eBook Marketing: 7 Ways to Build Your Tribe and Sell More Books With Goodreads!

 Goodreads is for book lovers; it’s all about engagement-centered around books. Readers go there to find good books to read and authors go there to find readers and promote books.

Man with touchscreen house network web iconThe way to succeed on Goodreads is to get involved because it is a social-media site, and it’s all about building relationships. It’s just done around books whereas other sites have a different focus.

Here are 7 ways to use Goodreads to build your platform, get noticed, increase your readership, and your improve your sales!

1. Give away your ebook on Goodreads. Giving books away is a great way to get extra exposure. Goodreads didn’t used to allow you to give away ebooks, only books. But then, it was bought by Amazon and that was a game changer!  Now, you can run promotions on Amazon and Goodreads simultaneously for a one-two punch!

2. Read & rate other peoples books & free ebooks. The more books you read and rate, the more you will be seen. The best reviews will show up on the top 50 review list and get even more exposure!

3.Use Goodreads to collect reviews of  your ebook before it launches. Some people give away ebooks before they are widely available in order to get reviews before launching, this can be very helpful for selling books if the reviews are good, and helping the author decide if changes need to be made before publication if necessary. It’s easier to give away ebooks than books because they are truly free, unlike “free” books where you have to pay for shipping.

4. List your book in Listopia to get more visibility. Goodreads allows you to create lists of books around a topic.  When you create a list of books, you can add yours. Be sure to do this as it’s another way to get your book seen.

5. Ask fans to review your book. The more reviews you get on Goodreads, the more visibility you get, so be sure to ask fans for reviews whenever possible.

6. Request “Librarian status”. Librarian status allows you to go in and make changes to books when their information is wrong, and you want to be able to change the information on your books as quickly as possible when needed. Getting librarian status allows you to do this. It’s important because if your information is wrong, people may not be able to find your book(s).

7. Create your own quotes.  Creating your own quotes shows how knowledgeable you are (if they are good!). It also creates sound bites and we live in a world of sound bites so it will be easy for those who see it to remember you! Plus, people can “like” them and you can see who they are.  This let’s you know who is on your wave length that you can connect with and build a deeper relationships with!

Goodreads is a great place to connect with your potential audience and build a community, but it is much overlooked by many authors.  Doesn’t it make more sense to go where people who love to read are hanging out if you want to sell books and get to know them?  Goodreads is much more personal than Amazon so it’s easier to build real relationships and find evangelists and influencers who are crucial to your success online. So be sure to get social and discover how to use Goodreads in your business!

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