5 Reasons To Become an Author NOW!


1. Are you working too hard? If so, you need passive income. But, it takes a while to build it up so that it gives you the Internet Lifestyle! So, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be on your way to real financial freedom!

2. Are you on a financial see-saw?  If you do workshops, consulting, and/or coaching, or you have clients or patients, you may have times where you are flush with cash and other times that are lean and this can cause undo stress. By becoming a successful author, you’ll start getting money deposited into your account every single month, you’ll avoid burnout, and you’ll sleep better at night knowing your bills are covered!

3. Do you want to make it easy to get found by potential clients? Then, write a book!  When people are looking to hire someone in your field they will hire someone else if they can’t find you! When you write a book (and publish it on Amazon) they will find you and most likely hire you!

4. It’s the holidays and people give books for gifts during the holidays so it’s a great time to have books available! But, there isn’t a lot of time left to do it. So, you’ll need a plan that is both doable and FAST.

5. We’re starting a new year in a few weeks. And if you want to make this coming year the best year yet, you’ll want to become an author as soon as possible because having a book or ebook gets  you more credibility and expert status, more opportunities to speak, better clientele, and more money!

The word author comes from the word “authority” and people look up to authors, plus, most people want to write a book but most never will-they think it’s too difficult.  That’s why when you write a book, will be more in demand and able to charge higher prices for your products and services!

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