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How to Use Kindle Countdown Deals To Market Your eBooks! (Part 1)

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

(Part 1)

 What is a Countdown Deal? A countdown deal is where you offer your ebook at a reduced rate over a period of time. It can last from 1 hour to 7 days. And, it is called a Countdown deal because it’s on a timer. You can have a total of 5 incremental prices during your promotion and each one goes on for a specific amount of time.

Why do a Countdown Deal? A Countdown Deal gives you the opportunity to reduce the price of your ebook for a limited time to create urgency and increase visibility and  sales. Amazon even has a Countdown deals page where your book will be listed.  Plus, Amazon allows you to keep the 70% royalty rate all the way down to 99 cents!

When to do a Countdown Deal? If you are a new author and you don’t have a following, I suggest starting with a KDP FREE launch because it will create buzz, give you credibility, get you more reviews (after the initial 4-6 you will need to get started) and there are a lot of announcement sites that will advertise it for no cost.

Plus, you can make money on the back-end if you do it right. Then, once you have done a KDP launch, you might consider doing Countdown Deals for the same book. The reason I suggest this is that it’s harder to get people to buy a Countdown deal than it is to a free offer simply because so many sites support free launches and more people will take advantage of a free offer than a paying one. It’s also easier to make money from a free offer than from a Countdown deal.

But, if you are looking to make money strictly from your ebooks, it is definitely worth considering. However, you MUST be willing to market to make a Countdown Deal work. (It takes a lot more work than a KDP launch the way we do it.)

Doing a KDP launch first will not only give you credibility and buzz, but it will give you time to make connections with joint-venture partners and make money to support your countdown deals. (Many of the sites that allow you to advertise these deals are not free.) It will also give you time to work on your social-media reach so you attract more buyers that way as well. In next week’s issue, we’ll discuss the rules of a Countdown Deal.

If you would like to do a best-seller launch for Valentine’s Day or President’s Day, I have one slot open for each, but time is running out! Send an email to subject line:”best-seller launch” with your name, phone number, time zone, and best time to reach you so we can discuss the launch, what it entails, and how to get started so you can take advantage of the upcoming holidays!