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Write An eBook, Get More Qualified Leads!

Friday, June 21st, 2013

qualifiedleadsToo many aspiring authors hang back because they don’t think they are enough of an “expert” to be able to write the ebook they want to write.

I even had a woman in one of my workshops who had an MBA and she thought she wasn’t enough of an expert on her subject which floored me! So believe me, you’re not alone if you’ve had those thoughts yourself.

But, it’s now time to let those thoughts go because writing an ebook MAKES you an instant authority on your topic. The word author comes from the word “authority” People admire and look up to authors because 81% of people want to write an ebook or book, but less than 1% ever will. And people assume that since you wrote the book, you’re the expert.

Writing an ebook also gives you a platform to show your potential buyers what you’ve got without them having to take a large risk and make a huge investment with you right off the bat. So, it’s easy for them to take the first buying opportunity with you when it’s an ebook. And if they like what they read, they will then become LOYAL clients and/or customers of yours.

Plus, once you’ve written your ebook, a whole new world of possibilities will open up. You’ll be able to take advantage of some very cool ways to get MORE qualified leads including:

-doing free ebook Kindle KDP launches
-giving it away as a bonus with other people’s products
-getting interviewed
-guest bloggging
-and using it to introduce you to people at live events
or even get speaking gigs!

So, let’s explore each of these possibilities:

Kindle KDP launches. One of the easiest ways to get more qualified leads is to do a free ebook launch in Kindle KDP Select. I’ve seen launches that got up to 11,000 downloads! That’s a lot of leads from people interested in your topic!

And, even if you’re a newbie, people will get on your list when they can get your ebook for free. But, since you only give it away for a couple of days, those who missed it will pay for it since it’s a low investment. I’ve seen cases where sales have increased up to 600%! And ebook buyers are great leads for your other products and services. Plus, it’s a win-win for you and your potential buyers!

Giving it away as a bonus. Giving bonuses to other expert’s ebooks, info products, and programs. is another easy way to get qualified leads. When you partner with other experts in your field, or related fields, you get access to their targeted lists through your bonus offers. The way it works is that in order for their buyers to get the bonus, they have to give you their name and email address. And once they do that you can market your ebooks, products and programs to them as well.

Buyers buy. And if they are interested in what you’re offering, you will get qualified leads and ultimately sales from these offers. Sometimes, you can also give a free gift for registering for a free call or offer as well, thereby increasing your leads even more. (But buyers are always better leads than those who take free offers.)

Getting interviewed. Get interviewed on telesummits, on radio and on tv shows that your market attends. Getting on the right telesummits can not only get you a lot of exposure and increase your credibility and expert status, but give you really qualified leads as well. And if you aren’t established enough to get in, create your own. Invite those experts who have lists you want access to. Many will participate, even with newbies, to get added exposure for themselves, as well as to get qualified leads themselves.

Guest Blogging Guest blogging can be a big boost to your career. When you find the right blogs that are targeting the people you want to connect with it can be a huge lead generator. And when you’ve written an ebook it will not only give you instant credibility which will help you get these guest spots, but it will also give you a ready-made topic to talk about in your guest blog posts!

Introducing you at live events. Attend conferences that you target market attends. People who are willing to spend money to attend live conferences understand the value of education and generally will be willing to spend more money with you than those who don’t-so these leads can be very lucrative. It can also introduce you to the movers and shakers who you can joint venture with, or get the opportunity to even speak at their events!

The key is to do your homework and write an ebook that will get people’s attention, give them exactly what they are looking for, and show them that you really know what you’re talking about and that you are The expert in your field.

Then, use your ebook to get in front of your best target market as much as possible. The more you do this, the more qualified leads you will get and the more money you will make!

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How to Make MORE Money Giving Your eBook Away For FREE!

Saturday, June 15th, 2013


Before Kindle, many authors launched ebooks from their websites and charged $27 to $47. Now, with Kindle the paradigm has shifted. Author’s are launching their books on Kindle for $9.99 or less.

Some, are also launching the book and ebook simultaneously with the book in the $14-dollar range. And still others are using KDP Select and launching their Kindle books for free. In this week’s article, I’m going to discuss the free option.

