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Success Advice For 2014

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

knowledge2I listened to Dr. Ben Adkins the other night and I think he made some great points, but I don’t think his talk was complete so I’m sharing his great advice and adding some more of my own.

This is what he said (you can hear the entire teleseminar at:

If you’re not being successful it’s your fault because:

-You’re spending too much time on social media.

-You’re spending too much time on free teleseminars and webinars

-You’re on too many email lists and spending too much time on emails

-You’re not paying attention to the other areas of your life (which will rejuvenate you and give you more energy for your business like family, health, etc.)

-And you’re not figuring out what will make you happy and how much money you need to fund what will make you happy.

-Also, if you’re doing a bunch of tasks in your business that you hate, it will hold you back. (But you have to get organized BEFORE you outsource!)

-And you have to work backwards-set a financial goal and then find a way to achieve it.

-And pick your top 3-5 things to work on each day that will get you where you want to go.

-And BTW if you really wanted to be successful you WILL find a way.
(I just summed up what he said in 1 1/2 hours!)

All great advice, BUT, I would also say, that’s not the whole picture.

-You need to learn to PLAN. This has been a huge issue for me. I hate planning. But, I know that if I don’t plan, I won’t be able to get great JV partners when I need them, and I will have times with little or no cash flow. So, you have to PLAN! This year my planning is better than it’s ever been! YAY!

-And I also know that if you don’t have the right skills, you won’t succeed no matter how hard you try! (That’s why I took the Master of Enrollment program this year. Because I KNEW I needed more skill in that area if I wanted high-end clients and the level of success I want!)

-And if you don’t have a business model that is scalable, you will create a J-O-B and it will be impossible to grow your business to the level where you can have the entrepreneur lifestyle.I KNOW because that’s what I used to have. Now, I’ve figured out a way to scale my business so I can make a million dollars a year. And I am building it one day at a time by working on the exact tasks that will build it for me over time.

I hope you take this advice to heart and really think about it.

And if you need help getting clarity and implementing these ideas, I want to invite you to sign up for a free consultation with me so we can get you on the road to your dream life in 2014!

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