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Special Reports: Free or For Sale?

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

You’ve written a special report and now you’re wondering if you should give it away for free or sell it….

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If you give it away for free, you will get more takers than if you sell it.  And if you give it away for free, without requiring people to opt in to your list to get it, you’ll get even MORE takers.  The problem is without getting people to opt into your list, you won’t be able to market to them. So, you’ll be HOPING that they actually read it and want more from you and chances are not good that that will ever happen.

In addition, when you give content away, you get a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate; they aren’t qualified leads and they don’t necessarily turn into buyers.

On the other hand, by offering a special report as an incentive AFTER people have opted into your list, can work in your favor.  For example, I have used special reports to thank people for “liking” my Facebook page and increased my “like” rate 1400%.  (That’s not a typo!) But, only as I said, after they already opted in to my list.

The key is to give them a special report that they value and will take action to get. And this is always the key, whether you are giving a report away or selling it. It must be of high value to your subscribers or potential customers.

The benefit of selling your special report is that it will generally be a low-cost, but high value, purchase. There is little risk involved, so it makes it easy for potential customers to jump in and buy.  In addition, when you sell special reports, you get buyers. And buyers buy.  So, a lead from a buyer is going to be more valuable and profitable for your bottom line than is a lead from someone only looking for free stuff.

The bottom line is that you must know what it is you are trying to achieve and that you understand the benefits and pitfalls of each strategy and use them accordingly.

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