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5 Things You MUST Do Before You Launch Your Kindle Book!

Thursday, August 28th, 2014


1. Find the best keywords and phrases for your ebook title.

This entails doing a keyword and keyword phrase search to see what people are looking up. You can use the Google keyword tool at: and/or
Then, go to Kindle and look at what ebooks are actually selling.

2. Optimize your Kindle page.

You have to optimize your Kindle page to make sure that you get on the first page of your category so you have the best chance for making sales and producing a best seller. If you don’t get on the first page of your category, it will never happen.

3.Upload your eBook to Kindle

There are several fields you will need to fill out to upload your ebook.  You can go to Amazon at: Then, scroll to the bottom and click on: “Independently Publish with Us”
Next, on the left-hand side of the page, click on “Publish with Kindle”

4. Format and Test your eBook

Once your ebook is ready to publish, you have to upload it to Kindle and test it to make sure your cover looks good in Kindle and that it loads properly.  eBooks that do not show well, don’t sell.

5. Prepare for your KDP promotion

If you want to get your ebook ranked so it becomes a best-seller, you’ll want to do a KDP launch-this is the easiest way.  If you are a new author and you don’t have a list, or if you’re an established author, but you’ve only done launches from your own website where there is no ranking, you’ll want to do a KDP launch. (KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing.)

Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be poised to make your ebook a best-seller!

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Copywriting: 4 Keys to Finding Clarity to Grow Your Business & Thrive

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

writingpenIf you want to connect with your audience, build your list, and have higher conversion rates so you work less and make more, you have to have clarity in 4 areas.

1. You have to know what makes you unique. You have to understand what would make people come to you and hire you over everyone else in your niche and why they should. And you won’t be able to convince anyone of anything if you don’t know how you are different from your competition.  To do this, you have to study them.  You don’t exist in a vacuum.

Once you know what your competition is doing, you can see how you are approaching the topic differently.   What will make you stand out will generally not be one thing, instead it will be a combination of things, but it can’t be based solely on price or you could price yourself right out of business!

It might be your approach to a particular topic, or the way you deliver it.  It might be your style, or your ability to make complex issues easy to understand.  Only you know what you have to offer and how it will be unique and figuring it out is the first step to success!

2. You have to know what you are selling. You have to understand the benefits that people will receive from your book/ebook, product or service. This is different from the features and much more important.  People don’t care about the features until they know what the benefits are.  For instance, I do something called a Kindle Optimization Coaching Call where I walk people through the process of optimizing Kindle.

Why do I do that?  Because if you want to be a best-selling author, or make money on Kindle, you MUST be on the first page of Kindle. And you can’t get on the first page unless you optimize all 11 parameters that matter in Kindle.

But, if I’m talking to a prospect and I tell them that we need to do a Kindle Optimization Coaching Call. They are going to ask me what it is or how much it costs without knowing the benefits.  Then they will make a buying decision without knowing it’s value and in that case they will almost always pass. They need to understand the value of my offer-WHY they need it and how it will help them accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Once, I explain it, they can’t wait to do it! So, you see, what I’m selling is the ability to have a best-seller and make money NOT a Kindle Optimization Coaching Call!

3. You have to know and understand your target market. You MUST know what makes your target market tick-what they want and need.  In the last paragraph, I explained that I was selling the ability to create a best-seller and make money on Kindle.  But, if I didn’t know my market wanted that, I wouldn’t know to write my sales page in such a way as to highlight those benefits.

So, you have to understand your market.  It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is if it isn’t what the market you are targeting wants or needs.

4. You have to know how to communicate with your target market. You must speak the language that your target market speaks. For instance, if you work in a corporate environment you would speak differently to your audience than if you work in an artistic environment, or an online environment. Listen to your audience and model their language.

They will trust you and want to work with you when they believe that you understand them and when you communicate in their language they will believe that you understand them!

Get clear on these four keys and your business will grow and thrive!  Ignore them, and your business will suffer!

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