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Writing Amazon Reviews and Why You Should!

Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Why you should write Amazon reviews:ebookcomputer

You should write Amazon book reviews because you need reviews and what goes around comes around.

Without reviews, many of the announcement sites won’t list your ebook and if you are a newbie, or doing a launch in a hurry, you’ll need them to get the word out.

You must have 4-6 reviews and they must be a 4 or 5 star to get listed. It can also lead to other opportunities.  It could lead you to become one of the top Amazon Reviewers that people seek out and it can lead to other opportunities either directly from being a reviewer or from something you mention in a review.

It’s also good karma; write reviews for people and people will write reviews for you! (Pay it forward.)

How to write your reviews:

Why you liked it. Talk about why you liked the ebook or book as well as whether you liked it or not. You may also talk about related books and how they compare with this one. Personally, I never leave a review that is less than a 4 if it’s someone I know-especially if I have a working relationship with them. If it doesn’t warrant a 4 or 5, I just won’t leave one.

Be specific: Explain specific features of the book that you liked.  For video reviews, Amazon recommends that you write a brief introduction.

Suggested Length: According to Amazon, the ideal length of a review is 75 to 500 words. 10-minutes is the limit on video reviews, but  to 5 minutes is the optimum length to keep your audience interested in the video.

Be sincere: Amazon wants you to give your honest opinion about each book  you review whether it is positive or negative.  Again, I would use good judgement here. Remember, this is a public forum.  Also,  realize that Amazon’s goal is to help customers make buying decisions,  but people can have ulterior motives for leaving bad reviews including jealousy, ego, and even hatred.

Full disclosure: Amazon requests that if you receive a product free of charge that you disclose it.  Reviews from the Amazon Vine™ program are already labeled, so additional disclosure is not necessary. (The Vine program gives vendor members access to free products to review.) So, tell the truth, write from the heart, and support your fellow authors who’s work you believe in and other’s will do the same for you!

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