6 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live is the newest way to live stream video. I believe it will be the standard and do much better than Periscope over time for two reasons.FBlive

1. It’s easier to use than Periscope-it doesn’t have the glitches that Periscope has. All you have to do is go to status update, click on the broadcast icon ( a head inside a circle), add your title, and hit the “Go Live” button, and it’s showtime.

2. It’s Facebook, the largest social-media network in the world with 1 1/2 BILLION monthly active users.

Here are 6 tips for best results:

#1. Promote your broadcast before going live
You can share your live broadcast with your personal network, on a fan page, in a group, or event. But, before you do a broadcast, let your market know that you are going to be doing it. You can also advertise as you would for any upcoming teleseminar, webinar, launch, or event. You can also boost your posts with Facebook Ads. Unfortunately at this time, you can’t stream across all pages, but there is a piece of software that will allow you to. (If you would like to learn more about it, Click Here.)

#2. Be Prepared and Practice Your Presentation
-Get a tripod for your smartphone if you don’t have one already. I use this one: 
Click Here 
(This is not an affiliate link) Live streams tend to be raw and unrehearsed, but you don’t want your audience to be distracted by an unsteady hand. You also want to make sure they can hear, so minimize all distractions and background noise.

-Make sure you have a strong phone connection.
-Next, create an outline of your talk.
-And do a practice run  (You can do this by setting it to “Only Me” so you are the only one who can see it.
-Then, change to “Public” before going live.)

#3. Be Authentic
Show up as your best self. Relax and be sure to smile. People buy from people they know, like, and trust, so you want to build that kind of relationship with your audience. If you’re not comfortable, it will be difficult for them to connect with you.

#4. Engage Your Audience
Ask for comments and feedback.If you want to converse with your audience during the broadcast, you will have to be in front of a computer so you can see them. Or, have someone there with you who can watch the comments as they come in and who can work with you.

#5. Market Your Videos
First, make sure it looks good. If you don’t like the thumbnail, you can change it; you can also change some of the metadata. Next, you can market it from the archive page so you can continue to send people to watch it after the live stream is over so you get a lot more views than just from your original broadcast.

#6. Analyze Your Results
Keep track of when you broadcast and what you talked about. Then, check your stats to see how you did and which ones did the best.  With Facebook Live you can now see how many people watched at least some of the video, how many watched at specific points during your live stream,  and how many were engaged. And, if you don’t get the results you wanted or expected at first, just keep going as there is a compound effect that takes effect the more streaming you do.

Follow these simple tips when you livestream on Facebook and you will get the most out of your efforts!

Ellen Violette is a book-creation, book-marketing, & business coach. She is a 6-time #1 Bestselling author and creator of the Bestseller Business Blueprint. Ellen is also a 2-time eLit Award winner, recipient of the “Be the Change” Award, and a Grammy-nominated songwriter. She creates book and business strategies using publishing and content marketing for thought leaders, coaches, independent professionals, speakers, and authors. You can learn more at www.BestsellerBusinessBlueprint.com

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