Some authors don’t like the free launch because they’ve worked so hard on their books and can’t see the value of giving it away which is understandable since it’s counterintuitive. However, there are some distinct advantages of using this model.

When you give your ebook away for free, it creates a buzz (assuming it’s got great content), and helps to build or refresh a subscriber list very quickly. Some authors have reported as many as 11,000+ downloads from a free giveaway in just a couple of days and while this can feel scary, it really does increase sales!

Here are a couple of examples:

Example #1: Conquering Foreign Languages: An Uncommon Guide to Reaching Fluency in ANY Language [Kindle Edition]Sales

December 28th – Feb 15th: 25 (six weeks)
Sales Feb 15th – Feb 28th, straight after KDP Select promotion day: 30 sales which continued to trickle in since then at a much faster pace than before. Total downloads in the month of Feb: 513 (some free, some paid) That was an increase of over 600%!

Example #2. Luxury of Less-From a 16-day period also in December: 46 sales, 1 refund, and 7 borrows. Profit: $104.

Using KDP Select: 3 days free. 11,577 people downloaded Luxury of Less and it shot up to #16 on the Top 100 Free List. It got 237 sales, 11 refunds, 235 borrows. Profit: $871.75 and it was the best month Luxury of Less had ever had on Amazon.

Now, while total sales in both cases don’t add up to a lot of money, the bottom line is they made a lot more money using KDP Select than NOT using it.

Plus, when you write several ebooks and start multiplying the numbers it can add up to some serious money. And when you have several books and one goes to the top of the charts, it can pull the other books along with it which is what happened for Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo by Heather Wardell

And don’t forget, you also get paid from Amazon in the months that you offer your ebook in KDP Select.

Let me share some of those numbers with you:

Carolyn McCray-fiction
Earned $8,250 in one month
Quadrupled sales

Rachel Yu-16 yr old author of children’s books
$6,200 in one month

Grabarchuk family-Puzzle Books $6,300 in the same month

Not bad, huh?

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The One Thing You Need To Skyrocket You To Success!

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

yourmessageAccording to Rich Schefren, Guru to the Guru’s, there is one BIG critical element that separates the incredibly successful entrepreneurs from everyone else who just struggle and fail in business. And when you have this one critical element handled, it makes everything easier in your business.

In a recent email I received from Rich, he pointed out that when you have this:

-It’s easier to attract fans,

-Get traffic

-Find JV partners

-And it makes becoming an authority in your market easier.

-It makes getting BIG sales a lot easier.

Want to know what it is?

Its’ finding your unique message for your business.

When you have a unique message…

When you know exactly what you offer that your prospects can’t get anywhere else……

When you CREATE demand for what you do.

There IS NO COMPETITION and you can dominate your niche!

Without it, somebody else will.

Because in any given niche, the two or three experts at the top make a huge amount of money and everyone else gets the crumbs.

But having a message is not just important for your overall business. It’s also important for each ebook or book that you write.

Because the same rules apply.

But, while finding the right message for you business and finding the right message for your ebook or book uses the same process they are not
the same.

When looking for a message for your business, you want to find the sweeping overall message of what makes you unique and sets you apart from the competition.
When looking for the message for your ebook or book, you want to find the message contained in that one ebook which will be a subset of the larger message.

Here’s the 3-Step Process for how to create a message that ROCKS:

-figure out what makes you unique.

-figure out who the competition is and what makes you diffferent from them.

- figure out what your target market wants that only YOU can give them, so you’re the only choice for them when they are ready to make a purchase. Then, there is no competition!

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“eBook/Self-Publishing/Internet coach, Ellen Violette, teaches people how to create a unique message and an irresistible brand through easy-t0-create 72-hour ebooks, and Internet-marketing strategies. Get her FREE Special Report “9 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid for Outrageous eBook Profits” at

How Authors, Or Anyone With A Message, Can Make Money On The Internet Without Stress And Overwhelm Using This 7-Step, Easy-To-Follow Publishing/Online Business System!

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

writing3It’s difficult for most authors and entrepreneurs with a message to make money online because they generally get online and start implementing tactics without knowing what their strategy is going to be and how to accomplish it.

