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What Does James Brown Have To Do With Self-Publishing? Read this!

Friday, July 31st, 2015

I see so many authors asking, “Should I go with a publisher or self publish?” Here’s what James Brown did (I recently watched his life story on cable) and you can too.JamesBrown

He was the creator. But, when he filled concert halls, it was the promoter who made most of the money- like a publisher.

The promoter wanted to keep James ” happy” so he bought him a cadillac with a chauffeur-like a publisher giving an advance ( sort of, but not as good since you pay it back with your royalties).

So, James decided he could have his own team and take over the gate ( self- publishing) and that made him a very rich man.

Now, I am not saying that self- publishing will automatically make you rich- but I am saying you will ( if you promote) make more than with a publisher. And I can tell you from experience, making ten cents a record- and not making a living didn’t cut it for me, which was one of the reasons I got on the Internet.

I love being able to get directly to my audience and get paid well doing it.
So, that’s my take on publishing vs self- publishing.


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