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How to Tap Into Your Creativity To Write Unique Titles That Get Noticed and Sell Your Book For You!

Sunday, January 31st, 2016

Mind MapAs a lyricist (which is how I started out in the music business many years ago), my life was about conveying human emotions through words using rhyme and cadence to match the mood of the music, and it was so much fun

I could amuse myself for hours trying to come up with the perfect hook –one that the listener would not be able to get out of his or her head. Trying to rhyme lines was even more fun because, sometimes, you have to get absolutely silly with the rhymes until you find something that works. It can also be frustrating because what you want to say doesn’t always rhyme or sit on the melody the way you want it to at first glance so you have to try different words, different rhymes, and different approaches- ultimately a different ways of saying things. But, the key is to enjoy the process!

That is also true when writing titles. You may come up with a great title only to find that it’s already in use or that the obvious domain name for that title is gone (and you don’t want to use a domain that is not a dot com nor do you want to use one that will ultimately send more traffic to a competitor’s site than to your own!) So sometimes, you have to dig deep to come up with something original.

At the same time, just as the music demands that the lyrics stay within certain parameters, search-engine-optimization and the size of your graphics on websites like Amazon, demand that titles stay within certain parameters as well (i.e. using the keywords that people will be searching for when looking for your title and making sure they are short so they are readable.) But, once you know what the parameters are, you can get creative within the given framework.

But, first, what is creativity? Creativity is seeing two or more familiar things in a new way. With titles as well as with songs, it’s about finding new combinations of words that are pleasing to the ear and memorable.

So, how do you “get” creative? Many people think that they are not creative, but it is just because they have not learned the skills to be able to tap into their own creativity. If you start to pay attention to your inner life and spend time listening instead of always being outwardly focused and finding distractions to keep you occupied, you will start to hear the voice that is your creative spirit. This is where you will find your best titles-ones that are memorable and express your uniqueness, and when you do that in an authentic way, you will begin to write amazing titles that can attract your ideal audience and change the world!

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How to Give Yourself The Best Chance For #1 Kindle Best-Seller Success!

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

If you want to make your book a #1 best-seller, you’ve got to find the right title, keywords and categories in Kindle. Without them, it can be very difficult to get your book to number one.

But, it gets worse, if you don’t get it right, you may write a book that nobody wants to read! You might have a great idea, but if you approach it the wrong way it won’t fly.

For instance, let’s say that you want to write a book about being fearless. But people aren’t buying books about being fearless in big enough numbers. Instead, you might consider a book about being fearful or a book about being courageous. But, you won’t know for sure until you do the research!

In another scenario, you might write a book that you think is going to be a blockbuster because there isn’t any competition. But, it may be there is no competition because it is not something people are interested in.

The bottom line is that you won’t know until you do the research! But, too many authors write first and only start looking at the marketing once they have finished writing. Doing it that way is a crap shoot!

Doesn’t it make more sense to do the research first and KNOW that your book has the potential to be very successful than to take a shot in the dark?

The challenge is knowing what to look for in Kindle. Amazon doesn’t tell you what keywords and categories to choose. And they don’t tell you what keywords your competitors are using either. You have to figure it out.

And, you not only have to have a title that is optimized for Kindle, but it has to connect with your audience and it has to be large enough to be readable without being boring!

That can be a tall order for many authors. But, the good news is that I’ve been working with authors for many years helping them create killer titles and positioning their books in Kindle so they can make them number one bestsellers and increase their profitability.

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January isn’t just for Business Planning! (How to Plan Your Book Launches for the year to CRUSH it!)

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Calendar Contemporary Digital Device ConceptsAt the beginning of the year, smart entrepreneurs plan their year. But, too many focus on a business plan and forget to include a book-promotion plan in the process.

Not only that, but many think holiday planning begins at Halloween with a few other holidays sprinkled throughout the year, like Easter, Memorial Day, The 4th of July and Labor Day. But, the truth is that there are opportunities throughout the year to tie your book to a holiday or event, or even a season!

In fact, you can have a best seller any time of year if you do it right. I’ve been taking 100% of the authors I work with to #1 on Kindle for the past few years, holiday or no holiday. But, if you want to get the maximum benefit from your launch-that means the most exposure, the most leads, and the biggest profits plan your launch around something bigger than the book launch itself.

So first, let’s look at holidays…. each month there are daily holidays, and monthly ones, as well as weekly ones for every month except December, according to Holiday Insights. Some of them are quite obscure while others are well known. For instance, did you know that February is not only Valentine’s Day and President’s Day, but it’s also American Heart Month, Black History Month, Creative Romance Month, Great American Pie Month, National Children’s Dental Health Month, National Weddings Month, and more!

So let’s say that you had a recipe book on pies.  February would be a great month to launch it because you would not only get all the benefits of a regular Amazon/KDP promotion, but, you’d also be able to leverage your launch with media attention that you wouldn’t get any other time of the year with the exception of the holiday season. It’s a lot easier to get the attention of the media and get interviews, and even television spots, when your topic is at the top of the media’s list and they are looking for stories. And because it’s a lesser-known “holiday” there is a lot less competition!

Events work the same way.  For instance, let’s say that you wrote a book about horse racing. You could tie it to a single event like The Kentucky Derby or the whole Triple Crown. Got a book about cars? There’s the Indianapolis 500 as well as many other smaller car-racing events throughout the year! Tennis? There’s the French Open, Wimbledon, The U.S. Open, or Australian Open. So you could actually promote 4 times a year for maximum effect! Or create a series of 4 books and promote each one during one of the four events in sequence.

Then, there are other books that could be promoted around a season. For instance, there is football season, baseball season, or even ice hockey season.

The best way to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities is to plan your book launch schedule at the same time as your business plan. But, if you end up writing a book that you didn’t know you were going to write at the beginning of the year, don’t worry. There are so many holidays, seasons, and events that there is always a way to leverage your promotion. You just have to pay attention and get creative!

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