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Self Publishing is a Fast-Growing Industry Authors Need To Learn To Navigate!

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

Self Publishing is Becoming One of the Fastest Growing Industries In the Book World Causing Confusion & Overwhelm For Authors.
Q & A From Publishing & Platform Building Expert, Ellen Violette Helps Authors Navigate Through the process.

Self-Publish Clipboard Write Promote Sell Writer Author BookNovember 8, 2015

San Diego, California- According to The Flagler College Gargoyle (Nov. 8th Edition) Self-publishing has become one of the fastest growing industries in the book world.” And authors who are unable to get noticed are opting instead to self-publish.

And while self-publishing is a great option for many authors, and in fact, can make them more money than traditional deals in many cases, it is not a quick road to cash. Authors have to learn how to design (or hire someone to do it for them), market, and sell their own books and many struggle with the maze of options available to them and the decisions that have to be made at each stage of process.

And that’s why “Ask Ellen” was launched. Whether authors want to publish a physical book, ebook or both, this is a place where they can get all of their questions answered so they can make informed decisions and reduce the learning curve to becoming a success self-published author.

About Ellen Violette

Ellen Violette is a world-renown and award-winning Publishing & Platform Building coach. She has trained hundreds of authors all around the world and influenced thousands since 2004 when she became the very first eBook Coach. She has also helped several authors on the road to a high-6 or 7-figure income.

Since that time, eBooks and books have become much more closely aligned and she now works with both book and ebook authors.

Make no mistake, in a time when connecting with clients and customers is more important than ever, becoming an author can be one of the most powerful tools in
brand building, getting noticed and being taken seriously. Ellen Violette specializes in teaching individuals how to quickly and efficiently craft books and eBooks that cover all these areas and much more.  She also has a 100% success rate taking authors to #1 on Kindle.

On these calls, Ellen Violette will share her hard earned experience with interested business people and authors.

“It can cost thousands of dollars to learn the ins and outs of self-publishing and it’s easy to get in with the wrong “experts” and waste money since there are now so many people now calling themselves publishing experts. It’s hard to know who to trust” commented Violette, “That’s why I offer this for free- so people can get the help they need and make the self-publishing journey as easy as possible on themselves. And so they don’t waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours from bad decisions.”

In addition to being the CEO, Ellen is also an International  #1 best selling author herself.  “We are very excited about holding ‘Ask Ellen’. Nothing makes me happier than showing authors a clear path to self-publishing success that every author can achieve!

“Ellen is great at finding good titles in addition to the entire process from copywriting through self-publishing. She’s awesome, and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Jackie Ruka

Get Happy Zone Inc. & #1 Best-Selling Author of Get Happy and Create a Kick-Butt Life: A Creative Toolbox to Rapidly Activate The Life You Desire

“Ask Ellen” meets ever second Monday of the month and her company continues to receive remarkable feedback from clients.

For more information and to register for these free calls go to:

5 Ways a Book Can Get You More Clients This Year

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

donnakozik2You’ve probably heard that one of the best reasons to have a book is to increase your client base and income.  But how does it work exactly? Here are five specific ways a book can get you talking to more people about what you have to offer—and leaving them with a great impression.

By authoring a book you will…

  1. Bring clarity to your message. Writing a book about a specific topic gives you the ability to discuss the subject with more clarity so you get your point across faster and easier—which will increase your confidence and attract more clients.
  2. Sharpen your marketing. In addition to becoming a better expert about your subject, you’ll create compelling back cover copy and Amazon sales page copy you can use on your website, in your blog and when speaking. With this finely tuned messaging, you will draw more prospects and clients into your world.
  3. Use as a premium gift. One of my clients used their book as a draw to meet with prospects—he ended his sessions by presenting them with a signed copy of his book. Potential clients are left with a lasting reminder of your expertise and credibility.
  4. Gain more speaking opportunities. Whether it’s from the stage or a teleseminar, a book is a great door opener to speaking engagements. Organizers are looking for people with credibility, so be sure to send a copy of your book along with your letter of introduction and topic idea.
  5. Get on Amazon. Amazon is the 10th most visited site on the Internet with people searching for the exact information you can provide. On your personal author page you can include links to your blog and how-to videos, along with connecting with prospects on Amazon-sponsored forums.

These are just a few of the reasons how a book can attract more clients to you.  Before all of it can happen though, you want to discover what steps to take—and what mistakes to avoid—when starting your book. Join Donna Kozik and myself on a special training call and discover how you can write in a book in a as little as a weekend—and get a special “Author Starter Kit!” It’s free, but you must register first here.