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eBook Writing: 5 Mind Games That Can Stop You From Becoming A Successful Author

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Working with many many authors over the last 8 years, I’ve found that there are 6 major mind games people play that stop them from becoming successful authors. See if any of these sound familiar:

1.Telling yourself you’re not enough of an expert to write a book. You’ll never write an ebook, let alone become a best-selling author if you don’t believe that you are good enough or have enough credentials to be taken seriously. And the truth is that you don’t even need credentials to become a successful author.

As a fiction writer, you need a good story, and as a non-fiction writer (which is what I focus on mostly) you need to be able to solve a problem that a market has better than what’s already available. That’s it! But, if you have this problem, believe me, you’re not alone. I encounter it often in my 3 Days to eBook Cash Workshop. In fact, I had one woman in the program who had an MBA in business and didn’t think she had enough credentials!

Too many people get caught up in the thought that they have to be an expert to write an ebook. But, they’ve got it backwards. Writing an ebook or book, makes you an expert. It gives you instant credibility. As my good friend Jason Oman once pointed out to me, the word “author” comes from the word “authority”. When you can say that you wrote the book on any particular subject, people will see you as the expert.

So don’t let this thought stop you. If you’ve got the answer to a target market’s problem, write your ebook and be seen as the expert that you are!

2.Telling yourself you can’t write, or you’re not a writer. Maybe you had a schoolteacher who told you that you couldn’t write, or somebody ridiculed something you wrote, and so you decided you just weren’t a writer. Now that may or may not be true, but here’s the good news-it doesn’t really matter! People are looking for the solution to their problem so if you can provide it they won’t care if it isn’t Harvard English! In fact, you want it to be conversational and easy to read.

And here’s the really great news-you don’t even have to write it if you don’t want to-you can talk it! Nobody worries that they don’t know how to talk. So if writing is problematic for you just talk it and then have it transcribed…simple!

3.Telling yourself and everyone who will listen that your niche or topic is saturated. Therefore, you can’t write an ebook in that genre, you can’t find a niche and a topic to write about, and you’re feeling stuck. Good news! There’s no such thing as a saturated niche or topic! All you have to do is approach a familiar subject from a new angle and you’ll be fine.

In fact, you WANT to write on a topic that people are already interested in because buyers buy, and they will buy your ebook if you’ve got a fresh angle, you connect with your audience, and supply new information on a topic they are already familiar with and want to know more about!

4.Telling yourself you aren’t happy with your topic so you are going to dump it and write about something else. Sometimes this is the right move, but other times it’s just a tactic to stop you from ever finishing an ebook and becoming a bona fide author!

So, before you change topics ask yourself if it’s really necessary, or if you’re just delaying moving forward in your life. And if you’re more than 25% done, just finish it; don’t question it. You can always write another one after you finish this one!

5.Telling yourself you don’t need an outline, you can do it on your own. Would you take a road trip without looking at a map first? I don’t think so. I’ve never understood why anyone would want to try and write a book or ebook without first creating an outline. An outline is like a road map; it shows you where you want to go and puts it in order so it makes sense. Without it, it’s really easy to get off track, get stuck, and give up. Or, put it on the proverbial shelf for later, but later never comes. So create an outline and follow it if you want to become a successful author!

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Four Critical Writing Tips For Quick & Easy eBooks

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

writing3When people have trouble writing an ebook they are usually making at least one, if not more, of these critical mistakes. Avoid them and you’ll find writing an ebook much easier than you ever thought possible!

1. Don’t judge, or try to edit, while you write. Do a “brain dump” instead; get all your ideas out of your head and onto the page, then go back and edit. You use a different side of the brain for writing than you do for editing, so it is not possible to do both at the same time.

On top of that, when you do this, you start to obsess over every sentence, or every paragraph, and it slows some writers down to a snail’s pace and stops other’s dead in their tracks.

2, Use conversational English at the 9th-grade level to reach the widest audience possible. You are in the business of getting your message out to the people who need it. By writing at a 9th-grade level, you’ll be able to help more people, PERIOD.

3. Don’t do research until AFTER you write what you already know. Your writing will go a lot faster if you allow yourself to write what you know FIRST, then do the research to fill in the gaps.

Instead, what a lot of writers do is research first when they don’t really know what research they are going to need. This leads them to research, and research, and research, and never get to actually writing an ebook because they get so overwhelmed by the amount of information they’ve amassed that they don’t know how to organize or use it, and they become paralyzed.

4. If you can’t write it, talk it. Many writers tend to edit when they try to write, but nobody edits while they are talking, they just talk! Other writers are intimidated by the thought of writing. Maybe a teacher told them they couldn’t write when they were younger, or they got a low grade in writing and it made them feel that they couldn’t write, don’t let old tapes stop you. If you feel that there is no way you could ever “write” an ebook, as I said, just talk it!

You can record it into a recorder, or talk it to a friend. You can use a program like Dragon Speak Naturally that will transcribe it right onto your computer as you talk it. Or, you can record it live as a teleseminar, or webinar, and have it transcribed. Figure out what puts you the most at ease, and then just do it!

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be way ahead of the game. Work smart not hard, and you’ll have a quick and profitable ebook in no time!

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