5 Steps to Getting Found on Kindle to Make Your Book a #1 Bestseller (and sell more ebooks)

Would you like a #1 bestselling book on Kindle? Who wouldn’t? But, the truth is most authors don’t have a clue what it takes to make it happen. The first step to bestseller success is getting found. If people can’t Looking for Next Big Thing Road Arrow Signs Change 3Dfind your book, they can’t buy it.   So, how do you get found?

Step 1. Find the best keywords. Kindle lets you put in 7 keywords to help you get found, but you need to choose wisely.  You want to use the words that are most specific to your book that still have wide appeal.  That means you have to think like the people who would be interested in your book. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “If I were looking for my books on my topic, what keywords would I look up?”

When you are doing a search for something you want, you don’t usually have to think about what you are going to search for, you just KNOW. But when the shoe is on the other foot, it’s easy to lose site of the purpose of your keywords and miss connecting with your potential buyers.

Step 2.  Figure out what pages you want to get found on in Kindle. You always want to be on the first page for any keyword or phrase because most people only look at the books on the first page. What keyword or phrase you put in to the search bar will determine what page comes up and how much competition there is.

Most authors overlook this step or don’t use the knowledge to their advantage. Once you know what keywords or phrases you want to come up, you’ll want to put it in your title or subtitle, if at all possible, to help Amazon position you on the page you want to get found on-instead of leaving it to chance.

Step 3. Pick the best categories for your book. The more generic your categories are, the harder it will generally be to get found because they tend to have the most competition.  On the other hand, categories with broad appeal get a lot more views.

Case in point:

One of my books has eBook Writing in the title and the other has How to Make Money Writing in the title. The second one has much less competition, but it also makes less money on a regular basis, so it’s a trade off.

But, if you do use the main keywords in a big category, you’ll have to work harder to market your book.  Also, it depends on your purpose. When you are doing a bestseller promotion, you don’t want to be in a category with too much competition, but if it is the main keyword that people look up to find your book, then you’ll want to include it for long-term sales.

Step 4.  Get 4-6 reviews four and/or five-star reviews for your book. By getting good reviews, you’ll be able to get in more announcement sites when you are ready to do your promotion. To get started getting high-quality reviews, go to “How to Get Reviews from Top Amazon Reviewers to Sell more Books with Less Effort!” http://www.kickitwithkindle.com/amazon-reviewers

Step 5. Put your book in as many announcement sites as possible, or have us do it for you www.ebookthis.com . It’s tedious to do, but it lets the world know that your book is available just waiting for them to come and get it!

To get started go to www.kickitwithkindle.com and pick up my FREE Kindle Planner: The 5 Things You MUST Do Before You Launch in Kindle!

If you would like my help send an email to info@theebookcoach.com and we can set up a time to connect and discuss your project.

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