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5 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Community & Your Business!

Friday, April 10th, 2015

1. Find Influencers and follow them.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANO03Go through your Facebook contacts and make a list of the influencers you are already friends with.

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2. Look at their connections to see if they are connected to other influencers or potential clients you want to follow.
Most people look for the influencers and stop there, but they can lead you to a treasure chest of golden contacts!  So dig deeper!

3. Engage with your audience. Ask questions and create a conversation. Social media is “social”!  Note: make them questions that they can answer, but that won’t embarrass them in a public post.

4. Talk to people privately with direct messages and chats.
It is not enough to connect on public posts; this is just the first step.  To get to know people better, you’ll want to talk privately.Keep your messages short-2 or 3 sentences and end with a question so that, once again, it creates a dialogue.

Examples from Rick:

Do you have any events coming up that I can promote?

Or, who would be a great referral for you?

5. Spotlight others.

Your social media shouldn’t be all about you.  Give a shout out to colleagues and  followers who do something awesome, reach a goal, or help out in some way. They will appreciate it and they will remember it. People want appreciation and recognition more than anything,  so taking the time to spotlight them will make you loyal friends for life!

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