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eBook-Writing: #1 Secret To Writing An Outrageously Profitable eBook in 72 Hours or Less Article

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Realize that you are an expert by virtue of writing your eBook! That’s right-you don’t need anything else but the belief in yourself. The truth is that you already have all the credentials you need from your life experience and your education to write your ebook. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be interested in writing about what you are thinking of writing about!

And you also have a unique personality, look, voice, face, and way of presenting your material. There is only one YOU in the whole world!
So, just be authentic and give people what they want that you can offer.

They are looking for a solution to a problem, they really don’t care what your credentials are if you can solve the problem! All you need is to create an ebook that lays for them how you can help and back it up with testimonials-social proof- that what you do has worked for others and it’s worth spending money with you and you’ll be on your way!

Also, remember 81 % of people think they have a book or ebook in them, but less than 1% will ever write one. That puts you in rare company and elevates you to the status of expert as soon as you write your ebook.

And, the word “author” comes from the word “authority”. Once you’ve written your ebook, you become an authority. So, don’t worry about your credentials just write your ebook and own your newfound status! It’s really that simple!

But if you’re still afraid you don’t know enough to have the “audacity” to write an ebook, you’re not alone. In my last workshop, I had a participant who had an MBA in her subject and she was still wondering if she was enough of an “expert” to write her ebook!

The bottom line is that you can let your fear stop you or you can take what you know that will help others solve a problem and put it out there. And if you’re intimidated by the idea of writing an ebook, don’t worry, if you can talk you can write an ebook!

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Internet Marketing: Major Magazine Sales Plummet Revealing Important Marketing Lessons Online!

Friday, February 10th, 2012

According to the New York Post, O Magazine “sales plunged to 413,363 copies — down 32 percent from the same period a year ago, when she was selling 608,212 copies”. Oprah’s daily show went off the air in May of 2011 almost the same period of time and the Kardashian sisters also “lost some of their luster” as well.

Oprah used to be in living rooms across America daily; but without the show she has stopped connecting with a big part of her fan base on an ongoing basis. Consequently, O Magazine is in the tank!

You have to stay connected to your audience in a meaningful way on a regular basis to keep them coming back for more. This is true in Internet Marketing as well; studies show that experts who email their subscribers every day make more money than those who don’t. And those who send out a newsletter twice a week receive 33% higher returns than those who don’t. So, make sure that you stay in constant contact and create a solid relationship with your followers to keep those sales coming!

The Kardashians, on the other hand, have a different problem. First of all, they are overexposed with too many spin offs that just aren’t as good as the original. In fact, Kim & Kourtney take New York was painful to watch. This just proves the Internet-marketing adage that it’s not enough to give people a lot of “stuff”; it has to be VALUABLE stuff! And, if it isn’t, people will catch on and stop coming around i.e. they won’t buy from you anymore!

So, it’s no surprise-given the circumstances in these two cases that these magazines are losing customers. But there are valuable lessons here. that Learn from then and you will not only keep the customers you have, but grow your base and your sales exponentially!

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