And many of these tactics won’t play to their strengths which will lead to them to experience stress, overwhelm, and a lot of tears; it won’t be easy or even practical. What it will be is very expensive and time consuming. Plus, in the case of gimmicky tactics, they may only work for the few who get in early anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong, some of these tactics will make money for a while, but then they won’t and you’ll be left scratching your head, wonder what went wrong, and you’ll have to find other ones because the “game” is constantly changing. And hey, the “experts” have to make a buck, so they will keep finding new ways to entice unsuspecting authors and entrepreneurs into buying more stuff.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The key is to figure out what you’re good at and passionate about that you can teach others and to find a market that wants to learn what you can teach. That means finding something they aren’t already getting-a new angle, a new delivery system, a fresh perspective- something exciting that they are desperate to know. And, then picking a business model that will work for YOU. Something that is easy-to-follow, fun, and in alignment with your values and goals.

Unfortunately, most people don’t do this. They don’t even know what their options are. And I was no different. When I first got online, the big thing was Alex Mandossian’s “Teleseminar Secrets” program-so that was the tactic that I learned. Do teleseminars, make money. It never occurred to me to ask myself if this was the best way for me to go. I didn’t know what else was out there and I had nothing to compare it to. So, I just jumped in and I was on my way to a 6-figure income.

The problem was that it was never going to get me to where I wanted to go. It was just ONE tactic, not a business plan. So eventually, I started feeling like a mouse on a treadmill with no end in site. That’s when I realized that I had to rethink what I was doing. I had to look at what I love to do, why I got into this business, and create a new plan that was in alignment with my heart. For me, it came back to writing books, that’s what excited me.

Otherwise, I was just making money with no purpose, and it was a grind. Plus, I had to admit, I’d fallen victim to opportunity seeking, looking for the magic bullet. And it was taking me farther and farther away from what I loved. So, I unsubscribed to as many lists as possible, created a new system that centered around writing books, getting my message out to the world, and simplifying my life. I stopped trying to do more and more and started doing the right things so I could actually do less. And now I’m going to share it with you.

Step 1. Do the research. Figure out what you love to do, what the world needs that you can give, and who is your best target market.

Step 2. Establish yourself in social media because this is how people know you exist and that you have something wonderful to offer. You don’t want to wait until you have product because then you’ll be behind the curve.

Step 3. Write your ebook/book (and/or fine tune the one you already have ready to go) so it’s optimized for Kindle for best-seller status and big sales.

Step 4. Launch your ebook/book. Launching will help you to build your list, it will create buzz, and make sales for you.

Step 5. Promote your ebook/book. Launching it is just the first step. Once it’s out there, you have to promote it to keep the sales coming. Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield promoted their first Chicken Soup for the Soul book every day for two years. Scott Peck, author of The Road Less Traveled, stayed on the best-seller list for 12 years (until he died) because he continued to promote it year in and year out while he was alive.

I know most writers just want to write and see promoting as a big headache, but when you follow my system, it’s easy, fun, rewarding, and lucrative!

Step 6. Repurpose your content into other products some of which also market your business for you. (5 & 6 will happen simultaneously to some degree.) Turn your ebook into other products like webinars, mp3′s, transcripts and more. Also create marketing pieces directly from your ebook or book so it’s fast and easy and takes all the guesswork out of the process.

Step 7. Repeat. Write another ebook or book and create your next funnel. (Make sure that it’s on a related subject so you continue to build your credibility in a niche unless you come up with a concept that can cross niches. For example, Tim Ferris wrote The 4-Hour Workweek and then The 4-Hour Body and that worked because it still has continuity in the title choices.)

By following this system, you’ll stop the stress and guesswork, wondering what to do next at every turn, running from this free call to that free call, feeling like you’re missing out on something if you don’t buy what they are offering right now and always feeling like you’re falling short, not making the kind of money you deserve!

Plus, each time you write a new ebook or book, you will lay the groundwork for an entirely new funnel and each funnel will bring you less stress, a bigger following, and even MORE money.

So, you can keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting the results you’ve been getting, or you can discover the easiest way to create a 6-figure business doing what you love if it’s writing (and if you can’t write, or don’t want to, but you love to talk, that will work too), getting your message out to the world, and living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

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