Amazon owns Goodreads so you can run promotions simultaneously. One of the ways that authors can reach their audience on Goodreads is with a book giveaway.  Another way author’s can read their audience is with a free Kindle promotion. And since Amazon owns Goodreads, you can now do a giveaway in prelaunch that will promote your launch in Kindle! (Or, any time you’re promoting in Amazon for that matter.) It’s a one-two punch!

#4. People can purchase your books in Amazon from the Goodreads site.  While Goodreads started out as a review site, they’ve now added a direct buy link so readers can purchase your books right from their site! And buyers have several choices (from where they are available including: Amazon, half.com, Barnes and Nobles, Abebooks, Alibris, Powells, IndieBound, Indigo, and Audible.)

#3. Goodreads offers an abundance of marketing tools to help you connect with your audience.  The premise of Goodreads is to build relationships through books.  So you can review books, “like” books, comment on other people’s comments and book reviews, follow authors you admire and interact with their other fans, as well as promote your own books through newsletter articles, blog posts, video, Q & A’s, groups and more!  It’s a wonderland of marketing opportunity for authors!

#2. People come to Goodreads to write reviews and see what their friends are reading. It’s Starbucks for readers! It’s a place to hang out SPECIFICALLY for readers! And they rely on social proof to find books they want to read and authors they want to discover! This makes Goodreads very valuable to readers.

#1 Goodreads is THE place for relationship marketing for authors with their audience. It creates author-reader connection at a much deeper level than does Amazon. Amazon has amazing promotion tools and does allow buyers to review books, but Goodreads encourages connection at a whole other level.

On Goodreads, readers can interact with other readers and follow authors.  Authors can answer questions and even have their own group.  It gives readers the opportunity to really get to know authors and BOND with the ones they like. And people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

So if you’re not using Goodreads in your marketing, it’s time to start. Even if you haven’t written a book yet, it’s not too early to start building relationships.  Then, when you are ready to publish, you’ll have some name recognition and a band of followers already in place!

Plus, you’ll meet some like-minded people and maybe even discover some books and authors you wouldn’t have otherwise. And what author doesn’t like discovering great books? Goodreads is a gem for authors, but it does take some getting used to, there’s just so much there.

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